Armenia: Mixed Reactions to LoveWave

Iveta MukuchyanArmenia – After yesterday’s reveal of Iveta Mukuchyan‘s song ‘LoveWave’, there have been mixed reactions from Eurovision fans. Comments have ranged from   “Armenia is sooooo spellbinding *-*” and “Armenia SLAYING Eurovision this year!” to “An odd one from Armenia. Trying to be big & brash, it doesn’t really connect.” and “Heard Armenia’s song. Tuneless boring mess.”

What do you think?


41 comments on “Armenia: Mixed Reactions to LoveWave

  1. Well ,I have been waiting for a winning entry from Armenia this year but unfortunately “LoveWave” doesn’t give me those winning vibes ! The first 32 secs are breathtaking but then the song becomes boring! I do like the ethic elements , i hate her bad diction though… It’s not a bad song but the whole package leaves me cold ..
    A sure qualfier and somewhere between 8-14 in the final imo…

  2. Had there been a “best video” poll,I’d have definitely voted for Lovewave…The song starts very promosing and it gives you a “cool” wibe then you go cold and think “is it all because of the video?”Probably it is…because you finally notice there is no melody to remember or lyrics to mumble (couldn’t understand most of what she is saying )

    I am really curious to find out how it will be staged because It will be quite challenging

    Still it is a better effort than last year’s fake band/song!

    Good Luck Armenia

  3. It starts so well and then – at 32 sec. out of nowhere, a colossal spaceship hoovers over Yerevan with thunder bolt and lightning, freezes all good people of the city with ”lovewave” and abducts and takes over beautiful Iveta and handsome boys. No wonder they totally loose the plot.
    This tops currently my list on two categories: Most pretentious entry of the year and Most pretentious video of the year. But hey this is stuff that makes ESC ESC.

    • Well then, they can cut it down to 32 seconds and win the whole thing!

      I am not surprised that there are people in forums claiming this is “spellbinding” blah blah blah. We have been there, heard that for all the armenian and azeri entries over the years. They always have their vocal supporters but you can’t hide how bad this is. For starters, the audio mix is very bad (it sounds like she is singing from inside a cave) so you have to struggle to hear what she says. Plus I am sure they have first built an elaborate show and then wrote a song to suit the show, not the other way around. In the end it’s just a (not very good) Anastacia song with some bagpipes and a lot of grating oooh-ooh-ooohs thrown in (perhaps not as grating as her super-model poses throughout the video). After Aram MP3, another ill-judged attempt by Armenia to sound edgy and cool. I really miss the days when they were only interested in sounding armenian…

      Anyway, this is my top-23 so far and she loses extra points for being pretentious:

      #1 Ukraine
      #2 Austria
      #3 Hungary
      #4 France
      #5 Switzerland
      #6 Slovenia
      #7 Latvia
      #8 Iceland
      #9 Spain
      #10 Cyprus
      #11 Finland
      #12 Malta
      >>>#13 Armenia
      #14 Denmark
      #15 Norway
      #16 Germany
      #17 Ireland
      #18 Moldova
      #19 Belgium
      #20 Bosnia Herzegovina
      #21 UK
      #22 Georgia
      #23 Belarus

  4. I agree on the 32 seconds issue.

    Good luck!

  5. What I miss in the Armenian entries lately is lightness. It is all so heavy and serious.

  6. What a strange little thing this is!

    It promises so much, starting off theatrical with the camp voiceover, has the most ridiculous, OTT hoover noise, reminiscent of some early 90s techno, building up into… a surprisingly restrained and timid piece of music that never quite gets going as much as the poor singer thinks it does.

    On one hand, I think it’s quite brave and clever to steer our expectations one way and then trick us with something quite different. On the other hand, in ESC, if you’re claiming to have a massive banger on your hands then you’d better deliver a massive banger. The voters won’t take kindly to being misled!

    To some extent, I think Norway’s entry (Icebreaker) tries a similar trick, building up the verse to suggest one kind of chorus and then delivering a chorus that’s unexpected and a bit disorientating.

  7. Maybe this song is bland and it isn’t as modern, outstanding and with character like enteries chosen so so far ….but you know what :P ?? I quite liked it . After 2nd listening worked on me and I think that with good live performence and wise stage show it may easly win this year’s edition! Also it may fail biggest time (due to the absence of above mentioned detail during the live performence). Now it’s Iva’s turn to prove that she wasn’t chosen absentmindedly! And once again I’m satisfied with Iva’s choice of the song!

  8. I don’t understand the negative reactions, the song is great and I think it will do really well

    • Same here…
      It isn’t great but Ukraine isn’t either (those lyrics). It does stand out in a field of predictable MOR entries!

  9. I am in the crowd that feels perplexed as to what this actually is. 32 seconds = great, atmospheric. And after that I cant remember a single thing about the song no matter how many times I listen to it. It’s..there. I just feel there were ideas here that were not developed quite well and the final product ended up being mostly a luckluster effort to impress. I am not sure how it will fare in esc tbh.

  10. I’ve just listened to the Armenian entry again a couple of times. It’s a bit grandiose, yes, but it could score well if Iveta nails it live, therein lies the unknown. The song is quite different from the remaining stuff on offer, but if there ever was a song with so much riding on its live rendition, this is it. Good luck, Iveta!

  11. And today it was the premiere of a comedy “Run Away Or Get Married” where Iveta made a debute as actress. I missed it.

  12. It’s the worst Armenian entry ever. Even the Lonely Planet man was better than this.

    Am so disappointed still on the bright side, at least the Azeris and Turks on Wiwi won’t be accusing me of being an Armenian undercover this year.

  13. After a few more runthroughs I can’t give this anything more than a 6.2/10 and 20th place on my list at this point I am afraid. It’s a convoluted mess for most parts.

    Good luck !

  14. It’s growing on me.

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