Romania: It’s Ovidiu Anton to Stockholm

Ovidiu AntonRomania – Ovidiu Anton tonight won the Selectia Nationala final in Romania. Singing the song ‘Moment of silence’, he beat Florena and Vanotek into 2nd and 3rd place in the 100% televote. Romania has a 100% record in qualifying foe the final. 

romania 2016 televote

Will Romania do as well this year with ‘Moment of silence’?


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85 comments on “Romania: It’s Ovidiu Anton to Stockholm

  1. yes Donnie Darko Serbia have no in momment the entry ,sorry , what i mean was Bosnia, I hope Serbia bring something i like , i doubt it , but who knows…

  2. Mihai announced that he wants to represent Molodva next year! :D

  3. The worst Romanian entry… No chance at all…

    • Ovidiu is somewhere in the middle on my list of Romanian entries because I do not like Ovi & Paula, Cezar, Mihai, the middle-aged screaming couple and some others at all. All in all, Romania is among my least favourtite ESC countries, and that is one of the reasons why I wanted to represent them in ETSC or FdlC. If I remember correctly, you gave me one point. :)

      • You remember correctly! :) Well , Romania is last on my list ! Despite the fine vocals the song is weak and tasteless… It won’t be a shock non qualifier for me…looking at the line up of the second Semifinal (weak semi) i can’t see any country going for this.. And without spain and moldova the things are quite tough!

  4. Dreadful. Worst Romanian entry ever. He cant sing and the song is so weak. I hate the UK’s song but this could take over as bottom. If this gets through to the final it will be at the expense of a good song.

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