Poll: Who Should Represent Germany

GermanyGermany – After the controversial selection and deselection of Naidoo earlier in the season, Germany will get their say and  10 Songs will be competing in Unser Lied für Stockholm this week. Germany got the dreaded nil points last year so can they avoid it in 2016

The ten songs are as follows (click the link on the song title)

Alex Diehl “Nur ein Lied”
Avantasia “Mystery of a Blood Red Rose”
Ella Endlich “Adrenalin”
Gregorian “Masters of Chant”
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz “Ghost”
Joco “Full Moon”
Keøma “Protected”
Laura Pinski “Under the Sun We Are One”
Luxuslärm “Solange Liebe in mir wohnt”
Woods of Birnam “Lift Me Up (From the Underground)”

One of Eurovisions regular songwriters Ralph Siegel has decided to come back home as he has writing credit on Laura Pinski’s “Under the Sun We Are One” but the video only seems to be available with in the German region

Like the United Kingdom and Romania, Germany will not be using a jury so the public has 100% say in the votes. Who would you like to see represent the country?

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125 comments on “Poll: Who Should Represent Germany

  1. Anyone knows where I can find the MOldovan semi 1 hopefuls LIVE?
    I missed the show…

  2. “Nur ein Lied” – hm, a difficult one. I know we have had many of these peace songs, but this one somehow seems more honest. The opinion expressed in the song is one I can agree with, but I think it is a bit cheap to bring John Lennon in (“Imagine” is not one of my favourites btw, it is at best naive). As for the music I think it is OK, but I am doubtful about his vocals. 7/12?

  3. Avantasia “Mystery of a Blood Red Rose” – This is not really my thing. It is quite opulent, and it sounds like a mix of Queen and Meat Loaf (the vocal harmonies and the pathos-fueled singing respectively). Not that I don’t like Queen.

  4. Ella Endlich “Adrenalin”. And now we go pop. A bit anonymous, but not without charm. Personally I would prefer it less electronic.

  5. Gregorian “Masters of Chant” – is blocked in Denmark, so I can’t comment on that one :-(

  6. Jamie-Lee Kriewitz “Ghost” – I can’t quite get this one in, maybe I have become a bit tired of that sound, it has been quite dominating in Eurovision in the most recent years.

  7. Joco “Full Moon” – This one sounds very interesting. It is a shame that the sound is so bad in this video. But I like the song a lot.

  8. Keøma “Protected” – They will get my vote for using the Danish letter Ø in their bandname ;-) No, joking aside, I think it’s a very nice song. I like the mood of it a lot, and the singing is beautiful. Production-wise I think it sounds a bit unfinished and demo’ish, but still a good song.

  9. “Under the Sun We Are One”. I am only able to hear a snippet on the German NF page. It says Ralph Siegel after just one second. Not particularly interesting, and I am tired of we-are-one songs in general.

  10. Luxuslärm “Solange Liebe in mir wohnt” – this one is quite charming. It almost resembles an old folk ballad (or ‘vise’ as we call it up here, it is “Weise” in German, right?), both in the melody and in lyrics. Not sure if the pop/rock production really fits the mood of the song.

  11. Woods of Birnam “Lift Me Up (From the Underground)” – This is not so much my thing. Perhaps too 80’s. Can’t really get into it.

  12. ARD’s online voting tool shows Jamie-Lee and Avantasia in the top two spots, and (predictably) Joco and Keøma in the bottom 2. I’ll do my best to vote for Joco but I fear it won’t make it the Top Three.

    I predict Jamie-Lee, Avantasia, and Alex Diehl in the Top Three. I’m thinking Jamie-Lee just edges out Alex Diehl but I’m worried his earnest song for peace will win people over.

    • We would probably bomb with all 3 songs. :(

      • Jamie-Lee is the most “current” of the three, and I’d argue that out of the ten, that’s the most likely to do… the most okay in Stockholm. (From photos, though, it appears that while the presentation fits what we know of Jamie-Lee, it comes off as a little too quirky for Eurovision… meaning it doesn’t really match the song.)

        • considering last years’ results (2014 and 2015), I think Germany will pick Joco, the alternative but still mainstreamy very charming amateurish act with a nice song that’ll do extremely poorly in eurovision (unfairly so)…

          • Actually if you look at last year’s “real” results, they went for a previous The Voice of Germany winner who was a nice enough guy (at least on the surface) singing his own mild pop song. Jamie-Lee is a previous The Voice of Germany winner, Alex Diehl is a nice enough guy singing his own mild pop song. I can imagine Joco possibly doing about as well as Laing last year. Avantasia could probably do the same as Santiano and Unheilig in 2014.

            Besides, I think Jamie-Lee kind of fits in with your description, too. Ghost feels a bit more mainstream-y than Full Moon, I think.

        • I agree that “Ghost” is the most contemporary out of the 3 favourites. The other two were well beyond their sell by date 15 years ago …
          It is really sad but I don’t see a top 15 result in Sweden with any of the 10 songs. Perhaps with Georgians if the televote around Europe goes WTF in aa positive way … Another year wasted …

  13. I actually really like the Gregorian entry lol.

  14. I finally got to hear all ten entries. Five seconds of Laura Pinski (the Siegler song) and I already want to turn it off.

  15. Running order:

    1. Ella Endlich – Adrenalin
    2. Joco – Full Moon
    3. Gregorian – Masters of Chant
    4. Woods of Birnam – Lift Me Up
    5. Luxuslärm – Solange Liebe in mir wohnt
    6. Keøma – Protected
    7. Avantasia – Mystery of a Blood Red Rose
    8. Alex Diehl – Nur ein Lied
    9. Jamie-Lee Kriewitz – Ghost
    10. Laura Pinski – Under the Sun We Are One

    So they put the three favourites 7th, 8th and 9th … with Laura last to make them seem more interesting, relevant and contemporary than they actually are …

    • Sob sticking Joco at Number 2 in the running order…. :-(

      • Bastards! LOL

        • Joco will be forgotten as soon as Gregorian takes the stage, and Keøma will be forgotten as soon as Avantasia takes the stage. Jamie-Lee will look even better with Laura Pinski coming immediately after her.

          Would they change the order in the Superfinal? If so, I imagine they’ll (try to) screw over Jamie-Lee by putting her first, then Avantasia, then Alex Diehl to finish it off.

          • We’ll know in a few hours … but I am pretty certain that I will only mildly support Germany this year … at best. :(
            Do we have enough time to hire a call centre in Belarus or Azerbaijan? Perhaps we could come up with a worthwhile entry still …

            • I’ve actually generally enjoyed the last few German entries (except Cascada, although it’s fun as a shake-shake). If by some miracle one of my Top 4 makes it, then I’ll gladly support it. Still seems unlikely, though.

              I still need to listen to the contestants this year. Nothing quite exciting me yet, apart from maybe Georgia and Cyprus. (Haven’t listened to the much-hyped song from Ukraine.)

            • I love the Ukrainian entry but would be very surprised if you liked it too.
              I love the Italian entry too, which is very elegant imo. I hope that they’ll keep the song … and keep it in Italian. Then I have Georgia 3rd, Cyprus 4th and Albania 5th … but of course only God alone knows what the Albanian entry will sound like once they have thoroughly revamped it …
              I really liked Elaiza and thing that Ann-Sophie desrved at least around 15th place. Europe thought that even Electro Velvet were better??? LOL

  16. Tried ranking the songs:

    1. Full Moon – Joco
    2. Protected – Keøma
    3. Ghost – Jamie-Lee Kriewitz
    4. Lift Me Up (From the Underground) – Woods of Birnam
    5. Masters of Chant – Gregorian
    6. Mystery of a Blood Red Rose – Avantasia
    7. Adrenalin – Ella Endlich
    8. Solange Liebe in mir wohnt – Luxuslärm
    9. Nur ein Lied – Alex Diehl
    10. Under the Sun We are One – Laura Pinski

    I really enjoy Joco’s song and it’s definitely my favorite, though I’m fine with any of my Top Four winning… though as I said, I think of the four, only Jamie-Lee has any realistic chance of actually winning tonight’s public vote. Keøma is nice and atmospheric, Jamie-Lee is pretty current, and Woods of Birnam is very 80s but in a way that sounds more like a throwback/homage rather than just sounding dated. Gregorian is fun, and probably gets points for being different. Avantasia sounds 80s and a bit dated (as opposed to Woods of Birnam), I don’t get the impression that they’re a hard rock band even if that’s apparently how they’re being packaged. Ella Endlich is ranked just ahead of Luxuslärm only because I can actually remember her song. Both of their songs also sound dated. I’m not a fan of the Alex Diehl song, it’s too earnest and syrupy for my tastes (didn’t like Boggie last year, either). And the Laura Pinski/Ralph Siegel is absolute DRECK.

    • We very rarely agree in ETSC/FDLC but have the same top 4 here, only in different order … :)

      • Hahaha must be the limited number of entries and generally middling quality of the songs. Nor is there anything that’s my usual cup of tea. There’s nothing here that really gets me dancing, for example. (They get a Schlager singer to enter and she sings a mid-tempo song, WTF.)

  17. Ugh that Laura Pinski/Ralph Siegel is really painful to listen to. I can’t get over how cliche, saccharine, and dated it sounds.

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