Slovenia: ManuElla to Stockholm!

EMA SloveniaSlovenia – RTVSLO, the Slovenian broadcaster, hosted tonight Evrovizijska Melodija 2016, its national final for Eurovision. 10 songs took part and ManuElla won with Blue And Red! Check out the full results!

There were 10 songs participating in Ljubjana. Tonight’s show was hosted by Klemen Slakonja who did comedic performances, with changed lyrics, of the last two Eurovision winners.

This was tonight’s line-up and draw:

  1. Anja BašWhat If
  2. Žan SerčičSummer Story
  3. Anja KotarToo Cool
  4. San Di EGOBrez Tebe
  5. D Base Spet živ
  6. ReginaAlive In Every Way
  7. ManuEllaBlue And Red
  8. Raiven – Črno bel
  9. Nuša DerendaTip Top
  10. Sebastian LukovnjakTales Of Tomorrow

In the first round, the juries picked their top 2 for a superfinal:

  • ManuEllaBlue And Red
  • Raiven – Črno bel

Then 100% televote decided the ultimate winner. It was an extremely tight result, with only 127 votes separating the two entries and ManuElla came first!

What do you think of this new Eurovision 2016 entry? What are its chances in Stockholm?

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66 comments on “Slovenia: ManuElla to Stockholm!

  1. D Base:
    I had to make my case to Nick as to why this was a terrible group name, but I convinced him. This is a weird mix of hip hop and boy band, and I don’t know how to take this. This is one of the few times that vocals were good on the boy band part, and the rap wasn’t bad, so overall, it was okay.

  2. Regina:
    I’ve always loved Regina’s voice, and I appreciate that she doesn’t look like a clover field on fire this time. On the other hand, as they start to build into the chorus, it sounds like another song is starting in the background of the first song, and it distracts me. Also, I don’t like the dance elements in this. The drop is weak and unnecessary. The camera effect for the dress change was stupid, and Regina looks so out of place on stage.

  3. ManuElla:
    Why all the hate for this? I understand why nobody is really loving this, but it’s a solid MoR country pop entry with nice enough vocals and a charismatic performer. Yeah, the dress change was unnecessary, but it didn’t really harm anything, and I just don’t hate it. I won’t vote for it, but it’s better than at least half the entries chosen so far.

  4. Raiven:
    This is all-around pleasant, but where this fails is that Raiven fails to make her spectacular moments spectacular, and rather, it goes along at about the same pace from start to finish. Everything comes off great, but it doesn’t have the depth to go far.

  5. Nuša Derenda:
    When did they decide to let Nuša be a host of MF? Seriously, though, this is the kind of silly stage show that a MF would create as an interval during voting.

  6. Sebastijan Lukovnjak:
    I feel like the song would be good with a different singer and the singer would be good with a different song. Yeah, one of those pairings.

  7. This is okay. Not great for sure but not a bad effort really and at least it’s lively. Good luck Slovenia.

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