Netherlands: Douwe Bob Tells Us to “Slow Down”

Douwe BobNetherlandsDouwe Bob was revealed last year as the 2016 Dutch Entry for Eurovision 2016 and today in a press conference held by Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS, the song has been revealed. “Slow Down” will be performed by Douwe Bob in Semi Final One on May 10th

The song has a country and western feel, something that looks to becoming quite popular in this years Selection season. Douwe Bob had this to say about the meaning of his song:

“We are all going way too fast. There is constant pressure to prove yourself. Slow Down is a protest song against myself, against the pace at which I live life in Amsterdam. When walking through the forests of Sweden, or riding a horse through the fields in Spain, a peace descends on you and you see everything in a better perspective. It is such a great feeling!”

You can hear the song below:

What do you think of the Dutch effort this year? After major success in 2014 with the Common Linnets 2nd placing, they failed to qualify in 2015 with Trijntje Oosterhuis. Can The Netherlands make the final with “Slow Down” in 2016?

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35 comments on “Netherlands: Douwe Bob Tells Us to “Slow Down”

  1. I expected smth better. It is a weak one.

  2. He reminds me of a young Johnny Cash. I’m not in Country and Western so I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. Due to it being such a weak year so far he probably would make my top 15

  3. I rather like it (though I’ll admit, I have yet to listen to it closely)… though I have a feeling it may be because it doesn’t sound like a majority of the songs announced so far. I wanted a song that’s even more, uhh, slowed down, but this works for me.

  4. I enjoy listening to country music but i think that “Slow Down” is weak and bland! It’s like a failed soundtrack of “Hart of Dixie” … Country not at its best !I m not impressed and it seems like a non qualifier atm!

  5. It’s a way better song than TCL with CATS, and I am happily surprised with that!
    It give me an Instand “feel good” mood just after only one listen to it. So yes I think it’s going to do well:)) I am very pleased with this song!

  6. Its a nice little care free song but it may be a little too nice, too little and too care free to work on the esc stage. It definately has quality, it is a well made song as expected but I am not sure this is what The Netherlands needed to return to the success of 2013 or 2014.

  7. I like country music so I like it but I agree it is not a strong one…Still want him to qualify😊

    Good luck The Netherlands

  8. top 5
    1 Spain
    2 The Netherlands(this boy have much talent and beatiful voice maybe too much talent for this event)

  9. Great! Straight to number 6 in my top 10 list!

  10. I had very high hopes and feel pretty disappointed now. It is a pleasant little country ditty, and I certainly enjoy hearing some real music instead of all the synthetic stuff many broadcasters are so fond of sending these days. But at the end of the day, “Slow Down” is a very generic and repetitive song. I enjoyed the first minute but then went Zzzzzzzz. :(

    Good luck!

  11. So soon? Ok, I quite like it, it’s simple, unpretentious and effective and this year that means much. Somewhere in my current top 10, I guess. How will it sound live? Good luck, Netherlands!

  12. A fine country rock song, but not so much more than that. I enjoy it for what it is, but it is not a new “Calm After the Storm”.

    There’s a nice 70’s like sound in the production, and it sounds to me a bit like the Eagles. Will probably land somewhere around 7/12 in my ratings.

  13. Is the Netherlands so into the US music tradition?Hmmm…It’s okish but rather bland.I’m a bit disappointed because i like him and i was hoping for something better.

  14. According to Serbian media outlets Sanja Vučić will represent them with “Sklonište” (Shelter) written by Ivana Peters

  15. Well, for once, I totally agree with the majority. It’s nice but pedictable, bland and only appealing inside the esc bubble where it’s different. Its fate in Eurovision will depend on the live, it’s different enough to stand out, but only if the live isnt a borefest. It sounds unpretentious as is, but then sometimes NL is over the top pretentious in its “we’re not pretentious” approach. Plus, this feels the LESS genuine of all their entries since the great 2013 change of NL entries: it DOES sound a BIT like a MF schlagery bit of country? Plus it has no soul whatsoever, reminder, country is supposed to be about being in pain, hurt, and not about accoustic guitars only?

  16. Fine entry in its genre!

  17. Yes, finally GREAT one, I like exactly the simplicity of it, I like vocal and composition, I hope live performance will be good as well! After yesterday big let down, amd many, many let downs in a row this season, lets hope Montenegro will be amazing today after GREAT Netherlands!

  18. Douwe Bob is going for the first place!Hold your horses dear! :P

    • He’s definitely a lovely guy and he has this cool,sexy geekiness that Manuel Neuer also has and i happen to find irresistible. :P

  19. It’s a cute song with a very feel-good vibe to it. I don’t think it’ll win or anything, but I can see it having a similar placement to Hungary 2015.

  20. I see some trends here…trying to repeat the 2014 success f.e. I like the verses more than the chorus. Overall a decent attempt definitely better than most of the songs this year.
    My initial reaction to it is 8/10.
    Good luck Netherlands!

  21. It’s an 8.0/10 and 10th place on my list for now for The Netherlands. Could it do a Common Linnets dark horse thing ? I doubt it. But I appreciate it more the more I listen to it. Good luck !

    My top 10 thus far :

    1. Ukraine – 9.6/10
    2. Switzerland – 9.0/10
    3. Latvia – 8.7/10
    4. Hungary – 8.4/10
    5. Austria – 8.2/10
    6. France – 8.2/10
    7. Germany – 8.1/10
    8. Norway – 8.1/10
    9. Cyprus – 8.0/10
    10. The Netherlands – 8.0/10

  22. A little okish country tune. They should have brought something more outstanding for Eurovision, because I fear this one will drown in the big ESC sea in May. Nothing really bad in it, but it feels more like a filler track on an album than the real standout hit. So I’m a bit worried about its chances. (6/12) for now. Good luck!

  23. They should have made it more country and less pop. As now it’s just mediocre pop with country flavours. Composition’s imitation of 70’s feel good pop is actually feel bored pop.

  24. Douwe Bob has a few songs I really like and a lot of songs that I think are only okay. I feared that his eurovision song would belong to the last category and I hate being right about that. “Slow Down” is not bad, but I wanted something edgier. I am rather surprised by the reactions on the various boards that are quite positive. Didn’t expect that.

  25. Not as good as CAtS (the comparison is inevitable methinks), still easily in my top 10.
    Good luck!

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