Poll: Who Should Represent Hungary?

hungaryHungary – This Saturday A Dal 2016 is coming to a close and the Grand Final will finally reveal who will be flying the Hungarian Flag in Stockholm. Eight acts have made the final and will be performing in front of the four jurors and of course the public at home

You can remind yourself of the eight finalists by clicking the links below. I have listed them in order of how many points they received in the Semi Finals. Freddie is the favourite going into the final as he received the most points of all the others…

Freddie “Pioneer”
Petruska “Trouble in My Mind”
Gergő Oláh “Győz a jó”
André Vásáry “Why”
Parno Graszt “Már nem szédülök”
Kállay Saunders Band “Who We Are”
Mushu “Uncle Tom”
Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth “Seven Seas”

The jury will pick a Top four after all acts perform and the public will choose a winner from the final four… You can see the past voting here

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60 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Hungary?

  1. Parno Grazst is FABULOUS! <3

    Im so glad they reached the final, so humble, realistic, normal, she sings from heart, not perfect live, but that is exactly what I like here, the soul of Hungarian Gypsies! God bless you Parno Grazst! :)

  2. Can someone give an alternative link???

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