Israel: Final Tonight!

IsraelIsrael – The Rising Star final will be taking place in Israel tonight and the winner of the singing contest will win the right to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2016. You’ll be able to watch the final live tonight HERE from 20.00(CET). 

The four acts in the final are:

Ella Daniel “Somebody Out There”

Gil Hadash “Follow The Sun”

Hovi Star “Made of Stars”

Nofar Salman “Made of Stars”

There will likely be two duels with the winners going in to a head-to-head super final.

Eurovision Times readers have been voting this week in a poll to say who they want to win, and the leader is Ella Daniel.

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96 comments on “Israel: Final Tonight!

  1. OMG I never ever thought before the show that he’d win! I’m really happy! The song isn’t very good but I really like Hovi! Nofar blew it… imo she tried too hard, she sounded in pain, and she looked utterly miserable the whole show.

  2. Nofar’s awful styling had a role in this result
    Sequined black blouse,satin pants and white sneakers???? Seriously,what world is she from?? 😂

    • I don’t think her styling has anything to do with it.In every esc poll Hovi was 3rd or 4th.Nofar and Ella had triple youtube views compared to him.I feel without any real evidence tbh-that there’s an audience in Israel that usually favors the most gay friendly acts.

    • She looked unready for a big stage to me. Her styling was completely misjudged, she looked childlike and her demeanour throughout the whole night looked like it lacked any maturity or passion. I think Hovi had more likability factor with the viewers and looked like he was enjoying himself and wanted it more.

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