Estonia: Jüri Pootsmann to Stockholm

Jüri PootsmannEstoniaEesti Laul 2016 has come to a close and the nation has decided that Jüri Pootsmann will be representing them with his song “Play” which credits last years rep Stig Rasta as one of the song writers. He beat off competition from Cartoon and fan favourite Mick Pedaja to win the ticket

Ten finalists competed in front of the public and a jury with the winner being decised by a 50/50 split. You can remind yourselves of the songs below…

Laura “Supersonic”
Go Away Bird “Sally”
Mick Pedaja “Seis”
Grete Paia “Stories Untold”
Kéa “Lonely Boy”
Jüri Pootsmann “Play”
Kati Laev & Noorkuu “Kaugel sinust”
Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid “Immortality”
Meisterjaan “Parmupillihullus”
I Wear* Experiment “Patience”

The jury was the first to give their votes before the public votes were added to decide the top three that would perform again for the public vote only. The results before the super final were…

4th Mick Pedaja
5th Meisterjaan
6th I Wear* Experiment
7th Grete Paia
8th Go Away Bird
9th Kéa
10th Kati Laev & Noorkuu

This meant that Jüri Pootsmann, Cartoon and Laura made the super final. The placings of the super final were…

1st Jüri Pootsman
2nd Laura
3rd Cartoon

Did Estonia pick the right song? Did another deserve to win in his place? Is it a qualifier for Estonia?

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36 comments on “Estonia: Jüri Pootsmann to Stockholm

  1. A classy, stylish masterpiece in this year’s contest. Juri is a very special singer that brings more substance to an already beautiful song with his deep voice. The staging is atmospheric, Juri delivers on every level and Estonia is on its way for another great result. 9.4/10 and 2nd place on my list behind Ukraine.

    Good luck !

  2. Jüri’s not as charismatic on stage as I’d like, and I’m not a big fan of the new staging, which is trying a little too hard to seem James Bond-ish. Give him a mic stand and a more stripped-back presentation though, and I think they’re onto a winner (or solid top-half in the final).

    8/12 and 4th place on my list.

    1. Ukraine 10/12
    2. Latvia 9/12
    3. Netherlands 8/12
    4. Estonia 8/12
    5. Georgia 8/12

  3. A really good song with possibilities to be one of the very best this season. For now it’s in my 2nd place after Ukraine. I’m still a bit sad for Mick but this is a great substitute and I will cheer for it no doubt. (9/12) for now. Good luck!

  4. Now that we’ve finally got some good songs, I will post my first list of the season too:

    1st Ukraine
    2nd Latvia
    3rd Montenegro
    4th Estonia
    5th Georgia

    Last place: Switzerland. Sorry guitar!

    If Italy stays in Italian, Francesca will go into 4th place.

    • Its ok. Montenegro is my dead last and Switzerland my No.3 so we balance each other :-) plus we have a 3/5 agreement in the top 5 :

      1. Ukraine
      2. Estonia
      3. Switzerland
      4. Latvia
      5. Hungary

      I feel quite an outsider on the forum this year tbh since my disagreements with the majority are bigger than usual (at least one of them was smoothed today and wont be transfered to esc with Mick not winning in Estonia at least) and that makes me feel strange tbh..I am sure things will work out at the end (e.g. Ukraine or Estonia or Latvia wins and everyone is happy !)

      • But there is absolutely no problem with being the odd one out. I a pretty sure that everyone here supports diversity. I at least don’t want ET to be a space where everyone agrees all the time because that would be terribly tedious. Luckily, as long as we have you, Jade, Max, Ren and Marko there is no risk that ET might become uniform. :)
        The only important thing is that we don’t get personal, no matter how much we might disagree on the songs. :)

    • same top 5 songs, different order

  5. Very stylish and classy but after 2 listenings leaves me cold !
    Best of luck Estonia 🙋

  6. Very good choice, Estonia. ‘Play’ is my current nº2, but I hope they stop tinkering with the stage presentation – keep it simple, because less is often more.

  7. good luck Estonia 😊

  8. Love it <3
    My new number one !
    Other good 2016 entries : Italy, Germany, Norway, Iceland, Hungary, France, Montenegro and Belgium

  9. Eesti Laul provided the best preselection this year and the fairest voting system imo
    Average of songs = 6.60
    Ukraine follows at 6.28
    Iceland at 6.25

  10. The songs i care about atm:


    *I’m not including Italy until i listen to the final esc version of NGDS

    • Put Netherlands and Italy in at the expense of Austria and Latvia and we get the same countries in top 10

      • I have to listen to the Netherlands again but it sounded rather underwhelming.Italy is definitely in but i won’t rank them until i’ve listened to the final esc entry.

  11. Hmmm, overhyped, I dont think its that special, have a feeling I’ve seen it already for Eatonia in ESC before, its not bad, but its really nth special, leaves me totally cold, I dont like vocal as well, its quite low tonality, I wish it was a bit higher, all in all a huge let down, since Mick Pedaja – “Seis” was smth EXTRAORDINARY, NEW, FRESH, EXCITING, AMAZING, Im really tired of these cliche bland entries in English..

  12. It’s my new #2 behind Latvia. But they can exchange spot all the time, then Ukraine 3rd, Georgia 4th, Montenegro 5th and then I forget.

    Hungary, Netherlands, France, Spain and Bosnia are also songs I kinda enjoy, but that’s it. I guess Sweden will pick Frans and he’ll be in my top 5 by default!

    Australia, Azerbaijan have been quiet and I can feel them sneaking on us at the last minute. Croatia and Macedonia may have picked good artists, so waiting for the songs. Serbia I’m not so sure but we’ll see. I didn’t like the Italian song from San Remo, but I’ll give it a shot in 3mn revamp (English too?) Malta will most probably remain bad, but will most likely get a new song that’ll be at least listenable in comparison to the old one?

    The rest is not for me.

  13. Class and style won’t win the contest but it definately enriches the competition. Great choice, Estonia! At the Moment Play tops my list!

  14. I was out so I couldn’t comment about what I thought about “Play”
    It is one of the very few great songs of the year…The staging,his creepy yet sexy look are adding a lot to the song…I love it!

    Welcome to my top5 Estonia :)

  15. Play is a nice song.
    Seis, on the other hand, is pure ART.

    Good luck Eesti!

  16. Good, my new third place. Easily a top 5 in the final compared to the majority of songs this year.

  17. Estonia does it again! Another good entry from them after last year and probably one of the best this year.

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