United Kingdom: Joe & Jake for Eurovision

joe & jakeUnited Kingdom – Hosted by Mel Giedroyc, last night saw the BBC host Eurovision: You Decide where the British public could vote on the act they wanted to represent them in Stockholm. Six acts competed by Joe & Jake were the winners with their song “You’re Not Alone”

The acts sung in front of a live audience as well as a panel of three music and production experts who were on hand to give feedback. The panel were 1982 representative Carrie Grant, 1997 representative Katrina and choreographer Jay Revell.
You can watch the six performances by clicking the links below…

Dulcima “When You Go”
Matthew James “A Better Man”
Darline “Until Tomorrow”
Karl William Lund “Miracle”
Bianca “Shine A Little Light”
Joe and Jake “You’re Not Alone”

Guest acts to perform on the night were 2015 winner Mans Zelmerlow and of course, the UKs last winner Katrina sang “Love Shine Alight”

Do you think the UK could finish well this year or are they in the bottom five again?

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20 comments on “United Kingdom: Joe & Jake for Eurovision

  1. I watched the whole thing on iPlayer when I got back from work, although I already knew the result by then, and thought they did a good performace and it could be half decent by Stockholm. I personally quite like the song and will be happy not to be embarrassed to be British after the last few years of not really feeling able to support our entries like I should. J&J look like nice lads and will bring some fun to Stockholm. We may get more points than last year if we get the staging right.

  2. If they give the song a thorough overhaul, hire a competent vocal coach and come up with a tasteful yet memorable staging, this might come 15th. As it is now, I see it in the bottom 5. What worries me most is that I haven’t read a single “I like it comment” on PB f. e.

    Good luck

  3. This is just bad.It’s last place on my list atm.The UK had 2 ok songs that could have avoided bottom 5 in Stockholm Bianca and Darline but they went for this.I wonder how many people actually voted.

  4. Karl William should have won and probably would have if he wasn’t dressed like a 50 year old business man

    I can’t be surprised these won as they were on last, we only had 15 minutes to vote and teenage girls probably voted for free on the BBC website

  5. Good vocals, harmless song. It needs to grow. Wish them the best. Good luck!

  6. Not a fan. At least they are fresh enough for such a song unlike the Danes representatives…
    5/10 and my #14 out of 17.
    For full scores check my profile

  7. #11 on my list for the moment.
    Good luck!

  8. It’s… pleasant. Nothing groundbreaking, it’s catchy enough, and… it’s not actually terrible, unlike some recent UK entries. Here’s hoping they get a decent staging, at least, as well as some more practice on the stage so they’re more comfortable… it was painful watching some of their choreographed and stiff “get the crowd on their feet” moves.

  9. Another bad choice, I watched, I voted and as gobsmacked with the result. It should not have made the top 6.Bad,Bad,Bad,Bad,Bad,Bad,Bad,Bad,Bad,etc,etc,etc.Actually I was angry with the result.

  10. Dulcima:
    Another live disappointment. While it was by no stretch of the imagination a great song, it was easily the best song of the selection, and the vocal pairing is terrible. And I don’t know that I like her voice, in general. Of course, since it was the best song in the selection, I’m sure it got last place, although that performance may make it deserving…

  11. Matthew James:
    Ouch. I change my mind about Dulcima maybe deserving last place after their live. This live performance is terrible. Matthew can’t hold a note nor can he find a note. I’m feeling secondhand embarrassment for him.

  12. Darline:
    Nashville wannabe Brit popsters trying to feign the “country music” accent. This is the best live so far, but that’s not saying much, and I’m sorry to say that I still don’t care for it. So meh.

  13. Karl William Lund:
    He’s got the best live so far (again), but this has to be the worst song yet. I’m going to making my voice sound like its sauntering down a short flight of stairs and fail at hitting the big notes. At this point, it clearly looks like the BBC decided to put so much effort in this nf.

  14. Bianca:
    What’s this? A good live performance in this show? How? The song is that same level of pleasant MoR that Jamie Lee is in Germany, but Bianca has more charisma and a better voice. Anyway, this should have no doubt one (though I haven’t heard Joe & Jake yet, I can take a guess).

  15. Joe & Jake:
    It’s not terrible, but it’s just sugary pop music with no hook or way to generate interest. The boys aren’t cute enough to get votes at the big event. The song isn’t good enough to get votes at the big event. There’s no gimmick to get attention at the big event. They aren’t charismatic enough to get votes at the big event. Nothing stands out.

  16. Bianca’s Shine A Little Light was the only song here I liked. Not a winner, but a solid song with a moody verse (love the quirky Grace Jones-esque reggae stylings) and uplifting chorus, performed confidently on Friday night, and I would have been happy to get behind it for the UK.

    All the other songs ranged from bland to awful, including Joe & Jake. What a wasted opportunity. Very disappointed.

    The UK people clearly cannot be trusted to choose wisely on important European issues!

  17. My favorite this year
    good luck UK

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