Poland: It’s a Shocker! Michał Szpak to Stockholm

Michał SzpakPoland – Krajowe Eliminacje has just finished and it was a shock win for Michał Szpak as he beat off the hot favourite Margaret to represent Poland in Stockholm this May with his song “Color of Your Life”. He was voted the winner by the public only

The finalists can be heard below (for now I have the music videos for each but will replace them with live performances when they become available)

Dorota Osińska “Universal”
Edyta Górniak “Grateful”
Kasia Moś “Addiction”
Margaret “Cool Me Down”
Michał Szpak “Color of Your Life”
NAPOLI “My Universe”
Natalia Szroeder “Lustra”
Ola Gintrowska “Missing”
Taraka “In the Rain”

After a short voting period, the top three were revealed by host Artur Orzech and last years representative Monika Kuszyńska. The Top 3 were…

1st Michał Szpak
2nd Margaret
3rd Edyta Górniak

Coming into the National Final Margaret was the runaway favourite among fans and the bookies to win with “Cool Me Down” and her participation even made Poland the favourite to win the contest in May. Will Michał Szpak be able to get Poland in the Grand Final like Monika Kuszyńska and Donatan and Cleo before?

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105 comments on “Poland: It’s a Shocker! Michał Szpak to Stockholm

  1. Poland needs Ania Teliczan, I’m telling you! Worked in FDLC, would work in ESC. Or just let me internally select for Poland :P

  2. Finally watched the live. He sings it about as well live as he does in the recording, but that doesn’t change the fact that everything about this song and performance is quite dated. I think I like it better than last year’s entry, though, which I honestly don’t remember anymore apart from that she’s in a wheelchair…

  3. I just watched Margaret’s performance and I don’t think it is a shocker she didn’t win.

  4. They’re now 12th with the betting odds and going down,down,down.

  5. Poland now my No 1, Spa 2nd,Italy 3rd.

  6. Go home for one weekend for mothers day and the whole thing collapses, first I read that ISA didn’t make it to the Melfest final, now I see Margaret hasn’t won for Poland??!?!?!?!?!?

    Has Poland lost it’s mind, it had 2.4m views and was top of the betting odds, it was on course for a win.

    Russia has it in the bag now.

    Sochi 2017

  7. Correction, Maragaret had 3.3m

    Just listened to the actual winner and omg its worse than I thought.
    Poland now tumbling in the betting odds, quite rightly.

    Does Poland not want to host or something?

  8. Damn you Poland!
    I wanted that Rihana clone song to be rotting at the very bottom of my list :P

  9. I guess the Margaret fans are really unhappy, it looks like they’re trying to claim Colour Of Your Life is a copy of a Russian song called “Dawaj Za” by Lube:

    I guess I can see some vague similarities, but not enough to get the song overturned – G:Son has got away with much more blatant copies!

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