Germany: Unser Lied für Stockholm Tonight

GermanyGermany – After the controversial selection and deselection of Naidoo earlier in the season, Germany will get their say tonight with 10 Songs competing in the national selection Unser Lied für Stockholm. You can watch online via eurovision.tv from 20:15 (CET). 

The ten songs are as follows (click the link on the song title)

Alex Diehl “Nur ein Lied”
Avantasia “Mystery of a Blood Red Rose”
Ella Endlich “Adrenalin”
Gregorian “Masters of Chant”
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz “Ghost”
Joco “Full Moon”
Keøma “Protected”
Laura Pinski “Under the Sun We Are One”
Luxuslärm “Solange Liebe in mir wohnt”
Woods of Birnam “Lift Me Up (From the Underground)”

It will be 100% public vote.

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz is topping most polls, including the one here on Eurovision Times.

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510 comments on “Germany: Unser Lied für Stockholm Tonight

  1. Full analytical results in Germany:

    • Three of my top4 songs last night, at the bottom 3 of the scoreboard :/

      • 3 of the best songs were bottom-3 and Siegel’s song was 4th but a distant 4th compared to the top-3.Maybe the very standard esc visuals worked for Laura.

    • So I was right about Laura and Gregorians coming 4th/5th .. and everyone else way behind. I knew that Woods of Birnam would come last too. The song was ok but the live vocals were awful and the lead singer not likeable at all.

      • Joco and Keoma coming 2nd and 3rd to last respectively is really heart-breaking :(

        • Everyone knew that they would come bottom 3 with a Thursday night ARD audience. And they can even say “thank you” to WoB. If they hadn’t been so awful live, Joco and Keøma would have come 9th and 10th. Televoting in Germany has always sucked big time. :(

    • They suck big time…

  2. And finally Måns Zelmerlöw will be the guest act in a national final tonight!

  3. Tomorrow night 5 national finals and 3 of them will be nail-biting for me waiting to find out who’ll be heading to Stockholm.
    Norway-Laila Samuels-Afterglow
    Finland-Mikael Saari-On it Goes
    Hungary-OLÁH GERGŐ – Győz a jó
    I expect to at least get 1 out of 3. :(

  4. I have just watched the rehearsal clips of the last MF heat and oh my, what a weak year for MF this is. I might like Frans’s song and can tolerate both Martin’s and Eclipse’s songs. Linda’s songs have become worse and worse ever since her good schlagers from 2005 and 2006. Alas, she has hit rock bottom now. Panetoz are silly fun, not more. Dolly Style are a mind-numbing act for 13 year old girls, and if someone forced me to listen to Molly’s full song, I’d probably need a bucket. :(

    • jeje! maybe SVT has decided they don’t want the chance of winning for another year! what are your expectations for UK tonight? I asked my family in UK about it and they had no idea 1/BBC had a national final 2/ it was even on TV tonight….sigh!!…

  5. MF rehearsals : Quite strong semi. Molly has gone for a more restrained stage act that fits the song (which is very good) and will fight with Oscar for the trophy imo.Not as good as her 2012 song but still strong. Not a huge fan of Dolly Style or Eclipse but they deliver. Linda seems confident enough and may make it to AC. The other direct finalist should be Frans most probably imo. So sad I will miss this among the other shows tomorrow :(

  6. After watching the snippets of the 4th MF semi,i believe that Oscar Zia may be winning the ticket.Molly doesn’t look like a winning act but i’ll have to wait till i’ve watched the full performance.I also enjoyed Frans,Eclipse and Martin Stenmarck(he’s sexy :P ).

  7. Full Swedish team to accompany Sergey Lazarev on stage.The choreographer is Greek,the stage director is the famous Fokas Evangelinos,Alex Panayi will be the vocal coach and another Greek Ilias Kokotos is his manager.So Sweden and Greece will be competing for Russia this year.Hmm…

  8. Ella Endlich:
    This started by piling on Eurovision cliches. Shirtless dancers lifting her up in a sheer lace top that led into strange dancing for a song that needs all this to distract from the fact that the song doesn’t actually exist. Give me an adrenaline pill. I’ll need it to get through this, I think.

  9. Joco:
    My favorite thing about this performance is that they were treating it like just another gig. They are at their instruments, performing without much else going on. That being said, I hate the full moon cutout. I think I like this song more for its lyrics than for the song as a whole.

  10. Gregorian:
    I love Gregorian chant, but this is so cheesy. In robes, holding flames and then the lasers. And then the lyrics. “We’re the masters of chant.” Something about it is actually quite nauseating. Next.

  11. Woods of Birnam:
    I can’t take this lead singer seriously. It’s like, “How many more silly body movements can I put in this song? Only six? I’ll make sure to include at least 13 more.” His voice has the capacity of a limp, dying salmon that barely escaped being mauled by a bear, and the song is a mediocre throwback. So there’s not much positive to say about this one.

  12. Luxuslärm:
    While the song is nothing to write home about, I love the colors on stage, and this kind of easy listening pop-rock is easy to get behind. It gets an extra boost in the fact that the lead singer is both personable and has a voice that sounds like it has experience behind it. Something about this feels so natural and inclusive that it’s one of my favorites so far tonight.

  13. Keøma:
    Fantastic song, forgettable live performance. The gold dress stuck out on the stage like a sore thumb, and the harshness of the material of the dress, her bang, and the lines on the background clashed with the smoothness of the song. I could listen to that song on repeat all night, but I’d never watch the performance again.

  14. Avantasia:
    I hate everything about this genre and performance style, and while I recognize that the performance was actually pretty good: vocals on point, big and bold staging, interest all around, etc. I couldn’t have hated it more.

  15. Wow someone is even more behind than me when it comes to nfs this season haha :)

  16. Alex Diehl:
    If you are going to put the lyrics in the background of the stage performance, couldn’t you at least do it in a more interesting way than scrolling white text on a black background? I mean, how lazy is that? Honestly, I don’t have anything else to say about this one. It’s so MoR.

  17. Jamie-Lee Kriewitz:
    Now to finally hear the winner. I really like the stage design around the song. It’s a standard atmospheric scene, but the glowing wiring creates a slightly eerie feeling that wouldn’t otherwise exist. The song is very MoR, but it’s better than a lot of the MoR we’ve gotten this year, which puts it in the better half of the selected entries this year.

  18. Laura Pinski:
    I’m appalled by this performance. Bad vocals to a ridiculously bad song with a performance so cliche that it would be laughed at by the members of any good Eurovision viewing party. I almost decided to put this in my insanity playlist because of how ridiculous the dated ideas and music were, but that’s not really what that playlist is about, so I stopped myself.

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