UK: 6 Finalists to be Revealed This Morning

united kingdom UKUK – Today’s the day that UK fans will get to hear the 6 finalists, chosen by 3 different routes, on the Ken Bruce Radio 2 show between 9.30am and 12.00 noon. The 6 acts will then take part in a live national final, Eurovision: You Decide, at the O2 Forum Kentish Town  on February 26th, to be broadcast on BBC4, and hosted by British Bake Off presenter Mel Giedroyc.

UK bbc you decide logo

The six shortlisted acts have been chosen from three different routes of entry:

  • Public submission
  • Submissions to BASCA (the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors)
  • British Music Industry consultant Hugh Goldsmith, former MD of RCA and founder of Innocent Records.

The BBC invited the UK branch of the OGAE to assist in the shortlisting of the entries sent in by the public. The OGAE is the largest independent Eurovision fan club in the world and its UK branch has around 1,000 members.

It very much looks like Matthew Pateman is one of the 6. He was a singer in 90s boyband Bad Boys Inc but now performs in Madhen, a party / covers band. He tweeted  ‘Four days and counting,’ as well as the caption: ‘It has been a long time coming #newmusic #news #uk’

UPDATE: Looks like Abby Inez could be another contender as she’s just tweeted “If you want to hear my news first, make sure you tune into Radio 2 Ken Bruce’s show from 9:30am!!” Here’s an example of her work

Voting on Friday will be 100% public vote. To vote online it is likely that you will need a BBC account meaning (in theory) people outside of the UK cannot vote.

Listen to the show this morning HERE.

Act 1: Joe and JakeYou’re not alone‘ (both on the Voice 2015)
Act 2: BiancaShine a little light‘ (written by Leona Lewis amongst others)
Act 3: DulcimaWhen you go
Act 4: Matthew JamesA better man‘ (Matthew Pateman from Bad Boys Inc)
Act 5: DarlineUntil tomorrow‘ (one member is Abby Inez)
Act 6: Karl William LundMiracle

Check out the songs on the BBC website HERE

43 comments on “UK: 6 Finalists to be Revealed This Morning

  1. I’ve been listening to Radio 2 for 3 minutes and already want to claw my eyes out.

  2. 6 songs to be scattered in a 2:30 programme. They can’t be serious…

  3. You Are Not Alone: the epitome of radio friendly tune. Not bad. Certainly not impreesed though.

  4. I am at work and can’t listen to the show but good luck UK. :)

    • Everybody is, it’s such a stupid time to announce it.

      • Monday morning … and then the national final on BBC 4 … That’s not exactly what I’d call making an effort … :(

        • There’s nothing that sounds like it will set the world on fire, but equally there’s nothing to offend anyone either. Considering some of our previous entries, I think “We’re the inoffensive song that isn’t Denmark” is a huge progress from “Sorry for sending ElectroVelvet” ;-)

          • I’ll listen to the songs when I am back home from work. :)
            Well, things can only get better after Electro Velvet, whom I had in last place in the final. In my overall list for 2016 Iceland saved them from being dead last though …

  5. Song #2: Shine A Little Light: Another middle of the road one. At a first listening at least.

    Can’t stay for the rest I’m afraid :(

  6. Jake and Joe were jolly enough. I don’t like the high parts in Bianca’s, it’s so obviously a Leona Lewis song. Can’t see either of them doing very well in Stockholm.

  7. Not expecting anything great, the artists will hardly be known to the UK public. At least we in the are getting a national final even if it is shoved away on one of the BBC’s smaller channels and 100% public vote but there will not be a great number of people voting as it is on BBC4. Will the UK song be modern? I doubt it, will they approach the national contest in a modern way ?, I doubt it especially when they announced that Mel Giedroyc will host it. I have nothing against her but she’s a comedien / cooking presenter. The BBC should have used someone from radio 1 . Another BBC flop is expected.

    • I appreciate Ken Bruce has a lot of listeners, but by their own admission they expect his listenership to be 35 years +. There’s just no interest by the BBC to engage young people in ESC. They could have got someone cool on to announce the stuff with at least Chris Evans if they had wanted it to be on Radio 2 (he’s been pulling Radio 1 listeners over from Grimmy). They are doing the quiz at the moment and literally the answers are things like Showaddywaddy (1977). How on earth does any of this make Eurovision current?

  8. Halfway through and there is absolutely nothing interesting. UK could borrow my FdlC NF anytime…

  9. Urgh Dulcima is bad, the chanting bit in it is just awful. They’ve only tweeted once since Aug 2013, way to go to promote yourself… Next.

  10. Another bad one :s

  11. oh god. Matthew James (aka Pateman of Bad Boys Inc I presume) is going nowhere.

  12. For those not suffering this torture live on the radio, they are now discussing log cutting machines. Seriously.

  13. Song4 is by far the best but still tad weak…

  14. Darline was quite pleasant but I can’t see it doing well in May

  15. Now they’re talking about using prostitutes, and birthmarks. Only 25 minutes of this hell left…

  16. KWL is by far the best. I am not sure if she will do well but is by far the best option for UK.

  17. I take it back. The song in the link provided isn’t the one he is entering with…so in conclusion, Darline, is the best IMO but result-wise UK will suffer…yet again.

  18. I’m at work on Friday so cannot watch / vote. And having heard all 6 I really don’t care as there just isn’t anything that stands out at all. It’s not gonna be Cardiff 2017 that’s for sure.

  19. The UK sucks in Eurovision but I have an awesome British band to represent in ETSC/FDLC❤️

  20. This is just an insult.
    UK has world’s second biggest music industry and this is what they are able to come up with.
    Stop whining and mourning about block voting. Buy a mirror, take a good look and answer the question: Do you really want to be part of ESC?

  21. I can’t remember any of the songs after my initial listen, which is a problem. Not that any of them were bad, but the entries are so MOR, inoffensive, etc that they will have little impact come May. i wasn’t expecting big names and all, but I was hoping for a little more variety than this.

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