Ukraine: Grand Final Tonight

ukraineUkraine – Tonight is the Grand Final of the Ukrainian National Selection. Six acts compete to represent the nation in their Eurovision return taking place in Stockholm. Fan favourites Jamala and The Hardkiss are hoping to be chosen but is it in the bag?

Previously we have seen three acts qualify from one of two semi finals and we have our six finalists below. Jamala won the first semi final and SunSay won the second semi final. The line up order is not yet known so the list below is random…

Jamala “1944”
The Hardkiss “Helpless”
Brunettes Shoot Blondes “Every Monday”
SunSay “Love Manifest”
NuAngels “Higher”
Pur:Pur “We Do Change”

The winner will be chosen by the public and a three person jury consisting of Konstantin Meladze, Ruslana and Andriy Danylko (AKA Verka Serduchka).

The interval act on the result show will be Nicky Byrne who is representing Ireland with “Sunlight”

In our poll Jamala has narrowly beaten The Hardkiss by two votes so you seem indecisive on who you would prefer.

The show starts at 18:00CET (17:00GMT) and can be watched wither in the official Eurovision Website or on the 1TV feed here 

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443 comments on “Ukraine: Grand Final Tonight

  1. 4 and a half hours after but at least I get my clear No.1 :D !
    Never expected to say that given the quality of their previous entries but welcome to my first place Ukraine :) !

  2. Someone’s gotta make a gif with Ruslana clapping.

  3. Congratulations. My new number 1 and my first 12/12 song of the season. :)
    I am very happy and very sad at the same time. I will miss The Hardkiss in Stockholm.

  4. I’m so sad for Hardkiss!! :(
    If they won Ukriane would be my number 1!

    But I like the winning song, I just don’t like the political connotation a bit and I hope she changes the clothes..it was quite bad..

    Ukraine is my number 2 for now..

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