Ukraine: Jamala to Stockholm with “1944”

JamalaUkraine – After a years absence from the contest in 2015, Ukraine are back and they have chosen Jamala to represent them with her song “1944”.  She will be performing in the second Semi Final on May 12th. Jamala had close competition from runners up The Hardkiss

Six acts competed in front of the public and the three jury members Ruslana, Andrei Danilko and Konstantin Meladze. You can watch the final performances by clicking on the song links below:

Brunettes Shoot Blondes “Every Monday”
NuAngels “Higher”
The Hardkiss “Helpless”
Jamala “1944”
SunSay “Love Manifest”
Pur:Pur “We Do Change”

Nicky Byrne was on hand to perform “Sunlight”, his Eurovision Entry for Ireland in the interval act whilst votes were being counted and a lot of love was shared between himself and Ruslana.

Jury Votes:
1pt Brunettes Shoot Blondes
2pts Pur:Pur
3pts NuAngels
4pts SunSay
5pts Jamala
6pts The Hardkiss

1pt Brunettes Shoot Blondes
2pts NuAngels
3pts Pur:Pur
4pts SunSay
5pts The Hardkiss
6pts Jamala

As there was a tie between Jamala and The Hardkiss, Jamala recieved the most televotes meaning she won the ticket to Stockholm in May

A good decision from the Ukraine? Can they win the contest this year with Jamala and “1944“?

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100 comments on “Ukraine: Jamala to Stockholm with “1944”

  1. The Ukrainian song is a pretty tough one, and it is really hard for me to decide what to write about it when I reach the song in my songchecks.

    I was unable to watch the final, but from what I have read about it, the execution of it was rather messy?

  2. So… do you wanna call the EBU, or should I?

  3. The song will have to be CHANGED. It’s an obvious political statement to a historical event. And I doubt Jamala will compromise with a different title…
    The drama regarding the 2016 Ukrainian song just began. As if 4 hours of debating and nationalistic rants during tonight’s Final wasn’t enough…

    • The winning song has already drawn the attention of the media.I read an article on Deutsche Welle.Everyone believes it will spark controversy.Let’s see!

  4. Hardkiss should have won this. An excellent song + performance that wouldn’t put the Ukrainian participation in jeopardy…
    Still 1944 is a very good song with great “world” vibes but those lyrics are the least naive…
    I have issues ranking this entry…Should I give 10/10 and ignore the weak part (lyrics) as I did for Ukraine 2010 (another song with a message)? Or should I cut 1 point ?
    It’s a heart vs brains battle…

    • I agree Hardkiss had a better song but Jamala’s nailing performance and emotional song took the victory away from them😔

  5. Btw, I’m glad I have a backup ready for ETSC. Because I had been planning to send Jamala to ETSC since September.

  6. I’m happy Jamala won but I liked her semi performance better.

  7. The UK songs will be premiered today.

  8. At least in the case that Jamala does have problems entering her song, the runner-up can still bring a great result :)

  9. Congregations Jamala! Now I wonder whether EBU will make Ukraine to change the title and the lyrics ?
    Whatever … Jamala is next contender !

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