Sweden: Running Order for Melodifestivalen

melodifestivalen 2016Sweden – Last night’s Andra Chansen stage resulted in the last 4 acts for next Saturday’s Melodifestvalen final. The 56th edition of the biggest national final of the season will take place at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, hosted by William Spetz and Gina Dirawi. 

The running order will be

  1. Panetoz – ‘Håll om mig hårt
  2. Lisa Ajax – ‘My Heart Wants Me Dead
  3. David Lindgren – ‘We Are Your Tomorrow
  4. SaRaha – ‘Kizunguzungu
  5. Oscar Zia – ‘Human
  6. Ace Wilder – ‘Don’t Worry
  7. Robin Bengtsson – ‘Constellation Prize
  8. Molly Sandén – ‘Youniverse
  9. Boris René – ‘Put Your Love on Me
  10. Frans – ‘If I Were Sorry
  11. Wiktoria‘Save Me
  12. Samir & Viktor – ‘Bada nakna

You can check out previous performances on Melfest’s official Youtube here.

Frans is currently odds on favourite to win easily, with Molly Sanden in second place.

The winner will be selected by a combination of viewer votes and eleven international jury groups. The viewers and the juries will each have a total of 473 points to award. Each jury group distributes their points as follows: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points. The viewer vote will be based on the percentage of votes each song achieves through the following voting methods: telephone, SMS and mobile application.

28 comments on “Sweden: Running Order for Melodifestivalen

  1. Frans would make a good winner but Oscar and Molly are better imo

  2. Boris is the only one who makes me pay attention.

  3. I can get on board with Frans winning…but who knows how the international juries will react to him or anyone else. I’d prefer Robin, Oscar or Molly FTW.

  4. I like Boris and Frans. Oscar would be an OK choice too.

    • You mean Oscar who can’t sing to save his life? :-o

      • Oscar and Frans can’t sing live, but they have other strong points, I am sure. Frans is even worse than Oscar.

      • All within the context of this laughable line-up. In a normal NF I would send all of them to the bin. :(

        • Now, I understand. :) MF 16 can easily join O Melodie pentru Europa 16 as one of worst NFs of the season, closely followed by the Romanian and Polish NFs. And the Swiss mess as well. Not a good year, 2016.

          P.S. – Lunch is almost ready and I am hungry.

    • Frans and Oscar? You like the the lyrics, the melody, I am trying to keep an open mind, but those acts are borderline laughable. ‘Human’ deserved a better singer, I give you that (well, deserved a singer would be the correct expression). Oscar is a good dancer and Frans is, well, you tell me.

  5. I like Frans and especially Oscar. Please don’t choose Molly. Some of the others would be okay too. I would laugh if a song from Andra Chansen would win again after last years victory.

  6. I slightly support Molly’s song but I really don’t care. It’s been a very weak MF edition with an average of songs at 5.44…Whoever represents Sweden will not trouble my top 12 most probably and I can’t see awarding to them more than 7/10.
    I do believe Frans will win… 1.25 at betting odds seems like he is statistically “locked” for the ticket.
    My ranking of finalists :
    1.Mollly : 7+
    2.Frans : 7
    3.Oscar : 6.5
    4.Lisa : 6.5
    5.Wictoria : 6+
    6.Robin : 6
    7.Ace : 6
    8.Boris : 6
    9.Saraha : 5
    10.Panetoz : 5
    11.Samir & Viktor : 5
    12.David Lindgren : 3.5

  7. I rank the final like this:

    1. David Lindgren 10/10
    2. Lisa Ajax 10/10
    3. SaraHa 10/10
    4. Frans 10/10
    Whoever wins of these 4, will put Sweden on number one on my list, easily..
    5. Panetoz 9/10
    6. Boris Rene 9/10
    Whoever wins of these 2 I will be really sarisfied with the choice
    7. Molly Sanden 5/10
    8. Ace Wilder 4/10
    9. Robin Brngtsson 4/10
    10. Samir & Viktor 3/10
    11. Wiktoria 3/10
    Whoever wins of these 5 I will be extremely disappointed – disappointed
    12. Oscar Zia 0/10
    If he wins I will hate Sweden 2016

  8. Danny Saucedo will lose again… As a songwriter this time… I like Molly’s song followed by Isa’s and Ace’s … ‘If I Were Sorry‘ breaks my nerves ..

  9. Frans is absolutely amazing, he’ll go at least to my top five if they pick him. I also quite like Lisa, Wiktoria, and Oscar (if he was a better singer). Molly would be a terrible choice.

  10. The only three that would make me interested in Sweden this year are:

    Panetoz (faves)
    Samir & Viktor
    Frans (who is now fave to win)

  11. Ok finally came up with a ranking of the finalists :-) !

    1. Oscar Zia – “Human” : 9+/10
    2. Molly Sanden – “Youniverse” : 8.5+/10
    3. Frans -“If I were sorry” : 8.5/10
    4. David Lindgren – “We are your tomorrow” : 8+/10

    Any of those would make a great representative.

    5. Ace Wilder – “Dont worry” : 7.5/10
    6. Lisa Ajax – “My heart wants me dead” : 7.5/10
    7. Robin Bengtsson – “Constellation prize” : 7.5/10
    8. Wiktoria – “Save me” : 7.5-/10
    9. Boris Rene – “Put your love one me” : 7+/10

    Those are all good songs that would make great winners in weaker nfs this year (Poland, Albania, Italy, Moldova) but I think it will be a wasted chance if any of those wins.

    10. Panetoz – “hall om mig hart” : 6.5-/10
    11. Saraha – “Kizunguzungu” : 6/10
    12. Samir & Viktor – “Bada Nakna” : 6-/10

    The AC was in general quite a failure in terms of results this year. Molly and Isa would skyrocket the level of this final..anyway.

    By MF standards this is an ok, kinda weak final. By 2016 standards this is again among the strongest national finals of the season, alongside Estonia, Ukraine and Denmark.

    Sweden can again pick an act with winning potential out of those.

    Good luck !

    P.S. Both Oscar and Frans deliver very good live performances.

  12. Well im not really keen on Frans winning, dont really get the hype for that song, but I guess its different from the rest. My ranking:

    (Isa: I will wait: 7.5)
    1. Ace Wilder: 7
    2. Saraha: 7 (This grew like crazy for me the last couple of days :O )
    3. Robin Bengtsson: 7
    4. Molly Sandén: 7
    5. Boris Rene: 7
    6. Oscar Zia: 7
    7. Wiktoria: 6
    8. Panetoz: 6
    9. Frans: 6
    10. Lisa Ajax: 6
    11. David Lingren: 5
    12. Samir och Viktor: 5

    Imo its not the worst edition of melodifestivalen, but far from the best, just average really. :P Which was the same that happened 2013 after Sweden won.

    • I forgot but the points I gave are all up to the highest 10 and the lowest 0.

      • Most of the songs scored from 5 to 7/10 on my excel file too ;)

        • Haha yeah ;) I mean I dont think they are necessarily straight average, I mean I enjoy my 7 pointers, but yeah usually I have at least one favorite that I want to win, this time its like 2013 and 2011, meh :P

  13. One thing you could definitely say about Melodifestivalen 2016 is that it’s definitely made for the hit radio. Almost every finalist are being played on repeat on our radio stations right now. Which I, who truly dislike hit music, don’t approve at all. :D

    2016 goes to the history as one of the most average NF’s we’ve had. It’s unbelievable how you can fill up the whole line-up with 5/12 and 6/12 songs and almost nothing else. So the question is whether this is a worse edition that 2014, that had more bad songs, but on the other hand became a bit more interesting just because of that.

    I miss a couple of songs in the final: Mimi, PUT, Krista, Isa and some more, but apart from that, I think the televoters for once did the right choices most of the time. This final reminds me pretty much of MF 1993 in that there are a huge lot of 6/12 songs and very few differences between each of them. And we got two lol title to the (constellation) prize of one. Ace Wilder has grown to be my clear favourite of this edition; lovely smart and tongue-in-cheek. The only really bad entry is Samir & Viktor’s tone deaf drunk party. Lisa’s song is so far away from my music taste that it feels almost as if it was written for the purpose to piss me off. And Molly’s entry is this year’s “Sammen” or “Nur ein Lied”; a cynical but competent peace anthem. The rest join the (6/12) crowd.

    1. Ace Wilder – “Don’t worry” (8/12)
    2. Frans – “If I were sorry” (7/12)
    3. Boris René – “Put your love on me” (7/12)
    4. Wiktoria – “Save me” (6/12)
    5. SaRaha – “Kizunguzungu” (6/12)
    6. Robin Bengtsson – “Constellation prize” (6/12)
    7. Oscar Zia – “Human” (6/12)
    8. Panetoz – “Håll om mig hårt” (6/12)
    9. David Lindgren – “We are your tomorrow” (6/12)
    10. Molly Sandén – “Youniverse” (5/12)
    11. Lisa Ajax – “My heart wants me dead” (4/12)
    12. Samir & Viktor – “Bada nakna” (2/12)

  14. My updated ranking of the finalists:

    1. Lisa Ajax – “My Heart Wants Me Dead”
    2. Boris René – “Put Your Love On Me”
    3. Ace Wilder – “Don’t Worry”
    4. Molly Sandén – “Youniverse”
    5. Frans – “If I Were Sorry”
    6. Oscar Zia – “Human”
    7. SaRaha – “Kizunguzungu”
    8. Robin Bengtsson – “Constellation Prize”
    9. Wiktoria – “Save Me”
    10. Samir & Viktor – “Bada nakna”
    11. David Lindgren – “We Are Your Tomorrow”
    12. Panetoz – “Håll om mig hårt”

  15. iTunes update of the twelve finalists:

    1. If I were sorry
    2. Kizunguzungu
    3. Håll om mig hårt
    4. Constellation prize
    5. Don’t worry
    6. Bada nakna
    8. Put your love on me
    9. Youniverse
    10. Human
    13. Save me
    15. My heart wants me dead
    22. We are your tomorrow

    “Youniverse” slowly falling. I have a feeling that one will do surprisingly bad, at least with the televoters.

    P.S. We also have Russia on spot 80 and Poland on spot 81, lol.

  16. Sorry I’ve been too busy today to comment on this… the draw makes sense, and three of my four faves of this year are going one after another… also, the final makes sense, except Mimi (my 5th), and to a leser extend Krista and Molly, all the finalists were among the better ones of the year (Samir/Wictor, Panetoz and David Lindgren are the three I’d remove in favor of the three already titled).

    These are my rankings

    SEMI 1/
    3 Mimi Werner “Ain’t No Good”
    7 Ace Wilder “Don’t Worry”

    6 Robin Bengtsson “Constellation Price”
    4 Albin & Mattias Andréasson “Rik”

    2 Pernilla Andersson “Mitt Guld”
    1 Samir & Viktor “Bada Nakna”
    DQ Anna Book “Himmel För Två”

    SEMI 2/
    7 Wictoria “Save Me”
    5 Krista Siegfrids “Faller”

    3 Molly Pettersson Hammar “Hunger”
    4 Isa “I Will Wait”

    1 David Lindgren “We Are Your Tomorrow”
    6 Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson & Uno Svenningsson “Håll Mitt Hjärta Hårt”
    2 Victor & Natten “100%”

    SEMI 3/
    6 Boris René “Put Your Love On Me”
    7 Oscar Zia “Human”

    1 Saraha “Kizunguzungu”
    5 Lisa Ajax “My Heart Wants Me Dead”

    3 Smilo “Weight Of The World”
    4 After Dark “Kom Ut Som En Stjärna”
    2 Swingfly & Helena Gutarra “You Carved Your Name”

    SEMI 4/
    5 Frans “If I Were Sorry”
    7 Molly Sandén “Youniverse”

    4 Linda Bengtzing “Killer Girl”
    6 Panetoz “Håll Om Mig Hårt”

    1 Eclipse “Runaways”
    3 Martin Stenmarck “Du Tar Mig Tillbaks”
    2 Dolly Style “Rollercoaster”

    In my own AC, I’d save Robin Bengtsson, Molly Pettersson Hammar, Saraha and Lisa Ajax (semi 4 was the weakest!)

    And so, my own final would have these results;
    26 Frans “If I Were Sorry” (F)
    20 Boris René “Put Your Love On Me” (F)
    14 Wictoria “Save Me” (F)
    21 Oscar Zia “Human” (F)
    3 Mimi Werner “Ain’t No Good” (Out)
    7 Ace Wilder “Don’t Worry” (F)
    6 Robin Bengtsson “Constellation Price” (F)
    12 Krista Siegfrids “Faller” (Out)
    28 Molly Sandén “Youniverse” (F)
    19 Saraha “Kizunguzungu” (F)
    11 Lisa Ajax “My Heart Wants Me Dead” (F)
    10 Molly Pettersson Hammar “Hunger” (AC)

    So, my top 4 are all in the final and any of them would hit my top 5 in esc, including the big favorite Frans, who is also my winner. Last time my favorite won MF was in 2007! Ola was in MF last Saturday, coincidence? ;)

  17. Not sure if it means anything (probably not) but somehow Frans made it to the Brand New Pop playlist from Spotify Germany. Only interesting because I don’t see any other entries from Melfest or ESC in there. Totally random.

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