Croatia: ‘Lighthouse’ Races up the Betting Odds

CroatiaCroatia – Nina Kraljić‘s song, ‘Lighthouse‘, was released today. The song was written by Andreas Grass and Nikola Paryla, who are better known as Popmaché. It immediately shot up the betting odds to 4th place and seemed popular with ESC fans. Check it out now…

49 comments on “Croatia: ‘Lighthouse’ Races up the Betting Odds

  1. I love it ! She needs to improve her diction though! I am sure that Croatia will make the final! Good Luck! :)

  2. It sounds both impressive and hollow on first listening. Something like a MF song but in the “ethnic” genre.
    I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. I must admit it does grow after several listenings though.
    I am not confident on her live. Will have to wait for a live rendition. It sounds like it could turn into disaster. “Nebo” will remain my most favourite recent Croatian entry (messy stage show though :()
    For the moment 7-/10
    Good luck!

  3. I have my hesitations that keep it outside my top 10 for now (diction issues and how well it will materialize live) but this is definately a strong entry that can bring Croatia back in the final imo.

    Good luck !

  4. PS : I keep on listening to “Your lullabies” instead of “Your lighthouse” during the chorus. lol

  5. It’s a sweet song with nice lyrics but i don’t know if it will stand out enough to be voted.I was a bit disappointed because i was expecting something a bit edgier from her.I don’t really mind her accent and i don’t think it’s that bad.No one has mentioned Ovidiu’s diction f.i.

  6. I think it starts very promising. The verse is quite strong, but then comes an anonymous pop chorus that sounds like half of last year’s entries. I am actually a bit fascinated by the vocals, because her accent adds some quite seductive flavour. Will probably land somewhere around 6/12 overall, and if the chorus had lived up to the verse, then it might have gotten some more points.

  7. Really like it, my Croatian friend is over the moon, he genuinely thinks it will win (even more than usual) personally, I still prefer Russia and think Russia will win but Croatia is certain to make a return to the final, and hopefully a return to the Top 10

    • You Croatian friend should be over the moon. Maybe even Jupiter and Mars. It’s easily one of the best songs this year. In a non Sergey year it could have even be a winner. Hope the deposit for the arena renting wasn’t too big!

  8. I have my doubts about it’s qualification yet it is one of the decent songs of the year

  9. Again, I don’t get it. Romanian song picked everyone is enthusiast, and this is picked (internally) and everyone “has his or her reserves”…? Am I again that different that even ET I dont fit anymore? This is evidently a good song. Maybe not the masterpiece we could have hoped from her (considering her other materials that I loved online), and a bit disappointed it didnt go full ethnic/new age. So yeah esc is now esc, MF-ized and it has its schlagery moments. But as it is, it’s a lovely song. Very enjoyable to listen, I for one LOVE her voice, the lyrics are nice and if the live is good, or even great, it’s a sure top 10 from juries and the balkan televote to boost it. If Serbia last year was top 10, in 2016 this very well could indeed.

  10. Good evening everybody! :-)

    I haven’t been posting anything here, for more then a year now.
    I hope everybody is doing great, and are enjoying new ESC season.

    I don’t know if it is apropriate that my first comment would go to my least favourite ESC country, Croatia. :-)

    Unfortunately, HRT’s choice will (again) not impress me at all.
    Mediocre, bland song. Good production, but boring tune.

    5/10 from me, I am afraid.

  11. Now this is a serious threat!!
    This is EPIC, finally this ESC edition turns into smth attention worthy..

    This is REAL quality and at the same time quite refreshing for this contest .she is fantastic vocalist and Im almost sure this time staging wont be problem like it used to be with some Croatian entries which were faves to do well (Feminnem and Nina Badric for example)..

    This has really modern elements and reminds of smth that can chart well and at the same time some interesting kind of ethnic music..this is like a mix of Eastern Asian music, Irish singing, Celtic sound, South European touch..

    Thank you Nina Kraljić and authors, for this pleasure, I will reward you with votes in May, be sure! <3

  12. Croatia – I was expecting something else. Her English sounds funny and vaguely off-putting. The song is average, imo, and much will depend on its live rendition. Good luck, Croatia!

  13. I really dont understand you ppl…if there is any justice this should win this year hands down..just compare this to Emelie de Forest who won in a stronger year than this one is…this is MILEEEEEEES better than Emelie de Forest..

  14. I have come up with a preliminary top ten :-)

    1. Estonia (10/12)
    2. Georgia (9/12)
    3. Latvia (9/12)
    4. The Netherlands (8/12)
    5. Spain (8/12)
    6. France (8/12)
    7. Montenegro (8/12)
    8. Armenia (8/12)
    9. Albania (7/12)
    10. Cyprus (7/12)

  15. Such a strong year this year, last year, there was songs in my Top 10 I wasn’t that keen on, now there’s songs outside my Top 20 I like

    I just made my first list of the year using that site Hulluna gave us last year

    1 Russia
    2 Spain
    3 Iceland
    4 Romania
    5 Ireland
    6 Malta
    7 Moldova
    8 Germany
    9 Austria
    10 Cyprus

    11 Belarus
    12 Israel
    13 Norway
    14 United Kingdom
    15 Croatia
    16 Finland
    17 Denmark
    18 Ukraine
    19 Bosnia and Herzegovina
    20 Hungary

    21 Belgium
    22 Slovenia
    23 FYR Macedonia
    24 Armenia
    25 France
    26 Albania
    27 Latvia
    28 San Marino
    29 Poland
    30 Switzerland

    31 Montenegro
    32 Italy
    33 Estonia
    34 Netherlands
    35 Georgia

    • LOL we only agree on 3 of the Top 10 (though I’ve yet to rank Malta until they release their final entry) and only one of the Bottom 5 (though I’ve yet to rank Italy for the same reason as Malta). HUGE disagreement on Moldova, Estonia, and Georgia. #celebratediversity

  16. My first reaction when reading about its popularity was to brace for something bad, lol. But it’s actually an ok song, surely among the better ones picked so far – but I still don’t really get the hype around it.

  17. I absolutely love it, and I definitely think it can fight for the win. I’ve been a fan of Nina’s since I was introduced to her by a Croatian friend and I absolutely love how sweet-sounding her voice is. Don’t know what people are talking about with diction issues, her diction sounds fine to me, I think it’s just her voice. Also all the “Only Teardrop” comparisons are really obnoxious, the only thing they have in common is a folk-pop style, which can be found in many more songs both in and outside of ESC.

    Off topic: My birthday is in a week :D

  18. This grows on me every time I listen to it. I hope it’s given a good staging, and I hope she’s up to the task of singing it live, particularly with the key change.

  19. Good song from Croatia , deserve totally the final ,
    my top 2
    1 Rusia
    2 Spain
    is a group of songs what i like and i must decide in what places

  20. Hi , yes we have , i hope in May in Sweden become true

  21. I’d like to go there – would be nice if they win

    Saying that I was disappointed with this… she sounds like Ellie Goulding who I do not like

  22. I really like this, which is surprising as it is Croatia and they don’t have the best track record in recent years with ESC. Although I did love Mizerja too :P Anyway, this easilly slots into my top 10 and is my new #8. 9/12.

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