FYR Macedonia: ‘Dona’ Video is Revealed

macedoniaFYR Macedonia –  After a lengthy programme dedicated to Kaliopi, including cameos from various Macedonian singers, Eurovision representatives and ESC blog sites, we finally got to hear ‘Dona‘; this year’s entry from FYR Macedonia. 

Here it is:

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337 comments on “FYR Macedonia: ‘Dona’ Video is Revealed

  1. sigh, am just hoping for a song I want to vote for, for the moment it’s all very confusing, don’t have anyone to vote for thus Europe will be the same,,

  2. Bookies liked the Croatian song!! Odds are shortening quite well!! Lol this made me remember somehow “Only teardrops” TBH :) I’d exactly the same opinion about it after first listening :)

  3. Am at work, trying to listen to Croatian entry without anyone noticing im on my phone, from what I can hear so far, it sounds really good.

    My best friend is Croatian, and has already been sending me texts demanding I watch it.

    Croatia hasn’t been in the final since 2009, aka 7 years ago, it is time for them to make a return. I’d actually really like to see them win it again too.

    They’d probably host it in Zagreb again, but I’d love to see it in Split :D

  4. My current and very shaky top 5:
    The Netherlands

  5. Croatia – I was expecting something else. Her English sounds funny and vaguely off-putting. The song is average, imo, and much will depend on its live rendition.

    San Marino – there’s a Portuguese singer that made a successful career speaking to music – Pedro Abrunhosa. The song is so 70s (someone mentioned Amanda Lear) and it is agreeable. His singing in English isn’t though and it almost destroys the song completely. Let’s see how it sounds live.

    Good luck to both countries.

    P.S. I – Pedro Abrunhosa:

  6. thanks dear shevek, love it! especially as meiterranean kind of song!

  7. My top 5 so far..
    1. Latvia
    2. France
    3. Cyprus
    4. Norway
    5. Croatia

    I don’t get the fuzz about Ukraine, i hate this song with a passion. 😑

  8. The lyrics of the Greek entry have been published. All I can say is that they are in a spirit similar to “Alcohol is free” and that I like the Greek part better than the English one.

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