Israel: Hovi Star to Stockholm!

Hovi Star smIsrael – In a nail biting finish, after several weeks of inexplicable heats and votes, Israel’s Rising Star contest was tonight won by Hovi Star who will now represent the country in Stockholm in May.  Star will sing ‘Made Of Stars‘ written by Doron Medalie. 

Star beat off a challenge from Nofar Salman singing the same song in the suer final with Ella Daniel singing ‘Somebody Out There‘ in 3rd place.


Duel 1:

  • Ella Daniel – ‘Happy’ (68%)
  • Hovi Star – ‘Stay with me’ (79%)

Duel 2:

  • Gil Hadash – ‘Show must go on’ (49%)
  • Nofar Salman – ‘Mangina’ (76%)

The jury decided to put Ella in the final as a wildcard.



  • Hovi Star – ‘Made of stars’ (69%)
  • Nofar Salman – ‘Made of stars’ (67%)
  • Ella Daniel – ‘Somebody out there’ (58%)

Here’s the winning song…

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92 comments on “Israel: Hovi Star to Stockholm!

  1. Yet, I agree with some comments: the song is not very good… ;-(

  2. A surprisingly decent choice from Israel! Definitely in my top 5 so far.

  3. It was my least favourite among the three songs on offer. Not bad at all though.

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