France: Artist and Song Reveal March 12th

FranceFrance – This year France have been the most secretive of them all but France 2 have revealed they will also be one of the last nations to reveal their choice for 2016. Their act and song will be revealed March 12th during the The DiCaire Show at 21:00CET

The official France 2 Eurovision Twitter Account has been giving various clues as to who they have chosen and you can see these below

The make up table could indicate a girl group. The guitar could suggest we are we looking at a band? However the sign could be the biggest clue. In English it translates to “In the beginning there was a group”… is it someone who has gone solo?

In 2015 France were represented by Lisa Angell who came a disappointing 25th Place out of 27 with her song “N’oubliez Pas” which was popular among Eurovision Fans

Are you looking forward to seeing what France have to offer in 2016? What do you make of the clues?

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14 comments on “France: Artist and Song Reveal March 12th

  1. I like French songs when they are picked by Morgan😄so once again I am not very optimistic about French entry 😁

  2. the rumors here, based on the hints, say it’s Damien Lauretta with “Fall In Love”

  3. My dream would be for Christine and the Queens to represent us, but I highly doubt that ever happening.

  4. I think their 2015 entry was extremely boring and derserved a bottom 5 result.
    I liked their 2014 entry (not Live though).
    2013 is their last enrty scoring above 5/10 in my books! And of course 2009 is a 12/10 <3

  5. Here is how the Söngvakeppninni 2016 stage was constructed:

  6. Noted. Waiting patiently.

  7. France deserved a place well in the top 10 with that live performance. So underrated. Hoping for something great this year as well. Good luck !

  8. Amir Haddad is rumoured?

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