UK: National Selection Tonight!

united kingdom UKUK – Tonight is the night that 6 UK acts take part in a live national final, Eurovision: You Decide, at the O2 Forum Kentish Town. The show will be broadcast on BBC4, and will be hosted by British Bake Off presenter Mel Giedroyc. 

The 6 acts are:

Act 1: Joe and Jake ‘You’re not alone
Act 2: Bianca ‘Shine a little light
Act 3: Dulcima ‘When you go
Act 4: Matthew James ‘A better man
Act 5: Darline ‘Until tomorrow
Act 6: Karl William Lund ‘Miracle

You can watch live online on Eurovision.tv from 20.30 -22.00 (CET).

Eurovision Times readers have been voting in a  poll and have Darline as their favourite.

The six shortlisted acts have been chosen from three different routes of entry:

  • Public submission
  • Submissions to BASCA (the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors)
  • British Music Industry consultant Hugh Goldsmith, former MD of RCA and founder of Innocent Records.

The BBC invited the UK branch of the OGAE to assist in the shortlisting of the entries sent in by the public. The OGAE is the largest independent Eurovision fan club in the world and its UK branch has around 1,000 members.

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317 comments on “UK: National Selection Tonight!

  1. I really hope Amir represents France with this song

  2. Off topic but since I’ve been going through the norwegian hopefuls, I just remembered, when is this girl coming back to MGP ? :

    I really hope she comes back someday.

  3. Another supersaturday is coming…who will watch what?

  4. Uk what have you done, bad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.d,bad. Leona Lewis song should have won Bad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.Bad,bad.bad,badbad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.bad,bad.

  5. Ukraine, Cyprus, Iceland, Germany, Spain and Italy seem to be the YT top favourites so far.
    Georgia, Belarus and Malta look dead in the water already …

    • It seems plausible however Ira Losco will most likely sing another song anyway.And here is the necessary dose of Nordic gloominess :P

      • She will be clever enough to avoid staying behind in semis with Chameleon. I’m sure she will!
        You can never get enough of gloominess, right?

  6. Wow I was not expecting this. I kinda like the song although it’s nothing extraordinary. It’s in the upper-middle of my list.

  7. Sky news are running a new article on us picking J&J, with interviews with Nicki French and Nicky Byrne, not making any snide comments or ridiculing Eurovision, plugging new voting system and making it look like Ireland and UK are sending named acts and young popular contemporary acts. Came across well and nice to see UK media not dissing Eurovision.

  8. Chris McCluskey (BBC PR) just posted on Twitter that You Decide had 678,900 viewers last night. Slot average there is normally 167.000.

    Out of 65 million.

  9. Well that was probably worse than the Belorussian NF. Another bottom 5 for the UK, like usual. Bianca was probably the best performance but that would finish around 20-16 in the final imo.

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