Poll: Who Should Represent Romania?

romaniaRomania – Last night saw twelve become six when the public and jury each chose three acts to move from the Semi Final into the Grand Final which takes place tomorrow. Who would you like to see represent Romania in 2015?

The six acts hoping to follow last years Voltaj to the Eurovision Grand Final are:

Ovidiu Anton “Moment of Silence”
Dream Walkers “Let It Shine”
Florena “Behind The Shadows”
M I H A I “Paradisio”
Doru Todoruţ feat. Irina Baianţ “The Voice”
Vanotek feat. The Code & Georgian “I’m Coming Home”

Romania have a 100% success record of qualifying to the Grand Final. Are they in trouble this year?

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42 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Romania?

  1. Remember when Romania were fun? Well those days are certainly gone. These are mostly ballads – Yawn

    Needless to say I voted for the only interesting one here and thats Ovidiu Anton

  2. Vanotek or Florena FTW
    Romania has been such a let down :(

  3. Ovidiu Anton just because they wave a sword around. Poor year.

  4. Mihai or Vanotek please..

  5. The weakest romanian final in years… Despite the 100% success in semis i do believe that that this year Romania is in danger … Voted for Florena !

    • They aren’t because in the EBU there is a high up Romanian man who has a hand in the draw and always makes sure Romania have a good draw. 2013 and 2014 Rmania didn’t deserve to be in the final so this man made sure Romania had the pimp slot to eliminate any risk of a NQ, 2015 Romania had a great entry so he was a little fairer and gave them only 2nd last…I’d put money on Romania getting the pimp slot this years!

  6. Florena got my vote. She, the Dream Walkers and Ovidiu are the best options here. Vanotek and Co. need to improve their live vocals.

  7. Really weak selection and quite nice show production! don’t like any of the songs! It was between M I H A I and Vanotek! Voted for Vanotek!

  8. I’m so happy Mihai didn’t dominate the semi-final like I expected him to. Florena to Stockholm please.

  9. Ugh. A very weak year for Romania.
    Voted for The Voice. Surprisingly enough it leads the poll :|

  10. Needless to say that I dislike Paradisio with passion same way I dislike ROM 14…

  11. Florena!It’s a very weak national final to begin with.

  12. Ovidiu Anton – „Moment of silence”: It reminds me of Meat Loaf. There is so much pathos that it becomes unintentionally funny. Composition is nothing special.

  13. Dream Walkers – „Let it shine”: There is absolutely nothing genuine about it. It is pseudo-emotional, and the lyrics are extremely cheesy. Thin composition too.

  14. Dream Walkers – „Let it shine”: Considerably better than the previous two, and much less opulent. Verse is better than chorus. OK song, but I don’t go wow about it.

  15. M I H A I “Paradisio”. How many songs about paradise have we had this year? I really can’t stand this one, especially not his singing which is very, very annoying.

  16. Doru Todoruţ feat. Irina Baianţ “The Voice”. Not so much to add here. Just boring. Some rather off-key singing too, especially from Irinal.

  17. Listened to them again.
    My Ranking :
    1.Vanotek ft The Code & Georgian : 6/10
    2.Florena : 6/10
    3.Doru Todorut ft Irina Baiant : 5,5/10
    4.Dream Walkers : 5/10
    5.Ovidiu Anton : 5/10
    6.Mihai Traistariu : 2/10

  18. Vanotek feat. The Code & Georgian – „I’m coming home”: Not without interesting elements, but quite boring singing.

    Sorry to those who like the songs, but this is a really bad final for me personally.

  19. worse than what I feared last night…

  20. We finally had a great presentation show with a nice stage and everything, but the songs are really weak. I like only 2 songs, Vanotek and Florena, voted for Vanotek.

  21. I expected to be around for this one but I won’t be able to watch it after all..If the feedback I have seen is anything to rely on then nothing in this final would rattle the top places on my rankings anyway.

    Good luck !

  22. Who’ s watching?

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