Finland: Sandhja to Stockholm!

UMK 2015 smallFinland – YLE, the Finnish broadcaster, concluded tonight Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2016, its national final for Eurovision. Sandha ended up winnig a very split vote with Sing It Away! Check out the full results!

There were 9  songs (out of 18 overall) taking part tonight and  the winner was chosen with jury and an audience vote, including online voting.  Tonight’s show was hosted by Roope Salminen alongside Krista Siegfrids

This was tonight’s line-up:

  • Saara AaltoNo Fear
  • Stella ChristineAin’t Got Time For Boys
  • EiniDraamaa
  • Cristal SnowLove Is Blind
  • Annica Milán & Kimmo BlomGood Enough
  • Mikael SaariOn It Goes
  • Tuuli OkkonenDon’t Wake Me Up
  • Barbe-Q-BarbiesLet Me Out
  • SandhjaSing It Away

If you missed any, all songs ae available here. The money gathered with televote will be donated to charity Nenäpäivä-säätiö, which fund projects in developing countries.

Then the votes were revealed, and the top 3 edged out all competition quickly: Saara Aalto, Mikael Saari and Sandhja. However, televote and juries disagreed a lot, having the reverse ranking of one another. While Mikael was second to both, Saara won televote with Sandhja only third there. But juries had given too much of an advance and Sandhja ended up winning!

The full results are:

  1. Sandhja – 160
  2. Saara Aalto – 154
  3. Mikael Saari – 151
  4. Barbe-Q-Barbies – 85
  5. Annica & Kimmo – 81
  6. Cristal Snow –
  7. 80 Eini –
  8. 61 Stella Christine – 47
  9. Tuuli Okkonen – 41

Here’s the winning song (performance from the semifinal for now):

What do you think of this new Eurovision 2016 entry? What are its chances in Stockholm?

30 comments on “Finland: Sandhja to Stockholm!

  1. It is an OK option. UMK was very weak to begin with anyway…

  2. I am not allowed to listen to this one … which is good if I remember correctly. I had it way down on my list after I had listened to the studio versions. Bin!

  3. Well that was a huge surprise! No one saw this coming, I don’t think. I will say that I got some winner vibes from it during the performance, so kudos to Sandhja for winning a very even (read: mediocre) edition of UMK! I’m not crazy about the song itself, but it’s a nice change of pace.

  4. it’s no Laika, but at least one lesbian hymn won tonight :p

  5. So,she was 3rd with televoting but won the hearts of some random hairdressers,school teachers etc.What’s the point in using a jury vote if you won’t hire a PROFESSIONAL jury?

  6. Messy and vaguely annoying. Competent live vocals. Good luck.

  7. I couldn’t finish it. Another NQ for Finland.

  8. It’s okay. Kinda boring. Really disappointed that Mikael has to miss out on Eurovision once again.

  9. It seems that Finland will get one of the last places in semi final one . If Sweden don’t send something good then the next ESC wont be in Nordic country.

  10. What the hell is this, UK in ESC in early 2000s..this is a nightmare, that outfit kills me, I think Im gonna collapse..

  11. Thank God juries saved us from the hateful “No fear”!
    “Sing it away” is energetic and fun. I don’t mind it, it was my 3rd behind “On it goes” and Stella’s song which were clearly the best of this dreadful edition! Sandhja is a good singer but I’m fed up with all these funky acts (trying to do an Australia 2015). Speaking of which, I still prefer Belgium and Spain over this!
    Finland gets a 6/10 for the moment occupying my #14 out of 22. I believe they could qualify this year (Belgium is in the other semi).
    Good luck!!

  12. Great result !! Good job Finland! Sandjha was on the top of my list ! :) :) :)

  13. I just watched Mikael’s performance from the final and damn that was perfect!So much better than the semi.Finland you don’t deserve him. :(

  14. She is a strong performer (like on a Barei level kind of strong) but she needed a better song probably. Its not without qualities overall though. The verses have an oomph but the chorus kinda falls flst – its better of course than last year’s finnish entry but that doesnt say much. Anything with a remote relation to listenable music woild be better than FIN 15. Scores etc tomorrow.

    Good luck !

  15. I’m bit afraid of saying that but I like this entry! I waited for disaster after your comment s! At list this one has more positive vibes than icebreaker

  16. I’m happy with Sandhja, I liked it much more in the final than the heat, and might grow on me even more by May.

  17. I remember I didn’t have any favorites here!
    Sandhja is charismatic and energetic…she gives her all maybe the song can grow on me in time

    Good luck Finland

  18. 2nd listening : My opinion is the same compared to yesterday. Good singer + not as good song. I really like Sandhja on stage though. She has a demanding presence that may carry her to the final. Also I can see this growing on me tbh.

    6.9/10 and 12th place on my list for now.

    Good luck !

  19. The more I listen to this song the more I like it. She reminds me of Emeli Sandé as well. I think it wil do better than many think.

  20. Oh God!That construction worker giving the pts of their own jury was so hot. :P

  21. Pleasantly surprised. I actually quite like this. Not a bead effort at all. Good luck Finland.

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