Norway: Agnete to Stockholm!

logoNorway – NRK, the Norwegian broadcaster, hosted tonight this year’s Melodi Grand Prix 2016, its national final for Eurovision. Ten finalists fought for the right to represent the country in the Eurovision 2016 and Agnete won with Icebreaker! Check out the full results!There were 10 songs participating in Oslo. Tonight’s show was hosted by Silje “SiLyA” Nymoen and Kåre Magnus Bergh.

This was tonight’s line-up and draw:

  1. The Hungry Hearts feat. Lisa Dillan – Laika 
  2. Stage Dolls – Into The Fire
  3. Stine Hole Ulla – Traces
  4. Makeda – Stand Up
  5. Pegasus – Anyway
  6. Freddy Kalas – Feel Da Rush
  7. Laila Samuels – Afterglow
  8. Elouiz – History
  9. Suite 16Anna Lee
  10. Agnete Johnsen – Icebreaker

There was, as tradition by now, two rounds of voting, with the first one selecting the top 4. Tonight decision were 100% televote. The top 4 announced was:


  • Laila Samuels – Afterglow
  • Suite 16Anna Lee
  • Agnete Johnsen – Icebreaker
  • Freddy Kalas – Feel Da Rush


Then, in the “Gold Final” as it’s called in Norway, members of the public read the results for the five regions. Almost all regions had the same ranking of the four songs (except one that switched Laila and Suite 16 for 3rd and 4th): Laila came 4th, Suite 16 came 3rd and Freddy came 2nd. Agnete won with a landslide!

What do you think of this new Eurovision 2016 entry? What are its chances in Stockholm?

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65 comments on “Norway: Agnete to Stockholm!

  1. The most enraging in this final is that Freddy came 2nd (!) ! For god’s sake Norway !

    Anyway I have to say that I am not satisfied with the live performances of neither “Icebreaker” nor “Afterglow”. The live exposed the disjointed nature of “Icebreaker” and the poor stage presence of Laila that does not flatter a song like “Afterglow”.

    After the live I have to downgrade “Icebreaker” a bit compared to the studio version and give it an 8.0/10 – below Cyprus and above Denmark and 6th place on my list. With improvement it can reach an 8.5+/10

    Good luck !

  2. Finally going to go through Norway.

    The Hungry Hearts ft. Lisa Dillan:

    This is one of the most glorious things I’ve seen this season. What a wonderful way to present an already great song. The fact that Lisa is the only one that can sing is fine because the others just chant throughout the song, and since they know they can’t sing, they make themselves entertainers, rather than singers. The colors and outfits work, and this could’ve been my love. This could’ve been my life.

  3. Stage Dolls:

    Never have I seen a song or performance that screamed “filler song so the others can compete” quite like this one has. Mediocre vocals, mediocre song, mediocre presentation. Everything is below average and uninspired. It’s like the producers said that they could compete just to make a nice round number.

  4. Stine Hole Ulla:

    In her audition to be the next Nordic Disney princess, Stine Hole Ulla created a Disney scene on the stage and sang the big song to her potential movie. This goes so over the top in its genre that it almost becomes a parody, and the stage show just takes it there. This is going on my insanity list. To add some positivity to this, she has a gorgeous voice.

  5. Makeda:

    Besides her unfortunate fashion choice, this is definitely a huge live surprise. I love the self-depricating high camp performance, and her live voice soars. The song is incredibly catchy, and that’s all it has going for it, and instead of trying to act like it has more, the song focuses on its infectious beat and simplicity to make it easy to relate to almost.

  6. Pegasus:

    The green dresses on the background singers. Why? Why? Anyway, this is like dated stadium rock without the fanbase to care about it.

  7. Freddy Kalas:

    As terrible as this song is, I can’t be too mad at it. It’s complete shit, and there’s nothing positive to say about it except that it gave me this:

  8. Laila Samuels:

    Those opening notes are awful. There were some cool effects with the lights and smoke that I wouldn’t have been able to predict happening. However, outside of the chorus, her vocals suffer immensely, and its kinda hard to listen, and the random shots to the dancing hottie were distracting and unnecessary. Overall, it was a disappointing live to a good song.

  9. Elouiz:

    i feel bad for her by default. Stuck right in the middle of the four qualifiers to the superfinal in the running order, and then, she decided to go with another version of what I’m starting to call the insane mannequin stage show, except this time they decided to make real people look like mannequins. Like, they even made ridges with the makeup right at the shoulders. I wonder how terrible this girl felt when everybody around her was selected to advance, and she was left behind.

  10. Suite 16:

    Listening to this and Laila and Freddy, I’m convinced that Norway was confused about how they were supposed to vote. Literally, the three worst vocalists end up in the top 4.

  11. Agnete:

    Wow, this is underwhelming. Trying to watch this without getting distracted is like trying to be excited for a dentist’s appointment. It’s not going to happen. I cannot care less for this if I had not heard it at all.

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