Romania: Semi-final Tonight

romaniaRomania – It’s the semi-final stage of Romania’s Selecția Națională this evening where 12 acts battle it for a place in the last 6 in the final. 4 acts will be chosen by a jury and 2 by televoting. The show in online from 19.30 (CET) HERE.

The 12 semi-finalists:

  1. Doru Todorut feat. Irina Baiant – ‘The voice’
  2. Andra Olteanu – ‘Nai nai’
  3. Dream Walkers – ‘Let it shine’
  4. Irina Popa – ‘Letting go’
  5. Jukebox – ‘Come on everybody’ 
  6. Mihai Bajinaru – ‘Never too late’
  7. Vanotek feat. The Code & Georgian – ‘I’m coming home’
  8. M I H A I – ‘Paradisio’
  9. Florena – ‘Behind the shadows’
  10. Gasca de Acasa – ‘Tu esti povestea’
  11. Ovidiu Anton – ‘Moment of silence’
  12. Xandra – ‘Superhuman’


Ovidiu Anton, Dream Walkers, Florena and M I H A I were the 4 jury qualifiers.

Vanotek feat. The Code & Georgian and Doru Todorut feat. Irina Baiant were the 2 televoters’ qualifiers.



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181 comments on “Romania: Semi-final Tonight

  1. I don’t like the way they announce points
    The minimum points should be 6 and it should go 6-7-8-10-12
    These 1 and 0s are very discouraging and embarrassing for artists

  2. 56 pts for Ovidiu Anton.They’re into the carnival season…

  3. So Ovidiu, the Boy Band, Florena and the Duo made it through …

  4. So Ovidiu,Dream Walkers,Florena and MIHAI qualify with the juries.

  5. XANDRA you were BRILLIANT! <3

    Vocal was fantastic!


  6. I can’t believe they’ll be sending Shrek…

  7. My favourite political satire programme starts now. I’ll be back to check the televoting qualifiers later.

  8. If ovidiou wins,the dancer will go to Stockholm instead of toggies house LOL

  9. I prefer Florena but she would be a very average choice too.

  10. You can watch tonight’s performances here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TVRcanaluloficial/videos

  11. Now that the final line-up is complete i’ll just say it’s a really weak NF overall.I hope Florena will win.

  12. Does anyone know which 2 songs qualified through televoting?

  13. All in all the Romanians made wise choices. :) I have two personal favourites: Floriana and Dream Walkers. Vanotek feat. The Code & Georgian have my nº 3 song here, but their live rendition could be much better. Congratulations to the finalists. :)

    • I forgot to add that Ovidiu Anton’s live rendition was also very good. Who knows what can happen?

      • It seems it will be between Mihai Traistariu and Vanotek, Mihai Traistariu has the highest number of dislikes, but also the highest number of likes of all, I personally like Xandra the most, but she is out, but I like Mihai and Vanotek..

        Which is better hotel in Lisbon in your opinion between Turim Iberia and Turim Alameda, I have a delegation traveling to Portugal, have to make reservation in Lisbon! :)

        • Thanks for the info, Marko. Turim Alameda is a fine business hotel and it’s centrally located. Turim Saldanha (the same chain) is more recent and it is also centrally located. I would go for the latter, but both are good choices as is Turim Iberia, that is near Turim Saldanha.

          • Thanks a lot!! On Monday I have to finish with these reservations, I will check Saldanha as well if I can do it with a budget, but its quite high budget, per night, per person, so I supose it will fit as well..I will try to find smth appropriate close to Portuguese customs administtation as well! :) Its not that easy when you dont know some city.. :D

  14. Offtopic: just discovered we have 28 songs and miss 14, so 2 third down!

  15. A well deserved victory for Ovidiu in the semifinal, I hope he manages to win the whole thing – that would make Romania my favourite entry by far and could also do pretty well in Sweden.

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