Poll: The Halfway Mark… Which is Best?

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – We are now just at the half way point or roundabouts and we’re getting an idea of how Eurovsion 2016 is going to look like by May. Twenty Songs have been chosen this far and in the next week a load of internally selected entries will be announced but which is your favourite so far

The Twenty selected songs are listed below and you can hear the performances in the links…

Albania Eneda Tarifa “Fairytale” (The English Version of the song yet to be made public)
Austria Zoe “Loin d’ici”
Belarus Ivan “Help You Fly”
Belgium Laura Tesoro “What’s The Pressure”
Bosnia & Herzigovina Dalal and Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala “Ljubav Je”
Cyprus Minus One “Alter Ego”
Denmark Lighthouse X ” Soldiers Of Love”
Finland Sandhja “Sing it Away”
Georgia Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz “Midnight Gold”
Germany Jamie-Lee Kriewitz “Ghost”
Hungary Freddie “Pioneer”
Iceland Greta Salóme “Hear Them Calling”
Ireland Nicky Byrne “Sunlight”
Moldova Lidia Isac “Falling Stars”
Norway Agnete “Icebreaker”
Slovenia ManuElla “Blue & Red”
Spain Barei “Say Yay!”
Switzerland Rykka “The Last of Our Kind”
Ukraine Jamala “1944”
United Kingdom Joe & Jake “You’re Not Alone”

I have not included Italy and Malta into this as the songs they are sending are as yet unknown. Malta’s Ira Losco won the National Selection with “Chameleon” but the song is very likely to be changed. Italy’s Francesca Michielin won San Remo with “Nessun Grado di Separazione” but this song has not been confirmed as the Italian Entry. Nether songs appear on the Official Eurovision Website.

You can choose your Top 3 songs by selecting them in the link below:

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

41 comments on “Poll: The Halfway Mark… Which is Best?

  1. I think my Top 10 would be…

    1 Ukraine
    2 Georgia
    3 Belgium
    4 Ireland
    5 Bosnia & Herzegovina
    6 Cyprus
    7 United Kingdom
    8 Finland
    9 Iceland
    10 Norway

    Spain, Austria and Germany would probably be at the very bottom as I hate all of them.

    Everyone else are either okay or Meh!

    Looking forward to hearing Greece, Bulgaria and Australia and Estonia could possibly make my Top 10 depending on who they choose

  2. Georgia, hands down.
    A rather underwhelming (euphemism) edition. I hope that the countries left to choose will save the whole thing.

  3. This is a no-brainer: Ukraine.

  4. The edition is getting better although 3 out of 5 last night’s choices were not that good. Hungary and Norway saved the day mostly.
    Other than that Ukraine and Switzerland are a league on their own but a field of good entries has started to form below them (Hungary, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Norway, Denmark). There is a large mid-field of so-so entries then and only 1 entry (Belarus) below 5/10 which is good imo.
    Lists are getting too big at this point but I will post my Top 21, seems like an appropriate post to do so :

    1. Ukraine – 9.6/10
    2. Switzerland – 9.0/10
    3. Hungary – 8.4/10
    4. Austria – 8.2/10
    5. Germany – 8.1/10
    6. Cyprus – 8.0/10
    7. Norway – 8.0/10
    8. Denmark – 7.9/10
    9. Iceland – 7.7/10
    10. Spain – 7.5/10
    11. Ireland – 7.3/10
    12. Malta – 7.2/10
    13. Albania – 7.0/10
    14. Finland – 6.9/10
    15. Bosnia & Herzegovina – 6.5/10
    16. Slovenia – 6.3/10
    17. Georgia – 6.3/10
    18. United Kingdom – 6.2/10
    19. Belgium – 6.0/10
    20. Moldova – 5.8/10
    21. Belarus – 4.1/10

    My hopes now lie with : Estonia (“Play”), Sweden (“Youniverse”, “Human”), The Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Australia, Latvia and Serbia mainly.

  5. I don’t do rankings before the complete line up. At the moment Ukraine, Cyprus and Italy are my personal best. Ukraine got my vote in this poll.

  6. I voted for Ukraine,Iceland and Hungary!Germany and Norway conclude my top-5.

  7. 1.Ukraine 10/10
    2.Hungary 8/10
    3.Iceland 8/10
    (Italy 8/10)
    4.Germany 8/10
    5.Norway 7/10
    6.Ireland 7/10
    7.Belgium 7/10
    8.Spain 7/10
    9.Cyprus 6/10
    10.Georgia 6/10
    Just missing : Austria>Albania>Finland>Slovenia>Denmark (6/10)
    I am not a fan of UK, BiH, Malta, Belarus, Switzerland and Moldova (5/10 and below)

  8. My top 10 so far:

    1. Ukraine
    2. Iceland
    3. Norway
    4. Hungary
    5. Italy
    6. Bosnia & Herzegovina
    7. Switzerland
    8. Austria
    9. Spain
    10. Georgia

    Albania just missing out.

    The rest is just… ugh.

  9. Didn’t include Albania, waiting for the English version, because who knows how that’s gonna go.

    Rankings are mostly based on first impressions, and of course will switch around pending multiple listens and potential improvements (or, well… the other way around).

    1. Ukraine – Lovely. Was a bit skeptical after the opening lyrics, but really hits its stride as the song goes on.
    2. Germany – Current sound, good vocal, somewhat dodgy staging.
    3. Cyprus – Great song, lots of energy, but still gotta see this live.
    4. Belgium – Great energy, fun song, and it’s a genre I enjoy.
    5. Bosnia and Herzegovina – Gets points for standing on in a sea of… whatever genre every other song is. Nicely sung, but I’m ehhhh on the rap bit.
    6. Hungary – Has the potential to do really well. Catchy, will probably grow on me upon multiple listens.
    7. Georgia – Nice song for its genre, also gets points for being different, but wary as the song doesn’t actually go anywhere. Curious to see staging.
    8. Spain – Fun song, and I enjoy the recording, but in the video linked above, she’s a bit too shouty. Also, what’s up with the Malta 2012 dance moves?
    9. Iceland – Not a bad song, staging is quite derivative of Sweden’s last two winners, but in a way that it’s the logical progression of those two. Could grow on me.
    10. Ireland – I liked the recorded version, but both live versions I’ve seen were pretty weak. If that’s how it’ll be staged in Eurovision, then meh.
    11. Slovenia – Sounds like a rejected Taylor Swift song (including her styling). Unnecessary costume change, but given the title, shouldn’t her first outfit have been blue?
    12. Austria – The song is okay, catchy, but the staging is just too… twee.
    13. Finland – The song is okay but I’ve already forgotten it, and her facial expressions are scary.
    14. Denmark – It’s pleasant, and the lyrics are quite… childish, but competently sung, and it’s a catchy earworm.
    15. United Kingdom – Same comments as Denmark, but not as competently performed, and less earworm-y.
    16. Norway – The verses make up a nice song. The chorus makes for a nice song. Separate, they’re contenders. Together… it just doesn’t really work for me. Too jarring of a switch.
    17. Switzerland – It’s…. eh. Pleasant, in a dull, non-memorable way.
    18. Belarus – The singing just isn’t that good. And the song is… okay, I guess.
    19. Moldova – The singing is even worse than Belarus, and the song is even more dull than Switzerland.

  10. voted for ukraine…

    Btw only in ET i can find those like Georgia entry at at least top 10. Every top 22 videos I watch on YT always opened by Georgia snippet whip placed last. I myself put it on my top 5 currently.

    I think Iceland is a bit overrated

  11. Georgia and Ukraine are the only ones I really like, and expect Justs to top my list tonight!

  12. German NF vote totals were released. In the first round:
    1. Jamie-Lee Kriewitz
    2. Avantasia
    3. Alex Diehl
    4. Laura Pinski O_O
    5. Gregorian O_O
    6. Luxuslärm
    7. Ella Endlich
    8. Keøma
    9. Joco
    10. Woods of Birnam

    So my Top 3 for the night were Germany’s Bottom 3. Grr. I mean… not unexpected, but it’s annoying to see. Also, not surprising that the five songs with the best staging got the highest votes.

    Less than 600 votes separated Avantasia and Alex Diehl in Round 1. But even then Jamie-Lee was already almost 100,000 votes clear of both. Avantasia and Diehl were about 40,000 clear of Pinski.

  13. (Not including Justs)

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    United Kingdom

  14. 1.Ukraine
    5.Bosnia & Herzegovina

    Not including Italy, Albania or Malta yet. Switzerland and Hungary just missed out.
    Expecting/hoping my top 10 to change drastically next week.

  15. UK jumped to 3rd place LOL. Ts ts.

  16. LOL Spain is the new leader..

  17. I can’t make a top 10 from this😩



    What a terrible year…

  18. Brand new trolling. Cyprus bound!

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