Sweden: Andra Chansen Tonight

swedenSweden – You can watch the second chance round of the Swedish selection process, Melodifestivalen, tonight on SVT from 20.00 (CET). 8 acts qualified directly to the final via the heats, but another 8 acts now get another chance to battle for  a place. The Andra Chansen (2nd chance) round tonight sees those 8 acts go head-to-head in 4 duels…

• Duel 1: Panetoz – ‘Håll om mig hårt’ vs Molly Pettersson Hammar – ‘Hunger’
• Duel 2: Albin och Mattias – ‘Rik’ vs Boris René – ‘Put your love on me’
• Duel 3: Isa – ‘I will wait’ vs SaRaha – Kizunguzungu
• Duel 4: Dolly Style – ‘Rollercoaster’ vs Samir & Viktor – ‘Bada nakna’

The 4 winners of the duels will go on to the national final with the other 8 qualifiers on March 12th.

You can watch the broadcast on SVT’s website here.


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74 comments on “Sweden: Andra Chansen Tonight

  1. Second finalist: Boris René!

  2. so all blacks and a white girl who wants to be one won tonight? :p

  3. Fourth finalist: Samir & Viktor!

  4. I knew that Kizunguzungu trash will qualify!Isa was great tonight sInging the best ballad of this year’s MF! :(

  5. I think my whole top 4 of all MF goes all one after another, Oscar, Boris, Frans and Wictoria, no?!

    Panetoz open, Samir & Wictor close, in both second chance and the final now :/

  6. I’m glad Isa missed out – not really bothered about the rest.

  7. except for Molly, I agree with 3 out of 4 tonight and I’m very pleased (plus I’m on a Jüri high right now!)

  8. A disastrous AC for me..Panetoz over Molly and especially Saraha over Isa were big injustices :( At least Boris won over Albin and Mattias.

    I didn’t really care about duel 4 but S&V were probably the best choice..

  9. Good news from Sweden – Boris reached the final! :)

  10. Nooooooo I cant believe Dolly Style lost to Samir & Victor! :'(

    FRANS FTW!!!

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