Australia: Full Song Available

australiaAustraliaDami Im‘s song, ‘Sound of Silence‘ is now available to listen to in full online.  Dami was born in South Korea, and emigrated to Australia with her family at the age of nine. She began her music career as a gospel singer in Korea and independently released her debut studio album, Dream, in 2010. 

Here’s the full song:

101 comments on “Australia: Full Song Available

  1. Nice… :)

  2. Miles ahead last year’s entry.The chorus is very strong and memorable and the verses have a dark edge. Contemporary rnb sound, well made. It will definately do very well with the juries (if they do their job properly) and it should do well with televoting as well.She seems a very charismatic performer as well. This is a winning entry imo, especially in this year’s field. I will score it later.

    Good luck !

  3. Not good. Sorry.
    It drags on forever and there is nothing interesting throughout. Professional doesn’t always equal good. This is the cost our contest has to pay in order to please the masses and make chart success?
    Another hit for the month of May (like Heroes) and then lost in oblivion for ever…

  4. On Australia – I quite like the verses, but the chorus is dull and stale, especially when it comes to the orchestration and the melody. Last year’s song was better, imo. Good luck!

  5. It is not something “wow” but I like it…It can easily make a top 10 if her vocals come as strong as they are in the video

    Good luck Australia 😊

  6. Not the kind of music I usually listen to but I like this one! I think it is fine and competent enough and has a contemporary, effective sound. Not fantastic in any way, but good. And why wouldn’t good be good enough in Eurovision? I’ll give a (7/12) for now and hope that it will lift even more live.

  7. It’s nice.The verses are better than the chorus.The last minute seems to go on forever.This will definitely qualify from the really weak second semi and it may reach top-10 in the final.

  8. after listen nearly all entrys this is my top 5
    1 Spain ( soooo energetic and 2016 , this girl have something)
    2Rusia ( the boy is hot)
    3 Netherland(song is gooood)
    4 Hungary ( i like)
    5 Croatia ( nice surprise)
    is some more what i like , that come in the next episode…….

  9. With a bunch of songs missing here is my ranking of the semis…Unfortunately I like half of the songs that I put in my top 10s :/ Not a successful year!!!



    Semi 2


  10. I don’t like it but it’s much better than their entry last year which I despised. The song’s verses are okay but the chorus is just not good at all. I think it’ll be top ten but not top five. Now can we finally get Australia out of Eurovision.

  11. mmmmm let me think …….. computer say nooooot

  12. Very bland and forgettable. Can’t see it qualified either so all the Aussie haters will finally get their wish ;)

  13. Well crafted , cold and soulless entery and all together just a song I don’t care about! Last year’s entery by far was better IMO

    Off topic.
    Years ago, when I was teenager I loved a TV show where Sergey Lazerev was doing his first steps as actor. Do you recognise him?

  14. Hm. Probably not a bad song, but the production sounds too much like half of the entries in the last few year: a certain pompous, synthetic sound which I have become quite tired of. Not really my thing. The melody is also quite loud, especially in the chorus.

  15. Max please dont be hater , i like so much how you write , but i agree with you , Australia is bland this year

    • I dont hate Australia I’m very supportive of them being in the contest as others can point out.

      When I said the haters would be happy I wasn’t talking about myself. I’d be sad if Australia weren’t in it this year.

      I even got into a row with our amazing moderator jade over it

      But this song is bland.

  16. So, just 7 songs left to be revealed. Italy, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Sweden and Serbia. Out of those I know what to expect only from Sweden (I checked the MF finalists a while ago).
    To cut a long story short, I don’t think Georgia will be challenged as my #1.

  17. Quality song, but not a winner. The chorus could’ve used more than just repeating the song title, though. The staging just screams “winners shower” in the last 30 as she swings her body up and down hitting notes. Formulaic, yes, but one of the better ones this year. Her live performances have been strong too, so she will be a jury top 10 easily.

  18. A much better song with the same title:

  19. What is sad is if simon and garfunkel was coming with this song to eurovision in this years dont come to the final because is too “” bland””

  20. Slightly off topic who was it that boycotted Australia last year?

    I remember arguing with another regular about whether they should include Australia or not in their ranking. Who was that? And are they boycotting Australia this year too?

  21. Listening again (and sober), it definitely sounds like it was written in a rush (just like last year’s song). It reminds me a lot of Norway actually in how it starts very well before defaulting to a lazy, unimpressive chorus (has anyone read the lyrics – LOL).

    That being said, I still somewhat enjoy it, and it certainly deserves to qualify from its awful semi-final and place somewhere above mid-table there.

    • Exactly, Norway 16 came to mind as well. Norway 16 sounds disjointed whereas the Australian entry is more smooth, but the chorus is not up to the same level of the rest of the song.

  22. Thanks God in previous few days 2016 edition improved A LOT..it started really bad, with extremely disapointing choices, but recently all 10/10 entries for me appeared..and this one beingvon the TOP definitelly..I ADORE it, I think it will be my fave in 2016, we need 8 more entries to listen to, but hardly anything will beat Dami Im in my list..

  23. Gabriela Gunčíková to represent Czech Republic at Eurovision in Stockholm http://www.eurovisionary.com/gabriela-guncikova-represent-czech-republic-eurovision-stockholm/

  24. It’s an ok song, I’m totally with Marc on “slightly better than Norway” in that it’s smoother and Dani is a much more charismatic singer and performer… the live will probably look like that, very late 00s esc performance with artsy dancer, à la Loreen or “Afterglow” in NMGP! so, meh. I see it as a jury top 10 and something like 14th in televote, securing a good result in the end (oh yeah, sure Q though).

    Not crazy about it, but it’s not bad to listen to as you play Bioshock (as my bf pointed out. As I just listened to it. And he was playing. Bioshock. Yeah that’s the story).

    • I disagree! This is the epitome of blandness and boredom. It just drags on forever.
      Norway on the other hand offers a WTF switch, which at least adds some character through time.
      I really hope juries won’t push this song to victory (all you needed with previous voting system was a landslide victory with juries and a top 5 in televoting.)
      Hopefully with the new voting system a place around #10 overall will be secured thanks to televoters sinking this lower.
      PS : I was a strong supporter of their debut but not this year, sorry!

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