Poll: Who Should Represent Latvia?

LatviaLatvia – Tonight Supernova concludes and the Latvia Song will be chosen by the public watching at home. Only four acts inhabit this final so the choice is an easy one. Justs are the favourites coming into the final but Latvia have been known to shock at times but who do you want to see?

The four finalists are below and the songs can be viewed by clicking the links below…

Catalepsia – ‘Damnation
Justs – ‘Heartbeat
Marta Ritova – ‘Not from this world
MyRadiantU – ‘We will be stars

You can vote in our poll below and watch the show tonight (See details here)

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155 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Latvia?

  1. Aminata <3
    I still listen to Inner Voice regularly, I hope Fighter means there's a new CD due as well?

  2. Love the song and love Aminata’s voice, but WHAT is she wearing?!

  3. Ah, so that’s why Beaver was making snowflakes earlier :D

  4. lol!Riga beaver became Frozen Queen Elsa.

  5. Beaver with a princess crown singing out of tune…

  6. This is cute. If surreal. Hee.

  7. It’s not fair – Latvia puts a man in a furry suit and creates comedy gold, we get stuck with Scott Mills :( :D

  8. Catching up on the performances:
    1. Justs-Clear winner
    2. MyRadiantU-I am surprised how much I like this but I find something special about it and glad juries have been saving it lol
    3.Catalepsia-I like it and it would be something different for ESC 2016 but the singer’s voice doesn’t really fit with the song imo.
    4.Marta Ritova-Decent

    Overall, decent line-up!!

  9. Justs won a 2000 E prize by DELFI?For what?

  10. 4th Marta Ritova
    3rd MyRadiantU

  11. Justs won!

  12. 2nd Catalepsia
    1st Justs

  13. Pheww that was a scare ! Congrats Justs !

  14. My stream died right before the announcement, LOL.

    But thank god.

  15. I really hope they work hard on the staging. It can do really well in Stockholm but I feel Justs needs a bit more stage presence to really kill it. Right now his moves come off as trying a bit too hard.

  16. and Latvia just jumped to third on the betting odds to win! I can imagine the slogan being something like ‘Join the Beaver’

  17. €7000 in novelty cheques and a free trip to Sweden, not too bad for 3 minute’s work :)

    Happy that Justs won, it’s a better chance at a good result than Catalepsia, even though I like Catalepsia more.

  18. Hm. It will a difficult one to review, I think…

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