Moldova: It’s Lidia Isaac to Stockholm!

lidia isaac moldovaMoldova – The final of O Melodie Pentru Europa, Moldova’s national final, came to a conclusion this evening with Lidia Issac being selected for Stockholm. She will sing ‘Falling Stars‘. The show saw 16 finalists battle it out in a 3 hour show, which included Pasha Parfeny (Moldova 2011) performing several songs in the interval.

Voting was 50% jury and 50% public. After the jury voting Valeria Pasa topped the poll in Moldova, followed by Cristina Pintilie, Lidia Isaac, Maxim Zavidia and then DoReDoS.

Once the public vote was added, Lidia jumped into first place.

Moldova score 2016

What do you think to Moldova’s choice?

21 comments on “Moldova: It’s Lidia Isaac to Stockholm!

  1. Just terrible… It;s that Scarlat woman all over again. I usually love Moldova but like in 2014 I just can’t support them this year

  2. :( Sorry Moldova, but I really don’t like it

  3. Their line-up was very weak to begin with, and they went for one of the worst options.
    Lie was a very good song.
    Moldova is turning into one of my least fav esc countries :(
    Good luck!

  4. The lineup was weak to begin with. Lidia Isaac will not make Moldova green again…

  5. what a horror! but then last year was too, and they turned it ok in esc, they usually do in Moldova, so i dont expect it to crash and burn in Stockholm, but it wont make it to the final! for now it’s my last

  6. No matter who they’d send they’d stay in the semis.

  7. Since I am already in a bad mood due to the songs chosen tonight, I thought that I might listen to this one too. WOW … that’s one shouty lady incompetently belting out a terrible song. It goes straight to the bin.
    GOOO Ukraine!

  8. It’s hard to understand how this song won. This is bad and stale. Nope. Good luck.

    • Moldova is simply a country of corruption, its a synonime of corruption in Europe right now..I work with our Governmental Anticoruptional institution, and I always book them hotels in Cishinau, they arr always there for business trips..

      • I’ve seen the reports on how Moldovans demonstrated against corruption. :(

        • Yeah I know, they travel from here to Moldova always to educate their institutions on these issues, I know we (the travel agency where I work) have agreement with that institution and I book them hotels in Moldova, my colleagues isue them flight tickets..last year they traveled there maybe 4 or 5 times..

  9. Oh my… Last place on my list and 3/10.
    Moldova is going downhill since 2013. A very weak entry for the 3rd year in a row and the worst National Preselection this year with an average of 3.75. They didn’t have many good songs to choose from but I would go with either Lie or Memories.
    Viola’s or Cristina’s song would be acceptable too.
    A definite NON qualifier in May.
    Sorry :(

  10. Well , the song isn’t that bad but Lidia Isaac is terribly annoying… And of course there wasn’t anything better in the field ! Like Slovenia a possible non-qualifier imo…
    PS : Gabriel Alares , one of the songwriters , is also the songwriter of “Icebraker” !

  11. Paris Hilton singing for Moldova LOL

    Good luck!

  12. LOL :)) Goodluck Moldova! Wonder whether Ukraine is able to host ESC :)

  13. Somehow I missed this yesterday. Lucky me. It is worse then Slovenia.

  14. This is not half as bad as people describe it to be imo. I expected much worse tbh. She is a little too full of herself on stage but other than that she delivers a decent performance (ok those high notes are a bit rough but still) of an ok song. That said, it is in dire need of some polishing – the production needs to step up a level. Which I think it will be done. For now it is a 5.8/10 and 20th out of 21 place on my list but that’s only because I expect a more proffesional version/performance.

    Good luck !

  15. Oh dear I don’t like that.

  16. The official video has been released:

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