Poll: Who Should Represent Poland in 2016?

polandPoland – This year Poland have decided to leave the choice of Eurovision Entry in the hands of the public with a National Final being held tomorrow evening. Krajowe Eliminacje will see 9 contestants compete for the public vote only as another country decides against a jury

The 9 contestants are listed below and songs can be heard by clicking song links. Poland are currently the bookies favourite to win Eurovision based on this short list with many stating Margaret as the reason for this. Who would you want to see on the ESC stage?

Dorota Osińska “Universal”
Edyta Górniak “Grateful”
Kasia Moś “Addiction”
Margaret “Cool Me Down”
Michał Szpak “Color of Your Life”
NAPOLI “My Universe”
Natalia Szroeder “Lustra”
Ola Gintrowska “Missing”
Taraka “In the Rain”

Now you have heard the songs who would you like to see represent Poland in 2016? Could the bookies be right and it really will be Warsaw 2017?

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77 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Poland in 2016?

  1. 02 Andra Olteanu “Nai nai” : enjoyable but out of dated ethopop.. Also i found it a bit amateurish … 5.5/10

  2. I just did a Romania thread now, sorry, I was late back from work!

  3. She looks like a porcelain doll

  4. I am roasting pork and preparing rice with beans. I have to stop commenting, but I am watching.

  5. So, we continue commenting on the romanian thread?

  6. Song 3: It’s hateful!Ultra generic let it shiiine with messy vocals. 3/12

  7. Ola Gintrowska all the way but I feel it will be another disappointment for me just like the UK and the dreadful winning song there

  8. I believe Margaret should be their best choice. Waiting for the live show!

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