San Marino: Will We See Them Next Year?

SanMarinoSan Marino – The Director General of San Marino RTV, Mr. Carlo Romeo, has blasted the EBU in a  press statement today claiming smaller states are discriminated against in the new voting regulations and it looks like the micro state could be threatening to withdraw in future.

He said

”Small States are, once again, discriminated. Not only, now the discrimination is even formalized. This is barely tolerable and the San Marino national Radio and Television is unsure whether it can tolerate it next year too. It is unbearable that certain decisions are simply communicated and not shared with the involved broadcasters”.

Speaking to ESCDaily, Paul Jordan, comms manager at the EBU said

“We have, to date, not been approached by SMRTV. We are of course interested to hear their view and to further clarify the new voting format. We would like to reiterate that this decision was taken by the Reference Group and the TV Committee, in line with agreed procedures.”

Initial assessment of the new voting rules by fansites did suggest that smaller states and those with less diaspora may suffer a little. There were however some raised eyebrows on social media as the story broke with comments such as the following…

san marino tweet 1

san marino tweet 2

Do you think the new voting rules are fair to countries like San Marino, and does it have the right to complain?

34 comments on “San Marino: Will We See Them Next Year?

  1. “We will be SO sad if a non-State like San Marino leaves the contest and stops using Italian and Turkish singers… Lol”

    Reading comments like this one and some others in OGAE Greece’s site (the latter not having anything to do with San Marino), sometimes makes me so ashamed to be a eurovision fan. No words really :/

    • I agree. There is too much hate, spite and condescension out there in the ESC fan universe.
      And this guy probably doesn’t even know that San Marino is the oldest republic in the world. I also prefer countries to choose local artists and composers but for a microstate that would probably mean no final year after year. Therefore, I make an exception for the really small ones like San Marino, Monaco and Andorra. Even Luxembourg imported foreign songs every year, but if Malta, Cyprus and Iceland can pick someone local, Luxembourg could have done so too. They decided not to and became one of the most successful ESC countries ever. Andorra, on the other hand, tried ESC with local talent, never veentering further abroad than neighbouring Catalonia … and did not qualify once … (and most people are of the opinion that their songs weren’t strong enough. If they had bought some Swedish plastic ware, I am sure that they would have qualified at least once …)

    • Yes it is very nasty. The ESC Nation tweet is even more vile considering that they are a fan and news site.

    • You should read some of the comments on a site like Wiwibloggs. And those people call themselves fans.

      • I strongly dislike Wiwibloggs ;)

        • I think that the wiwibloggs people are quite sweet, even if I rarely agree with them on the songs, but some of the people commenting there are insufferable. I stopped reading the comments a long time ago.

        • Sometimes they have interesting articles, like the ones where suspicious voting patterns are analyzed. It is the usual bunch of commenters there that spoil it.

  2. What is their point? They hardly elaborate on that.

  3. Well,he’s right that this “Nobel-worthy” idea is flawed!How could they think it would work to use the televote of 4 or 5 similar countries in the absence of a national televote?

    • I guess that the EBU wouldn’t mind San Marino making room for China or any big market anyway … :(

      • The only solution i could find is to have their jury pts count as both jury and televoting results.

        • Exactly. That’s what it was like in the past years too (100 %). The idea the Reference Group has come up with is totally absurd!
          The issue with invalid jury votes is much more tricky imo, and I am very surprised that the Reference Group did not address it. Won’t they check jury votes in the future?

    • It really is too ridiculous for words. And one step further in less transparency. Half of San Marino’s votes will be artificially fabricated. And a reference group thought that that was a good idea and approved this. Really, you can’t make this up.

      • I suppose the similar countries are those which statistically give points to the same more or less countries with San Marino.But there’s no San Marino televoting data to begin with.They’ve been using jury-only votes ever since they entered esc.

      • I think San Marino are perfectly entitled to be upset, as are any other countries who risk getting manufactured scores this year.

        Considering the steady stream of corrupt voting rumours we’ve had recently (e.g. the Maltese branch of the Azeri fan club), and how badly the EBU have handled them, I’m amazed they think we trust them to completely make up scores now. Even ignoring San Marino, we know full well that if it’s a close result and a country gets their public vote excluded again (like Montenegro or FYROM last year), the ESC-watching internet is going to explode with accusations of dodgy dealing.

        A decision like this really should have been taken up with the entire set of HoDs, not just the 7 privileged people on the reference group.

  4. Piano version of the Latvian esc entry “Heartbeat” :

  5. SM has a point, and their jury votes saved Amandine in 2013! I dont like a country leaving esc, for good or bad reasons, and no esc fans should rejoice in anyone leaving (including countries I’ve never liked, like Andorra, Croatia or Bulgaria I’ve missed as much as Turkey whom I adore). And as for San Marino having a Turkish entry, the same fans wank over Céline Dion and she aint Swiss…

    • But usually theres at least cultural similarity, ie UK using American or Australian singers. France using french speakers from the Congo, or wherever Angun was from.

      But what’s the cultural similarity between San Marino and Turkey?

      San Marino should stick with Italian or Maltese singers.

      I know in the past countries like Luxembourg used singers from all over, like Vicky Leandros, but I dont agree with that either.

      • Anggun was Indonesian, married her French manager, and eventually settled in France to build a career, I thought?

        As much as I agree that countries should try and stick to local singers and writers as much as possible, as long as it stops them from using more Ralph Siegel-penned bilge, or dragging Valentina back into the limelight, I think San Marino should be entitled to use anyone they like. And if that also means letting Turkey sneak back into the contest, then that’s just a happy bonus :)

      • Anggun was from Indonesia, a non-French speaking country btw… I still dont get why we’d be ok with “cultural similarity” as it’s not really an objective argument to become a law in what’s right or wrong to use: the language? the history? but historically the Ottoman empire was completely included in European diplomacy and has always been “European” per se, what’s to say which frontier to put in what’s close or not, especially considering the diaspora and migrations that have changed a lot of things now

        • As the poster above said, Anggun was from asia, but she married french and lived in France, so obviously she has a tie to the country of France.

          In JESC, they let that Russian/Azeri girl in because she loved San Marino so much and had visited lots. Has Serhat ever been to San Marino on non ESC related stuff? Does he have any connection to the country, either family, language, cultural, any interest in it besides ESC

          Hell I’d even accept it if he studied for a term under Erasmus in Sardinia or Milan, that’s how far I’m willing to stretch it, but even then he still doesn’t meet that.

          He’s literally just been parachuted in.

          • seriously, so was Céline… I genuinely dont care still, and if he wants to do Eurovision, and a country is paying the fee to enter and plays by the rule and wants him in, then I dont get the moanings

            • Celine was at least from French Canada, representing Switzerland. Like how the UK had Katrina and the waves, or an Australian.

              If he was representing Azerbaijan or even Ukraine or Cyprus I wouldn’t mind so much (though i obviously oppose the occupation of Cyprus)

          • I’m with you on that.I believe a country’s representative should have some sort of connection to it.

  6. I hope they reconsider, but I suspect that the EBU want to make room for China; Australia opened pandora’s box.

  7. I am with SMRTV personally.

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