Poll: Who Should Represent Slovenia?

sloveniaSlovenia – Tonight is the Slovenian National Selection Show EMA which will be presented by Klemen Slakonja. Ten acts will be competing and one will win the right to perform in Stockholm but who would you like to see win? Vote in our poll my reading on

The ten finalists are as follows but unfortunately full versions of the songs have not been released. You can see snippets of the songs in the video below:

Anja Baš “What If”
Žan Serčič “Summer Story”
Anja Kotar  “Too Cool”
San Di Ego Band “Brez Tebe”
D Base “Spet Živ”
Regina “Alive In Every Way”
ManuElla “Blue And Red”
Raiven “Črno Bel”
Nuša Derenda “Tip Top”
Sebastijan Lukovnjak “Tales Of Tomorrow”

Slovenia had a fan favourite last year when they were represented by Maraaya with their song “Here For You” so the 2016 act has big shoes to fill. Do any pique your interest?

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9 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Slovenia?

  1. Can’t vote, because I do not know the songs. I’ll try to vote later today is the poll is still open and before the final results are known.

  2. I voted for Sebastijan Lukovnjak “Tales Of Tomorrow”.I remember not being impressed by Žan Serčič’s “Summer Story” full song which was my initial favorite.
    I also quite like
    Anja Kotar “Too Cool”
    Raiven “Črno Bel”

  3. How should I know?
    I’ve only listened to 4 songs out of 10 in full version.

  4. On Slovenia three are my favourites ! Hope one of them wins :
    Anja Kotar – Too Cool
    Raiven – Črno bel (got my vote)
    Sebastian Lukovnjak – Tales Of Tomorrow

  5. Snippets video is a great idea…
    I haven’t listened to full songs but I think Sebastian and Raven have more chance here

  6. Those snippets aren’t much to judge on but my vote went to Raiven.

  7. Raiven seems like she has the only good song in here. I’ve heard from Slovenians that she’ll likely win too so that makes me happy. I’m annoyed the didn’t release the full versions prior to the show this year.

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