Poland: National Final Tonight

polandPoland – Tonight sees the Polish Krajowe Eliminacje selection process conclude with 9 contestants competing for the public vote in order to win the right to represent Poland in May.  Watch from 21.25 (CET) hereDespite having not chosen the representative as yet, Poland is favourite to win the contest. It is expected that Margaret will win tonight with ‘Cool me down‘.

Here are the finalists and their songs:

Dorota Osińska “Universal”
Edyta Górniak “Grateful”
Kasia Moś “Addiction”
Margaret “Cool Me Down”
Michał Szpak “Color of Your Life”
NAPOLI “My Universe”
Natalia Szroeder “Lustra”
Ola Gintrowska “Missing”
Taraka “In the Rain”

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197 comments on “Poland: National Final Tonight

  1. Don’t bother to show up Poland!

  2. Ok if this is not fishy and does not have some voting fraud behind it discovered soon I am going to be very surprised..

  3. Wtf ?! o_O

  4. The hyped one has fallen at the first hurdle and we’ll get Slovenia 1998 instead. Watching the wiwibloggs clip tomorrow will be great fun. ;)
    I hope that Natalia Szroeder tries again with a better song. I really fell in love with her tonight. :)

    Good luck!

  5. Some long hair to Eurovision. Nice.

  6. I know he was the dark horse but i’m Speechless ! GoodBye Poland ! See you in 2017!

  7. Not that the song is particularly better.

  8. Thank God I didn’t bet on any contestant in this NF…

  9. ❤️ the hair

  10. Ok now that I pay attention to this one I have to say he is a good singer but this is so dated it’s almost sad. It’s an actual song which already makes it better than Montenegro and he can sing better than the belarussian guy so I guess I can give a 4.4/10 to this one 27th out of 29 place on my list.

    Good luck Poland (you’ll need it) !

  11. I can’t stop laughing. This is just bizarre.

    He has pretty eyes.

  12. Long John Silver for Poland? :o

    It’s always nice with a real surprise. Though I don’t get what the Polish voters saw in this song. Lukewarm and bland ballad. (5/12) for now. Good luck!

  13. The power of XFactor strikes again

  14. Poland still number one with the bookies? 😳

  15. 100 % televoting is just such a treat. :)

  16. Who wants to Play (capital P for the estonian pun) “let’s see Poland performing a free fall in betting odds” ? It still holds first atm btw..

  17. I’m honestly so mad right now I don’t even know what to say lmao

    Poland you had a WINNING song yet you go with this garbage. I’m gonna pray to every god there is that some voting fraud gets discovered and Margaret gets sent instead. For now, say hello to last place Poland. So disappointed.

    • Come on!That wasn’t a winning entry and it definitely wasn’t a winning performance but it was miles better than the “winner”.

      • I 100% believe Margaret could’ve won Eurovision and the betting odds agreed :P

        The people on ET just generally don’t like most of these radio friendly songs (which I agree with on most instances).

  18. I doubt Poland’s chances. Being a Long John Silver impersonator is not an advance when it comes to competitions:

  19. I haven’t seen the live but listened to the recorded version. It sounds like something from the mid-’90s.

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