Moldova: Second Semi-final Tonight

moldovaMoldova – The second semi-final of the Moldovan selection will be broadcast live tonight on the TRM website from 18:40 (CET) or here. 8 acts will qualify from tonight’s 12 contestants to Saturday’s grand final.  

The 12 acts in the second semi-final are:

1.  Rodica and Ivan Aculov – ‘Stop Lying
2.  Lidia Isac – ‘Falling Stars
3. Cristina Pintilie – ‘Picture of Love
4. Diana Brescan – ‘Till the End
5. Max Fall feat Dan Vozniuc & Malloy – ‘Game lOVER
6. Andrei Ionita & Onoffrei – ‘Lie
7. Felicia Dunaf – ‘You and Me
8. Nadia Mosneagu – ‘Memories
9. Big Flash Sound – ‘Când vrei
10. Anna Gulko – ‘Never Let Go
11. Beatrice – ‘Saved My Heart For You
12. Vitalie Todirascu – ‘Belladonna

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82 comments on “Moldova: Second Semi-final Tonight

  1. The Moldovan televoters are the worst! Bubble gum, glitter and gloss galore.

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