Moldova: First Semi-final Tonight

moldovaMoldova – The first semi-final of the Moldovan selection will be broadcast live tonight on the TRM website from 18:40 (CET). 7 acts will qualify from tonight’s 12 contestants to Saturday’s grand final. 


The 12 acts in the first semi-final are:

  1. Doinita Gherman – ‘Irresistible
  2. Valentina Nejel – ‘Va fi tarziu
  3. Valeria Pasa – ‘Save love
  4. Russu Emilia – ‘I am not the same
  5. Che-MD – ‘Voda e cu noi
  6. Chris Maroo – ‘Tonight
  7. Valentin Uzun – ‘Mine
  8. Chriss Jeff – ‘Good Life
  9. DoReDoS – ‘FunnyFolk
  10. Viola – ‘In the name of love
  11. Maxim Zavidia – ‘La la love
  12. PRIZA – ‘Rewind

Tonight’s interval act is Aliona Moon (Moldova 2013). The second semi-final will take place on 25 February.

Update: The 7 qualifiers were:

  • Maxim Zavidia – ‘La la love‘ – 19
  • Valeria Pasa – ‘Save love‘ – 17
  • Doinita Gherman – ‘Irresistible‘ -17
  • DoReDoS – ‘FunnyFolk‘ – 14
  • Viola – ‘In the name of love‘ – 10
  • Valentin Uzun – ‘Mine‘ – 10
  • Che-MD – ‘Voda e cu noi‘ – 9
  • Russu Emilia – ‘I am not the same‘ – televote only
  • moldova score.png


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90 comments on “Moldova: First Semi-final Tonight

  1. Song 11 . stale stuff

    Song 12 – intersting song; it can grow.

    Time to rest for a while; songs 3, 9, 10 and 12 to the final.

  2. Song12: Mehhhh

    I’ve missed first 5 songs but Doredo seems to be the best one to me
    Now,I can watch “Better Call Saul” in peace 😊

    See you around!

  3. I just got back in, have I missed it all?! Are we at the interval? The stream is a buffering mess for me

  4. Aliona has just given us a very interesting show, Much better than the songs on offer in this semi. You did not miss much.

  5. Good results so far. Valeria, Doredos and Viola deserve this.

  6. Haha Doinita is doomed.

  7. Just watched all the ones currently available so far for the first time and made a Top 10

    12P Russia
    10P Spain
    08P Cyprus
    07P Ireland
    06P Austria
    05P Bosnia
    04P Belarus
    03P Malta
    02P Denmark
    01P Belgium

  8. Valeria was brilliant and classy live.

  9. It is quite an achievement not to get a single point from 10 (?) jurors in a line-up of only 12 … Poor Chris Maroo. :(

  10. The televoters were themselves again. Pretty boy with lame song won.

  11. Moldovans are mad lol! At least Doinita didn’t do that well.

  12. The best songs reached the final.

  13. Valeria oozes class on stage.

  14. The 2nd SF seems to offer much variety …

  15. SF2 sounds promising. I will tune in to it tmr.

  16. I will try to be around for the second semi as well.

  17. Jamala interviewed:She doesn’t want to change anything in her song unless EBU demands some changes:

  18. Emilia Russu with I am not the same was the last qualifier by the belated televote

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