Israel: Last Four Acts Selected for Final

IsraelIsrael – Over the last two nights Israel has continued to search for its representative for Stockholm via The Next Star for Eurovision. Duels on Friday night saw 3 duels held between the six semi finalists. Saturday gave 1 losing act a second chance.  The three winners will be in next week’s final, on Thursday 3rd March.  Two will go head to head in a superficial at the end of the show. The results of the semi-finals were:

Duel 1
Ella Daniel 80% v Gil Chadash 76%

Duel 2
Hovi Star 74% v Kiara Duple and Holy Wigs 65%

Duel 3
Nofar Salman 86% v VELMA 43%

Gil Chadash went on to win the 2nd chance spot

The three knocked out singers had one last chance tonight. Here’s the 4 finalists (click on them for their Facebook pages including videos of some performances):

  • Gil Chadash –Follow the sun’ (Stav Beger, Tom Gefen)
  • Ella Daniel –  Somebody out there’ (David Maman, Phillip Hayun)
  • Hovi Star – Made of stars’ (Doron Medalie)
  • Nofar Salman – Made of stars’ (Doron Medalie)

israel finalists 2016

The official The Next Star for Eurovision website is here and the Facebook page here.

Israel will perform in the 2nd semi-final on May 12th to avoid a clash with Israel’s Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of terrorism on 10th May.

6 comments on “Israel: Last Four Acts Selected for Final

  1. Ella Daniel to Stockholm please!But it will all depend on their esc entries they’ll be singing on Thursday.

  2. Ella Daniel and Hovi Star seem promising so hopefully they get good ESC songs!!

  3. Yayyyyyyy all my favorites are in :)

  4. 3 songs in English for Israel.The songtitles and songwriters:
    Hovi and Nofar will sing Made Of Stars, music and lyrics by Doron Medalie (in two very different arrangements).Gil will perform Follow The Sun, music and lyrics by Stav Beger and Tom Gefen. Ela will sing Somebody Out There, music and lyrics by David Maman and Philip Hyon.

  5. Who knows, maybe in the end Israel surprise us and sends smrh fresh and great! :)

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