Cyprus: Minus One Reveal ‘Alter Ego’ Tonight

cyprusCyprus – The Cypriot song by the band Minus One, ‘Alter Ego‘, will be presented tonight via their youtube channel and Cypriot news channels. Tune in now to hear it for the first time. You can now see the official video on their Youtube channel.. 

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153 comments on “Cyprus: Minus One Reveal ‘Alter Ego’ Tonight

  1. I was expecting much worse stuff, but it’s a harmless song that sounds very Swedish during the chorus (the orchestation reeks of G:son). I hope they make it soar live. It sounds different from the rest of the known songs yet it as middle of the road as most of them. Good luck, Cyprus! :)

  2. Very comme ci comme ça! Goodluck Cyprus!

  3. After each next picked entry I feel Iva la Diva may be the one fighting for the trophy with Jamala!

  4. I like this quality rock entry, it’s among best Cypriot entries, but it won’t be my top 5 in the ened I think so, I give 9/10 for now, we will see live rendation..I prefer Georgia..

  5. Well , i am very happy with the positive reaction for the cypriot entry but come on guys let’s face the truth ! You are enthusiastic cause you didn’t expect this from Cyprus… imo the song is just ok (6/10) , but not memorable , no identity and too pop for the band’s character/style! Also I wouldn’t say that it’s a sure qualifier… Anw, Good luck Cyprus! :)

  6. Lol!Poland is the runaway favorite to win esc atm with Margaret the Rihanna copycat of course.Cyprus is climbing after the song was presented.

  7. Also so far there is no entery standing near with the gorgeousness of my upcoming FDLC entery :P :D

  8. No!

    I am enthusiastic about Cyprus because it is the best song revealed so far.

    (Poland could overtake though, already #1 in the betting odds before Margaret is even selected)

  9. Having finished the songchecks for Ukraine and Cyprus, I have only one to go for the next set. Any idea which song is the next one to be revealed?

  10. Guys , i ve just noticed something interesting ! Eurovision has uploaded the videos from the entries that have already been chosen on its youtube channel ! Jamala’s “1944” has also been uploaded with a huge difference though ! Jamala isn’t referred to as the representantive of UkraIne , only that she won the national final ! Hmmmm….
    Just check:

    • What do you mean?

      • Just check under the line Published on… “Jamala won..” For instance in Switzerland’s video Rykka is referred to as the representantive of Switzerland while Jamala not !

        • Maybe you’re just reading too much into this. :P If they had issues with Jamala they wouldn’t have uploaded her video and interview right away.

          • Well they can’t not upload it either, as that would be pre emptive.

            Russia hasn’t challenged it yet, so the EBU can’t take action against Ukraine until someone has raised it.

            Have been reading elsewhere, that Russia is being a bit devious and will wait until some EBU meeting on the 14th to torpedo Ukraine, where the songs are looked at and either approved or rejected. If this happens Ukraine may only have 3 days to find a new song. Devious I know.

            They largely use a template for these descriptions, so its the same format, so the fact they actively changed the wording for Jamala speaks volumes to me.

            • Russia can’t do anything more than maybe asking for the songtitle to be removed.The lyrics are politically charged and yes they’re not at all subtle but they make no reference to Russia or Crimea for that matter.They could be put in a general context of people having to leave their homeland because of wars and aggression.
              Here are the full lyrics:
              When strangers are coming, they come to your house
              They kill you all and say
              We’re not guilty, not guilty

              Where is your mind, humanity cries
              You think you are gods, but everyone dies
              Don’t swallow my soul, our souls

              I couldn’t spend my youth there
              Because you took away my peace
              I couldn’t spend my youth there
              Because you took away my peace

              We could build a future, where people are free
              To live and love, the happiest time
              Our time

              Where is your heart, humanity rise
              You think you are gods, ha, but everyone dies
              Don’t swallow my soul, our souls

              I couldn’t spend my youth there
              Because you took away my peace
              I couldn’t spend my youth there
              Because you took away my peace

              I couldn’t spend my youth there
              Because you took away my peace
              I couldn’t spend my youth there

              I couldn’t have my homeland

            • And georgia 2009 made no mention of Russia or it’s leader either, other than the possibility, that a phrase sounded a bit like his name.

  11. Changed my mind a made it into a two songs article. I will probably do that for the next songchecks too.

    So here is the next set, Ukraine and Cyprus: http://escsongreviews.com/2016/02/22/songcheck-2016-ukraine-cyprus/

  12. This is great! Well done!

  13. Love this, good job Cyprus ! :)

  14. That was interesting. It feels very 80’s in its build-up, much more melodic, poppy and catchy than the Georgian entry. But I think they manage to stay on the right side of the line, never making this too cheesy or awkward. So with this said, the Cypriot entry stands out in its very own way. Nothing I’d probably listen to every day, but here it works fine. (7/12)

  15. Well after their pretty sad effort in the NF last year (was it last year?) and knowing they had G:Son writing it, I had the worst ideas of pathetically disguised pop-rock in my head for the entry. However, while I don’t think I’m completely wrong, I am pleasantly surprised at the package they’ve presented. It’s got some edge to it, which is nice, but it reeks of soulless Swedishness, especially lyrically, where it’s severely lacking. I can’t see this setting scoreboards on fire in May, but it’d be nice to see a mid-table result for a rock song for once (if we can’t have something as quality as maNga or Zdob si Zdub again). Good luck, Cyprus!

  16. i genuinely didnt like it at all, it felt like a MF filler, you know when MF is trying to do “rock”… I hope they’re good live, coz it’s truly not “bad” per se, and with G:son and a good live, this could bland in the top 15 or so in esc

    sad thing is, it’s one of the 5 best cypriot esc entries to me :/

  17. First thing I thought of

  18. But yeah, I don’t think the Cypriot song is very good, but it at least adds some variety, and I could see it even making the top ten if it qualifies to the final (the big-hitters in semi-final one could make that difficult though).

  19. off topic, on Poland: I like “In The Rain” very much. Their diction though is bad.

  20. I have listened to all songs for the second time and at the moment:

    I really like it: None

    I like it: Ukraine, Italy and Cyprus.

    I just listen to it: Austria (I ignore the staging, otherwise it would have been lower), Spain, Albania (some weak vocals though) and Georgia,

    I don’t like it: Switzerland (just because Rykka is horrible), Iceland (disastrous copy-cat), Denmark and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    I really don’t like it: Belgium, Ireland, Belarus and Malta.

    This week I hope for:

    Hungary: Ola and Parno. Mushu, Kallay and Petruska strong entries too.
    Germany: Either Keoma or Woods of Birman.
    Norway: Laila.
    Slovenia: Raiven or Anja Kotar.
    Moldova: Viola (it wont happen though).
    Latvia: Justs (I am not warmed up to this but it is the best from a weak line up).
    UK: Darline (the best of a weak line up).
    Finland: Sandhja or Stella (not a great fun of them but they are the best).

    I hope I can get at least 4 songs I like by the end of weak.

  21. For me in the moment the best song is Spain far away , then i like too Ireland and Cyprus and Austria , the rest really dont like ,waiting for some nice surprises

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