Russia: Sergey Lazarev Reveals Song

RussiaRussia – Tonight is the big reveal of Sergey Lazarev‘s song for The Eurovision Song Contest 2016. It will be premiered during the evening news programme Вести в Субботу, starting at 18:00 (CET) on the Russia-1 channel where the official video will be aired. You can watch online HERE.

Philip Kirkorov and Dimitris Kontopoulos have written the song. A tiny teaser of the video has already been released…

Here it is!!

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121 comments on “Russia: Sergey Lazarev Reveals Song

  1. Russia is rather desperate to win, isn’t it.

  2. 💤💤💤 I even can’t listen to it till the end…

  3. Definitely the best of the 3 songs presented today. This is so cliche Eurovision. This is what we need more of. But with female singers. Lol

  4. Are you sure this is Russia?

  5. Nothing to do with the song, but the girl in the video is a TERRIBLE actress.

    The song is catchy in an early 2000s shake-shake kind of way. Nothing wrong with that. I enjoy it a fair bit but somehow it feels a tad bit dated to me. I imagine staging will be very over-the-top.

  6. Best song so far (sorry Spain) it just screams instant winner!

    I love you Sergey thank you for making Eurovision Great Again. <3 <3 <3

  7. Plastic and generic. It could have been even worse nevertheless.

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