Israel: Song to be Changed?

Hovi Star smIsrael – News has broken this morning that Israel’s representative, Hovi Star, has recorded a new song with a view to changing his entry. He won the Israeli selection last week with ‘Made of Stars‘… but pubic opinion appears to be that he should sing a better one! It’s reported by Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom that he is today recording ‘Somebody out there‘… the song that fellow finalist Ella Daniel performed last week, after negative reactions from the Israeli public and international ESC fans.

Listen to both songs now. Do you think ‘Somebody out there‘ is better than  ‘Made of Stars‘?

47 comments on “Israel: Song to be Changed?

  1. What can I say? It all comes across as vaguely dishonest. Didn’t they vote for singer+song? Well, I may be old fashioned, but that was my first reaction, whatever!

  2. I really hate these things. Why bother with a national final.

  3. “after negative reactions from the Israeli public” You mean the Israeli public that voted for him and the song in the first place? Guh.

  4. Maybe the Polish singer can sing “Cool me down” in Stockholm. Because why bother with something as annoying with people voting for a singer/song combination.

  5. He would rather withdraw so Ella could take part instead of him 😉I’d be very glad for that news !

  6. Maybe he should sing Eini’s Draamaa from UMK this year… It would suit him better…

  7. One more reason to boycott them.

  8. Malta also most probably will change the song

  9. Objectively, it’s completely unfair to change the song after it won the NF – maybe he wouldn’t have won with another song.
    Subjectively, this is one of the few songs I like this year, so.. how about not changing it?

  10. What a mess..They already had 3 songs for 4 finalists and it seemed really unfair that 2 singers had to sing the same song. Now they want to change that song to the song of a 3rd singer. It is unfair to the singers and the songs which are traded as products. I dont know..

  11. How about instead, we withdraw Hovi entirely and send one of the other three acts :)

  12. Why did he sing the song he didnt like in the first place?
    The format of the show was really weird …next time they should pick a winner first then give them a song!!!!

  13. This is a disgrace!And who told them that the problem is song and not Hovi?
    And one more thing.Is this the same public opinion that voted him and “Made of stars” as winners?It was a final where they were told they were choosing both a singer and a song.If this wasn’t the case then all the finalists should be singing all songs and then choose the winning combination of singer and song.That what Germany did in 2010.And how will the composer of “Made of stars” react?There were rumors prior to the final that it was fixed in his favor.And now i read what some Israeli fans say that the final results can’t be validated by an impartial televote company.

    • What is outrageous is that he may be singing the song that finished 3rd in the national final.There’s no logic in any of this.It all looks really shady.Maybe an esc failure is preferable than for a national broadcaster to lose its integrity.

      • Just go for an internal choice and be done with it.

        • I agree!Last year they chose the winner and then a song was written for him.They should follow the same path this time around as well.Instead,they pretended to host a national final and now they don’t like the results since there’s public anger or maybe Hovi doesn’t like the song he was given.EBU should take action because there’s an increasing number of such incidents. Unfortunately,EBU isn’t a credible organization and they don’t care about things like transparency and abiding by the rules since they’re the first to break them.

          • EBU hasnt broken any rules on anything as far as I know. Plus how a broadcaster chooses their entry is their responsibility. Should some action be taken ? Sure but it should come from the broadcaster itself. Only if there are proved accusations about broadcaster-condoned fraud the EBU should step in imo.

            • Of course they have broken a fundamental rule that no country that is NOT an active EBU member can take part in esc.At first they said that they basically didn’t break their own rule because it was a one time thing but now they say that it’s their own rules and they’ll change them as much as they like.Thing is they didn’t change it first and introduce countries from around the world later.They did the opposite.
              On the public broadcasters issue,of course they should step in right away and state clearly that when a song is chosen by public vote,it can’t be changed unless there are issues with plagiarism and copyrights or if there’s undisputable evidence that theye was a voting manipulation and fraud.What they say atm is that they don’t care how a song is chosen as long as it’s submitted tll the defined date.Both Malta and Israel should’t be able to change their esc entries.

            • Oh not the australia thing again *sigh*

              Yeah we disagree on that, that has been established. As much as it is within the rights of the reference group to change the voting system to the absolute jury-bashing mess it has been changed to for this year, they are equally capable and within their rights to change the rules when it comes to who participates and who doesn’t. There is no essential difference.The body that makes the rules is responsible for their modification, it’s not a coup d’etat or something But hey what do I know. Maybe before they change the rules in their own contest they should consult the ETSC alternative reference group or something. Anyway.

              We will disagree on the 2nd point as well though. Involving themselves into the national selection process without any actual fraud discovered would be interventionism of the worst kind imo. The israeli broadcaster created a mess and it should be their responsibility to get out of it.
              As for Malta things are even easier. It is within the actual rules of their national final that the winning song may not be the song that will go to esc. Good or bad, it is in their rulebook and that leaves even less space for an EBU intervention imo. IMO the EBU should care about what you stated (a song submitted before the deadline), cases of broadcaster-condoned fraud and political/racial etc statements in the actual song. Everything else should be up to the broadcaster to short it out imo.

            • So,what you’re saying basically is that there are no EBU rules one can rely on but they can make their own rules along the way.That’s the apotheosis of transparency.Kudos!Following your line of reasoning no one ever can hold the EBU accountable for anything since they may say Yes there’s was such a rule but we changed it after we saw that we had broken it.Oops!
              And by the way,the active EBU member rule is not off the table in theory.The official line is that because Australia loves(?)esc so much they’re given a free pass.It’s an exception to the rule.
              As for the national finals EBU has every right to intervene and define clear and transparent rules just like the September 1st rule which was broken twice this year by the way with the EBU blessings.But then again,they want to keep the broadcasters happy in order to pass their controversial changes every now and then.It’s a give and take situation.

            • It is the reference group that established the rule of the contest, it is their responsibility to modify them. Basically the reference group works like a legislature – they make the laws and they can also modify them by a majority vote. Of course every legislature is bounded by a constitution but the contest has no such thing as a “constitution”. Even if it had this is subject to change, usually by overwhelmingly large parliamentary majorities in most countries or even a popular vote. Even if that was the case, the decision of the rule-making body of the EBU was UNANIMOUS in Australia’s case. Honestly it is something so obvious to me that I cannot see why it is discussed tbh. It seems fans have become too entitled these days and forget that they do not “own” the contest or its rules – which are decided since its inception by the reference group. The rest are just the usual whining of esc fans (and I do it as well – e.g. the current tragic, imbalanced voting system).

              It is very transparent actually – what is not transparent here ?

              EBU -> Reference Group -> Body that makes the rules of the contest. As simple as 1+1 imo.

              It makes perfect sense that a country as invested to the contest as Australia would get a special status imo – and the decision-making body of the contest decided to enshrine that in the rules of the contest as is their right to.

              Is an amendment to the US constitution “illegal” per se because it was not in the original document ? Nonsense.

              Did any song that was published before September 1st reached the contest ? Nope. For example if “Love Manifest” had won the ukrainian selection, it would then be the EBU’s responsibility to investigate its eligibility. Other than that if the broadcaster wants to keep it in, knowing that it would be subject to disqualification, they take the responsibility of their actions. See how everything works out in a perfect non-interventional way ?

              Your last two senteces are just the casual conspiracy theory with no actual rational substance tbh when something happens that we don’t like.

              Look I don’t like the fact that the quite good 50-50 balance achieved in voting the last few years is now distored heavily in favour of televoting but I respect the decision of the reference group – even if I consider it very bad for the future of the contest.
              You do not like the decision about Australia and that’s ok – but that kind of bheaviour because you don’t like a decision of the rule-making body of the contest is not really flattering let me tell you..

            • The previous change with the juries ranking all songs was the one that was favoring juries.Now,we just got back to the normal 50-50 system.If we can’t really agree on that then there’s nothing more to talk about.
              The EBU has already ruled in favor of breaking the September 1st rule in 2 cases.First when DR asked them if “Never Alone” which was played in concerts a year ago would make an eligible esc entry and they said yes.And in the Ukrainian selection Kontstantin Meladze said that they had contacted EBU prior to the final and their answer was that Love Manifest would be eligible to go to Stockholm since the youtube viewing numbers were relatively small.That’s a new rule no one knew about.No matter if the song was published 2 years ago as long as it’s not popular it can make a legit esc entry.
              As for the rest of your condescending advice please keep it to yourself!

            • It was not favoring the juries at all. With all the scrutiny juries are under (while televotign is free roaming) it was just balancing the field. Now televoting is even more protected behind the shield of collective vote and the juries more scrutinized than ever. The actual balance is distorted heavily in favour of televoting. Of course we won’t agree on that – you favour televoting anyway so it’s natural you would support a system that protects it in such a way and emboldens its impact. It’s now that we have anything BUT a 50-50 system – but I know I won’t get you to admit that since you are close to achieving what you want : getting rid of the juries in esc. It happens. step by step, but it happens gradually. This is in terms of magnitude and exposure a 75-25 pro televoting system now and it will only get worse imo..

              Allow me to have serious doubts about Meladze’s supposed contact with the EBU personally by the time the EBU did not officially confirm anything like that. The fact that you are taking for granted what he said shows bias imo.

              My advice was anything but condenscending and I won’t keep it to myself. I am getting really sick and tired of this self entitled attitude of a portion of the fan community tbh that distorts simple facts to fit some conspiracy agenda, that’s all.

            • *indisputable

  14. Off topic – this is the Romanian running order:

    Doru Todorut feat. Irina Baiant
    Dream Walkers
    Vanotek feat. The Code & Georgian
    Ovidiu Anton
    M I H A I

    P.S. – MIHAI was very lucky. Let’s hope Ovidiu can beat him.

    • In all honesty,Ovidiu looks like a joke act.There’ll be a lot of laugh if he appears like that in Stockholm.

      • I’d prefer him anyway … and by a mile.
        MIHAI brought out the worst in me already in 2006. That guy makes me aggressive the way probably nobody else does …

      • I have to disgree. I take him seriously and one can see he loves what he is doing. He caomes across as the most genuine act of this NF. Florena and especially the Dream Walkers soind less genuine, but their live vocals are quite good.

        P.S. – The Dream Walkers have very good live vocals, imo and I would not mind seeing them in Sweden. I love vocal groups as you know; last year Framest had my favourite song of the season; ‘Ziemā’ is far better than ‘Let is shine’ though.

  15. The difference between Israel and Malta is that Israels Rising Star is its own show and not a Eurovision Final – it just happens to be that the winner gets to go to Eurovision

    It’s exactly the same as San Remo isn’t it. People aren’t voting for the Eurovision rep but the best song of the whole lot of contestants

    Havi was the public favourite out of all those taking part in Rising Star and it just so happens part of his prize is to do Eurovision

    I don’t find this cheating at all unlike in Malta’s case

    • Well,you’re wrong because the official statement by them was that the final was actually a KDAM final in which singers were supposed to sing their esc entries.It was both a singer and a song selection and not just the winner of Rising Star.
      The Israel Hayom newspaper writes that the broadcasting authority is examining the legal aspects of the process and compliance with regulations.To put it short,they know what they’re doing is wrong and they try to find a “legal” way out of this mess.

  16. Although I do like “Somebody Out There” better, the people voted for this combo of singer and song- like Bulgaria 2013, changing it wouldn’t do much good. Fan opinion is a big part of this contest, but it shouldn’t be the sole reason to change an entry.

  17. I am not sure if I’ll be able to follow the Romanian NF, because things are a bit hectic here, atm. I’ll try; I’ve just read that Cezar will sing ‘Rise like a Phoenix’ as one of the interval acts.

  18. Now they’re saying they’ll stick with “Made of Stars” but tweak it to make it stronger

  19. It’s a bad song, so could do with a change. A bit unfair to voters who paid though.

    They should just do what they do in the UK, and refund those who voted for the winning song so those people aren’t out of pocket.

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