Latvia: Supernova Concludes Tonight!

LatviaLatvia – Latvia will select its representative tonight as Supernova 2016 comes to its conclusion with the national final in Riga. You can watch from 20:25 (CET) on Eurovision.tv or LTV 1. It is expected to finish at  22:40 (CET). Four finalists remain in the running and will be decided by 100% public vote. 

The 4 finalists are:

Justs tweeted that voting will be available worldwide tonight HERE.

The Supernova final will be presented by Ketija Šēnberga and Toms Grēviņš supported by the Riga Beaver). Guest acts tonight will include Intars Busulis (2009) and Aminata (2015), and Bandmaster. Aminata will perform her new single ‘Fighter‘.


11 comments on “Latvia: Supernova Concludes Tonight!

  1. Justs, Justs, Justs ….please 😎

  2. Catelepsia, for their band name and only :P

  3. I love Catalepsia, I hope Justs win, and based off how well the last few finals have gone, I fully expect My RadiantU to win instead.

  4. I feel tired after yesterday’s marathon. I may skip this one, because we know who will win.

  5. Since I missed everything last night I may as well follow this one despite the fact that there is little interest as to who is going to win. Justs will win by a landslide but let’s wait for the official confirmation tonight anyways !

    Good luck !

  6. Well, I will go against the flow this time :P
    Marta Ritova FTW !
    But I guess Justs will win and it will be well deserved. I still can’t fully warm up to his song though :(

  7. “Ammonite”? :-P

  8. Latvia managed to come up with a nice enough final out of their weak line-up.Justs will of course win but i want to also mention another song i really like MyRadiantU – ‘We will be stars‘.

  9. I have changed my mind. Catalepsia to Stockholm.

  10. Justs is better version of Freddie in all respects, IMO.

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