Azerbaijan: Rumours of Səmra Rəhimli

AzerbaijanAzerbaijan – İnfe Azerbaijan, the official Eurovision fan club in the country, is saying that it looks like Səmra Rəhimli will represent they country in Stockholm. Səmra found fame on The Voice TV show just before Christmas and recently made it to the final. 

Səmra Rəhimli  Azerbaijan 2016

Here she is in action…

44 comments on “Azerbaijan: Rumours of Səmra Rəhimli

  1. 2012 and 2014 remain my fav Azerbaijani entries. 2009 is ok too.
    Good luck and please sth original, local and, most of all, not imported.

  2. I think I have a top31 to make by tonight :P

    • Hellooooo
      I’ve made mine…This way it is easier 😉

      5/5 :Ukraine-Norway-Estonia-Hungary-Iceland


      3/5: Albania-Spain-Armenia-Switzerland-Georgia-Russia-Finland


      1/5:Poland,Slovenia,Malta, Moldova,Belarus,Denmark,The UK

      • Hello, dear! From a first look I see some agreements and disagreements regarding our respective lists ;)

      • We agree a lot this year but i definitely like Austria more than you and Cyprus and Switzerland less.

    • Top 32 actually if you include Kaliopi’s song which is revealed tonight!

  3. So it is mermaid haired Samra not Samira 😊
    I wonder whether she will do an uptempo or ballad…Enough with the ballads,no?

    • I hope for big ballad, big hair and big make up. And I mean Azerbaijan big.

      • She has released an uptempo single before so anything can happen…
        As for the hair I’d rather see her looking all natural which is having her hair long and curly and for make up I am sure she will not look like a clown with big make up…don’t worry they know what good staging/styling is ;)

        • As scandinavian what I see as natural and simple of course is quite different what is natural and simple in Baku. You really don’t have to go even that far. God forbid them going for example Sanna natural and simple in style and stageing :-) What i’m saying is that they should keep their azerbaijaness. They are good in it and I like it. I like it a lot and like I said they are one of my favourite countries. And actually I’m happy with uptempo song too. I did like Always a lot too. Hmmm you shouldn’t probably say it loud round here :-)

          • Well,if you mean working with foreign composers,I don’t mind that because we see how Eurovision has changed recently…What you can do with native language or local composers are really limited…Sad but it is the reality plus Azerbaijan has no diaspora living in western world to help them to keep up with the contemporary music in the world…in addition to this we see many countries with big music industry work with Swedes every year for Eurovision as well so I don’t see why they shouldn’t do it as long as it is within the rules of the contest…

            What I don’t like is their obsession with working with the same Swedes…I don’t know what kind of agreement they made but for the sake of diversity they should change the people they work of course Azerbaijani composers are included )if they are not upset already)

            Finally,If there is something to attack it is not Azerbaijan but EBU itself for turning the contest into something artificial and less diverse ;)

            • “What you can do with native language or local composers are really limited” – Minister of culture of Azerbaijan will not agree with this statement! He thinks that the victory of Azerbaijan in ESC is the victory of the culture of Azerbaijan ;)

              “Sad but it is the reality plus Azerbaijan has no diaspora living in western world to help them to keep up with the contemporary music in the world” – Is internet available in Azerbaijan? It could be very useful! Estonia has smaller population, doesn’t rape brains about its “rich culture and traditions” and makes such great national selection. Ofcorse the sentence about diaspora refers to Armenia and its Diaspora but so far the only entery is Qele-Qele which is composed by an Armenian-Canadian guy DerHova who lives in Armenia! Big names from Diaspora never cooperated within Eurovision project! Both Aram’s and Iveta’s songs have been composed by local Armenians for example !
              And like I said earlier kudos to Iveta and to the musical producer of AMPTV for not thinking provinicial, for giving chance to local composers! No matter how successful the song will be !

            • Of course you wouldn’t miss a chance to boast about how great Armenia is under Azerbaijani topic,would you.?They don’t even care what you do yet you pay attention to their entries more than your own every single year…Don’t you think it is a bit pathetic?

              Of course they can send their own composers but they prefer not to..it is their wish, their money so it shouldnt be your concern..Do you ask your neighbor why he is driving Mercedes instead of Lada?
              I think what bothers you most is not their collaboration with foreigners but the result they may get because from deep inside you want them fail and how will it happen if they work with the best :( buhuuuuuuuuuu
              Ps:I defend my idea about the diaspora…and I was not referring to Armenia but giving a general info about the benefit of countries having some sort of connections abroad..but is OK at least you got a chance to advertise Armenia under Azerbaijani topic hurraaaaaaaay :)

              and before other trolls show up I am leaving and not commenting on the matter again!!

            • Useless to answer … Your furious protectionistic reply just insists an answer on the same level but it’s better to avoid from it. Have a nice day dear!

            • I always have a word for opportunists :)
              Remember…I did not write you anything…you responded me when I was talking to somebody else!!!!

            • Good for you ! Didn’t know that in a forum a friendly reply may cause such tone ! In the future I will avoid from disturbing you when you talk to others lol

            • You were like a flower child indeed,my bad!

            • Ohhh and yes like every single country in the world Azerbaijan has a rich culture and traditions even though they prefer not showing in ESC, any problem with that?

            • Wish them best of luck making their rich culture richer with help of Swedes ;)

            • See this is your problem..you don’t even believe they have a culture ( you had implied it in the past and I see nothing has changed)
              Hating something irrationally is wrong Avat…Try to see the good you will feel better ;)

            • Do I ? :S Don’t bother this conversation goes to wrong way :)

            • ESC has always been artificial, a bubble of it’s own. And it’s not EBU that makes things less diverse. It’s national broadcasters who in the end make the decisions about what to send. If you think about the songs already selected there is actually quite a lot diversity and probably will be more.
              Some broadcasters want to do it like Sweden and even do it with swedes and they have every right to do so. When France was big in ESC they had their own little proxy Luxemburg (they did use german stuff too) so every year they had two entries and they swapped points together. Ah, there was even Monaco included at some point, too. Basically there is nothing new. If national broadcasters think that the only way to win is with some hired help, then be it. It’s not Sweden’s or EBU fault. All these complaints should be sent to national broadcasters. I actually think this is one of the best times in ESC.
              I hope you get a great song again this year!

            • Well if this is a competition you have to play it by the rules…not every country has to react the same…some want to go big,some want to keep a low profile,you can’t blame them for doing that :)(I believe some even avoid sending great entries on purpose in order not to win LOL)
              I would love to see native languages and local composers in ESC,believe me I would but for now it seems impossible…they want to keep ESC alive and you can only do this if you keep up with the change…because the world we have been living in keeps changing ;)
              So what is the conclusion? Hmmmm,very difficult question…lets put the blame on globalization instead ;)

            • It’s not a bad address at all! At least it’s a very nice change from blaiming Mr Björkman and SVT of everything. Not that mind titilating, of course.

  4. For me 2012 is the best azerbaijani entry! :)

  5. When it comes to Azerbaijan their best entry is no other than…

  6. When it comes to Azerbaijan the question “Who?” is not that important for me! The most intresting is “By whom”! I really wonder who will get something from this prefabrication ! Azerbaijan has done too many safe ballads so far and they may try something different! But at the same time they must have noticed that in this edition there isn’t single wellcrafted wining ballad so they may try to use the old recip once again !

    The best Azerbaijanian performer and Swedish composed song IMO was Azerbaijan 2014! Really like Dilara and I think she was underrated!

  7. Well, song-wise I prefer their 2014 effort by MILES. Pity for the underwhelming performance.
    Best performance is their 2013 great “man in the box” concept.
    2012 is their best package overall (song/singer/performance).
    Most ridiculous singer and performance : EASY -> 2010 !

  8. It seems that it’s her and guess what!The song is written by a Swedish team!

  9. I have a very very big soft spot for Azerbaijan entries. Shame that there great entries 2014 and 2013 were vocally big let downs live. Fingers crossed for perfect song and pitch perfect vocals live.

  10. The song is called “Miracle”.

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