Latvia: Supernova Semi Final Tonight

LatviaLatvia – Tonight we have already reached the Semi Final of the Latvia National Selection Supernova. Eight acts have qualified from the Quarter Finals and four will proceed into the final. Some regular names appear in Markus Riva and Samanta Tina. Is 2016 their year?

The eight acts still in contention are as follows… This is not the running order of the final which is so far unknown

Justs “Heartbeat”
Catalepsia “Damnation”
Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis “We Are the Light”
Marta Grigale “Choices”
Markus Riva “I Can”
MyRadiantU “We Will Be Stars”
Samanta Tīna “The Love Is Forever”
Marta Ritova “Not From This World”

Two qualifiers will be chosen by the public and the jury will then choose two of the remaining six that will also make the final. At the moment Justs is the favourite to represent Latvia with his song “Heartbeat” which was written by last years representative Aminata

You can watch the show on the official LTV website here from 20:25CET (19:25GMT)

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198 comments on “Latvia: Supernova Semi Final Tonight

  1. Ruslana feels tension. Has she become a medium now?

  2. Cmon Samanta, win the televote as an absentee.

  3. I expected Pur:Pur to get more than just 2 points …

  4. Oh my, the Ukrainian jurors explain the points awarded by them at some length too …

  5. #8. There is a piano but it is no Playing with Numbers.

  6. Ukraine started today but ended tommorow. Or Monday.

  7. At least 5 songs from last year are better than the winner in Latvia this year:
    Save our Love
    It’s the Night
    and at least 3 more. Easily.

  8. Are they still at it in Ukraine?!

  9. Sadly our worst have been realized. Samanta was taken off the board lest she wins Supernova from her couch at home.

  10. Heartbeat will win the televote and probably the show. Next.

  11. The two best songs are in the lead.

  12. Riga Beaver once again has won the show. Rapping in French (?) and dancing to a song that name-drops him, dancing in all his costumed glory.

  13. My feed died in Latvia. What happened?

  14. So MyRadiantU and Marta Ritova were the 2 jury picks.

  15. Justs and Catalepsia the televoting top-2.Markus is out. :-o

  16. Marcus is out in Latvia :o ?

  17. I got somewhat lost as well. Who is in the final?

  18. Great news about Markus. I expect a landslide for Justs now.

  19. Yeah basically Justs is unstoppable. So glad though Marta made it through !

  20. These 4 are finalists:
    Catalepsia – Damnation (Televoting choice)
    Justs – Heartbeat (Televoting choice)
    Marta Ritova – Not From This World (Jury choice)
    MyRadiantU – We Will Be Stars (Jury choice)

  21. Wow, the 4 best acts made it to the final. Thanks Latvia. :)

  22. Wow, I was sure it would be between Markus and Justs in the final but I guess not!

  23. So good songs are in the final,well done Latvia

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