Croatia: Nina Kraljić to represent

Nina KraljićCroatia – This year is the year of the come backs. Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria and also Croatia but unlike Bulgaria and  Bosnia & Herzegovina Croatia have been very silent. Today they have broken that silence and have revealed that had already been rumored… Nina Kraljić will be representing them

Nina Kraljić is yet another Eurovision Singer to have come from The Voice after winning the first series in 2015. Before that she had taken part in Croatia’s Got Talent 2009 and came tenth.

You can hear one of her songs “Zaljuljali Smo Svijet” below but the Eurovision Song is still to be revealed

The last time Croatia took part in the contest they were represented by Klapa s Mora who failed to qualify to the Grand Final with their song “Mižerja” finishing 13th in their semi final.

What do you think of Croatia’s choice for 2016? Could Nina make it to the grand final for Croatia for the first time since 2009?

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13 comments on “Croatia: Nina Kraljić to represent

  1. haven’t heard of her before but on first listening to previous songs, sounds like she has a voice that could get my Balkan song vibes going with a good song (NOT in English)

  2. Well,she’s been rumored for months now.Good to see it’s confirmed.I really like her voice and music style.I hope she’ll bring something similar to her single “Zaljuljali Smo Svijet” to Stockholm.Good luck!

  3. Welcome back and good luck Croatia! :)

  4. “Zaljuljali Smo Svijet” is so beautiful ❤️

  5. I’ll keep an open mind and will wait with any judgement until I’ve heard the song. Welcome back, Croatia!

  6. i also like the song posted in the article! let’s see the esc song now!

  7. What gorgeous song,….. High hopes here !!!

  8. I have a soft spot for Croatia in esc (same goes for Slovenia). They are always SO underrated! Let’s see if they can deliver something beautiful like the song posted above.
    Good luck!!!

  9. I hope she sings in her native language. Good luck, Croatia!

  10. Great choice, I think it’s very promising cause she can be good in both, Croatian language and English..I like “Zaljuljali smo svet”..it’s very interesting, and also there some good perfromances of songs in English, by her in Croatian voice, thus I have high hopes..

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