Poll: Vote for your Favourite in the UK Selection

united kingdom UKUK – The 6 finalists in this year’s UK selection were this morning revealed on BBC Radio 2. You can listen to the 6 contestants HERE. You can now vote to say which one you would like to win on Friday night, where the British public will get 100% say in who they send to Stockholm. 

Vote for your favourite now…

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128 comments on “Poll: Vote for your Favourite in the UK Selection

  1. “Brexit” from ESC please just to save any more humiliation….! (sighs in a “maybe Electro velvet at least had some kind of memorable tune” kind of way….:-( snifff…

  2. Well I don’t mind UK buying songs from Sweden! Voted for Until Tomorrow! Harmless song and girls may create cute atmosphere in the stage! Goodluck

  3. Apparently the link for Cyprus doesn’t work.

  4. Miss FDLC :) Found great song for a middle East ern contry

  5. Well they are all a bit bland. This is the impact of the juries I am afraid. Broadcasters play it safe going for average middle of the road mediocre rather than sending something polarizing which does better in the televote.

    I’d rather 3 great and 3 terrible than 6 average ones.

    Dulcima the only one slightly upbeat and happy so will go for that. The comments on BBC site seem to go for it too as ever ET has it in 5th lol

  6. Also very disappointed that in 2016 all performers are white. And it’s all typical white music.

  7. I can’t understand all the negative comments. This is a good selection, surely?

  8. I voted Dolcima because they were most interesting

    I also really like Karl too.

    In fairness I don’t hate any of them but Darline is my least favorite

    It’s country and western which is alright but not representative of our taste in music. It doesn’t do well here

    • Jade, who do you think will the support of the British televoters? I suspect that Joe and Jake will win.

      P.S. – I voted for a Swedish song, apparently. There seem to be Swedish songs everywhere. Soon ESC will be a variation on the same song.

  9. Well, a bunch of nice and harmless tunes. I presume that no one of them would do well in Eurovision unfortunately. Recognised at least one Swede, Peter Kvint, among the songwriters.

    I think I’d go for Bianca among these hopefuls for now, but it’s a very close race between almost every one of them. I think the upcoming lives will be necessary if I’m supposed to be able to separate them from each other.

  10. Yay, another bunch of average songs that all sound the same, what a joy! Please bring back Bonnie Tyler lol

  11. PB on the UK NF: “Sechs kleine Brötchen aus Großbritannien”. (= Six small rolls from Great Britain).
    German idiom: “Kleine Brötchen backen” (= to eat humble pie)

  12. I think people are being a bit unfair and harsh towards the British hopefuls just because it’s UK…
    I mean come on ! This is a decent bunch of songs, better than many others (cough Sweden)
    Anyway I think Bianca will win this but I am perfectly ok with Darline too!

    • That is exactly what I said. The songs are not bad but bland. Honestly, can you imagine the UK making it out of the top 5 with anything than perhaps Darline … if they are charming live?

      • people didn’t see NETH 14 either. You never know…
        What I mean that UK is playing the honest humble card this year nothing wrong with that. Enough with kitch. Darline should be just fine in Stockholm all they need is a good live and tasteful presentation.
        If UK wants to send something not in country field there is also Bianca which sounds pretty contemporary imo!

        • I saw NED14 make the top 10 from the very beginning …
          I agree that Bianca’s song has potential but at this point, the production is so poor that they’d have to throw a lot of money at it in case it wins the NF. Will the BBC do that, I wonder …

          • Just want to say i agree with togravus darline seems to be the only one woth potential bits the bbc who jave the power to make ot work amd its one of them songs that only work depending on the year you send it. simple staging maype a bot of pyro rain will do the trick. tbh i dont get what the public want i thought molly was rubbish and more generic then the things on here. its was a serious song but not a contender yet people were saying it could win. simple songs can do well Iceland 2009 simple song and staging came second. ned 14 simple song staging second.

  13. I like Karl’s song best…Although I really like “Darline” kind of music,”Until tomorrow” is quite forgettable

  14. BBC Eurovision Twitter: You Decide panel! Katrina, Carrie Grant & staging director Jay Revell who’s worked with Ellie Goulding & Ella Eyre

  15. My favorite is ‘Until Tomorrow’, it’s the only song I could connect with. Bianca’s vocals are probably the best though.

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