San Marino: Serhat Reveals ‘I Didn’t Know’

SanMarinoSan Marino – Today saw Serhat, the singer who will represent San Marino in this year’s contest, present his song  ‘I Didn’t Know’ for the first timeSerhat is Turkish born but was educated in Germany.  Olcayto Ahmet Tuğsuz, the composer, is from Turkey and the lyricist is Nektarios Tyrakis from Greece.

Reaction on social media has not been positive with many people expressing their opinion that San Marino will not qualify this year.

Let us know what you think…

46 comments on “San Marino: Serhat Reveals ‘I Didn’t Know’

  1. Maybe the last participation of San Marino !? Absolutely THE WORST !

  2. Well…at least it’s sensual :P
    Not the greatest fan but good luck nevertheless.

  3. Semi 1 is shaping up ok ftm :
    13.San Marino

    San Marino, Moldova and Montenegro are by default out.
    BiH is in serious trouble and Iceland could be a surprise NQ imo !
    I’m not sure about Croatia, Austria and Finland either…

  4. 2016 overall :
    10/10 : EST
    9.5/10 : ARM, UKR
    8+/10 : NETH
    8/10 : HUNG
    8-/10 : ITA, ICE, GERM, NOR
    7/10 : FRA, BELG, MONT
    6.5/10 : CRO, IRE, ESP, CYP, LAT
    6/10 : GEO, AUS, ALB, FIN, SLO, RUS, DEN
    5/10 : FYR, ISR
    5-/10 : ROM, POL , BiH, UK
    4/10 : SAN M, MLT ,BELA
    3/10 : SWI, MOLD

  5. A travesty truly. And the main problem here is that they dont even know how bad this is, they actually seem to think this is a serious musical effort. Truly disheartening. After one great entry in 2013 and one very good in 2014 San Marino is going downhill fast.
    This is possibly even worse than the social network song and currently occupies the bottom of my list.

    • I am afraid that out of the 4 last entries revealed only Croatia could at some point bother my top 10 which stands as it did on Saturday evening :

      1. Ukraine – 9.6/10
      2. Estonia – 9.4/10
      3. Switzerland – 9.0/10
      4. Latvia – 8.7/10
      5.Hungary – 8.4/10
      6. Austria – 8.2/10
      7. France – 8.2/10
      8. Germany – 8.1/10
      9. Norway – 8.1/10
      10. Cyprus – 8.0/10

  6. Next stop Greece.
    I think I will enjoy the OGAE comments more than the song itself though :p

  7. The translated English lyrics of the Greek entry:
    We are the rise in the rising sun
    dance with us and have some fun
    We are the rise in the rising sun
    join with us for a Utopian Land
    Planet Earth 2016-
    No matter what they do
    Our generation will endure
    I have experienced a flee when I was young,
    and I step forward even when I look behind.
    I get up in the morning and I meet the guys
    we are on fire, off we head for the Utopian Land
    in these parts of the world
    we found no place to stand
    let’s try and paint it red in the Utopian Land.
    We are the rise in the rising sun
    dance with us and have some fun
    We are the rise in the rising sun
    join with us for a Utopian Land
    Hop, hop
    This is our very own hip hop
    We got the tickets and we’ re off to the airport
    Waiting for the plane
    for two hours straight,
    I got some pickles and my friend has got the drinks
    Vodka it is, then, and whatever else time brings
    Grandma’s frying fish
    And we ‘re on the plane dancing
    It won’t be long now
    Before we ‘re gone
    It is dusk here and we ‘re heading to the dawn.
    We are the rise in the rising sun
    dance with us and have some fun
    We are the rise in the rising sun
    fight with us for a Utopian Land
    It is dusk here and we ‘re heading to the dawn
    It is dusk here and we ‘re heading to the dawn
    We are the rise in the rising sun
    dance with us and have some fun
    We are the rise in the rising sun
    join with us for a Utopian Land
    We are the rise in the rising sun
    dance with us and have some fun
    We are the rise in the rising sun
    join with us for a Utopian Land

  8. I am really struggling trying to find out how to review this song…

  9. God bless San Marino,they always bring something epic…for better or worse LOL

    Now,whenever I feel moody,I’ve decided to watch this video …it really does wonders…Seriously I haven’t laughed so much recently,thank you!

    Good Luck San Marino😀
    And get back to dentistry Serhat 😎

  10. GOSH this is EXTRAORDINARY, it’s so unique, fresh, different…I LOVE it, Senit and this are the only Sanmarinese entries I LOVED..
    Video is fantastic, it’s so dark and interesting..
    I knew ESC fans will detest it, but I give it 12 points! It is melancholy, nostalgy, it is EVERYTHING! I dont mind accent in this one, it even adds some charm..thank you SERHAT for this GEM!

  11. I found it hilarious and my bf said: “what the hell is he wearing on his head?”

    It’s my last too btw, I don’t think it’s taking the contest seriously and it pisses me off, if you wanna be satirical, you can make it clear, if you want to be serious, well ok, if you want to be funny, well, be funny? I dont get this entry at all, and until I get it, it’s my last…

  12. San Marino – the song is so 70s (someone mentioned Amanda Lear) and it is agreeable. His singing in English isn’t though and it almost destroys the song completely. Let’s see how it sounds live. Good luck, San Marino! :)

    P,S, – might I add that Frans also ‘speaks’ his song, even though ‘If I were sorry’ is something totally different.

  13. Waiting for Greece.

  14. Worst San Marino entry ever.

    Let’s face it, Valentina Monetta is the only one in the whole country with any hope of getting them to the final.

    She should just be given the job permanently.

  15. San Marino, Georgia, Montenegro and Belarus seem to bottom every YT top…

  16. I haven’t ranked yet either Croatia or San Marino; I need to elaborate.

  17. The song on its own – without the vocals – is actually not bad. My problem is that his voice doesn’t really seem like a good fit to the song. As I’ve mentioned before, if his voice were keyed an octave higher (not possible) or the song an octave lower (possible), then it wouldn’t be so jarring. As it is, his voice and the melody aren’t (in my ears) compatible.

    For now, I think this has a good chance of being killed in the running order with a #2 spot. I can see the show opening with Armenia, Finland, or Russia, followed by San Marino, then followed by another of those three entries, effectively making sure people forget it. (Especially with San Marino openly complaining about the new voting system and effectively threatening to pull out next year, I can see EBU/SVT/Björkman punishing them in this way. Doesn’t help that it’s a downtempo song.)

  18. I really wanted to hate this because I’m against them using a Turkish singer (to influence voting) but I actually love it. It is so weird how could I not?

  19. What the shit is this.

  20. May I add that I also don’t get his outfit at all? It looks like someone was trying to make a steampunk version of a Jules Verne character…

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