Israel: Songs Revealed! Who Should Win?

IsraelIsrael – Today IBA have released the four songs that will be competing for the right to represent Israel in Stockholm for Eurovision 2016. The four finalists are competing in the 2016 edition of Rising Star. The winner will be following Nadav Guedj who qualified for Israel in 2015

The four songs can be heard below… Hovi and Nofar Salman will be singing the same song but the two are very different in arrangement.

Ella Daniel “Somebody Out There”

Gil Hadash “Follow The Sun”

Hovi Star “Made of Stars”

Nofar Salman “Made of Stars”

The Rising Star final will be taking place on March 3rd which is this Thursday. The winner will be flying the Israeli Flag in Stockholm. Which is best? Vote below

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

56 comments on “Israel: Songs Revealed! Who Should Win?

  1. On Israel – songs 1 and 4 are the ones who pleased me the most. The former is radio-friendly stuff, a bit anonymous, but it has nice elements, such as the orchestration. The latter makes yet another anonymous song sound much better, I like the amosphere created very much. Waiting for those pivotal live performances. Good luck to all hopefuls.

    P.S. – voted for Nofar Salman.

  2. Stuck between Ella and Nofar

    I like Ella’s more upbeat and modern song but like Nofar’s traditional take on the song that she shares with Hovi

    I prefer when songs sound like the singer is from the country they represent but Nofar’s is too ballady…

    I’ve gone with Ella because she has most chance of qualifying out of the four

  3. Ella’s song reminds me the last year Slovenian song and Nofar’s song a previous Israelian ESC song ( 2002 – Light a candle ). The other two are a bit blind songs, so i choose Nofar’s song :)

  4. My preferences!

    Voted for Nofar

  5. Love singing style of Nofar but singing her song in English is a huge mistake…I wish there had been a Hebrew version of it
    My vote goes to Ella ❤️

  6. Nofar is by far my favourite this year, Gil not too far off either. Even though Hovi has the same song, Nofar executes it much better imo.

  7. Ella!It’s a mainstream pop song that’s well-crafted and Ella lifts even more with her voice.That said,i believe Nofar will win but her song is an Indila reject and she definitely doesn’t have Ella’s stage charisma.

  8. Ella or Nofar !!!

  9. Gil Hadash. It would sound lovely in Hebrew <3
    I blame the juries and EBU for killing diversity…I mean the moment the EBU implements the "commercial-chart" criterion, even traditional countries switch to English…

    • Agreed (and totally agreed!)
      Gil’s song has a bit more bite to it than the other songs. And while Nofar’s entry actually sounds like it could pick Israel out on a map, the lyrics feel like they’re just: “Made of Stars (repeat until fade)” and that is something that annoys me on so many levels.

    • Wise words. We are heading towards a mainstreamed contest. :(

    • So true indeed … *sigh*

    • Just checked your 2016 list. Georgia, Ireland, Norway and Hungary seem to be our biggest disagreements so far ;)

      • It’s just a preliminary list based mostly on first impression of song and performance (if available).
        F.e : Ireland is up because I instantly liked it but now after several listenings it should be down and Hungary is up because I find the stage presentation very professional while there are songs I enjoy a lot more than Pioneer (f.e Italy).
        Georgia gets a 6/10 mostly for diversity reasons. Song goes nowhere and it was only my 3rd fave in their NF behind WeAgree and Pain in my heart.
        One thing is for sure though :
        Ukraine has the best song AND performance so far ! I decided to ignore any issues I had with lyrics same way I did with Ukraine 2010.

        • “I decided to ignore any issues I had with lyrics”

          Same here.

          • Let’s hope more quality songs come from internal selections (Armenia, Azerbaijan, FYROM, Croatia, Australia) plus from Estonia <3
            And what about Greece? :P

            • Estonia and FYR Macedonia definately. I’d add Serbia too. As for Greece, I brace myself for the worst although I try to be optimistic at the same time. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised after all. Any news on the date of release?

            • Of course Serbia too ! Also Netherlands and San Marino could add something interesting in this year’s line up. Something that doesn’t sound too commercialized or radio friendly as 90% of songs this year. Maybe something acoustic from Netherlands and a mediterranean tango from San Marino :P
              As for Greece, early March is the announced “date” :p
              PS : FdlC 12 is getting closer :)

  10. I’m crying!!! :'(

    Nofar Selman brought the tear to my eye!


    Please Israel!

  11. Either Ella or Gil. Haven’t decided yet.

    Out of the countries yet to choose their entry my hopes are mainly on Estonia and Serbia. Unless Greece comes up with sth really wow which is not very likely if you ask me.

  12. They all lean towards bland jury-friendly stuff. My vote went to Gil, whose song has a bit of edge at least.

  13. I changed my mind.Gil’s song sounds a lot better the second time i listened to it. :P
    Of course the chorus reminds me of ‘I’m alive” by Sia so much!

  14. This line-up is a pleasant surprise for me, I actually like 3 of the 4 entries!
    …and then the one that I dislike seems to be by far the most popular. Maybe esc is just not for me anymore lol

  15. well a big bunch of meh songs, all bland and radio friendly, I definitely HATED Nofar’s take on he song, and Hovi is very… beige? Ella seems to have the most personality in her voice, but the song is uninteresting. So I guess I’m voting for Gil by default.

  16. Voted for Gil.

    I wish Ella were singing a ballad, to really take advantage of inevitable comparisons to her Adele-esque voice.

    I wish Nofar were singing in Hebrew, as it suits the arrangement better.

    I wish Hovi would go away.

  17. Rumor has it in Australia…(entrant, not song)

  18. I like all 4! but think the last 2 are weaker and wouldn’t do so well in ESC, I like Hovi personally, he’s more interesting, but Nofar did the better arrangement, love the slightly ethnic feel. Think overall I’ll vote Gil though

  19. Off topic: Serbia reveals on March 10th. Apparently it’s between ZAA singer Sanja Vučić (most likely), the Frajle or Luka Blek.

  20. “Follow The Sun” for me. Gil looks fun too. The rest all bore me.

    Hovi looks like the lead single of The Irrepressibles in that press shot, LOL.

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