Sweden: Third Semi-final Results

Melodifestivalen 2016Sweden – SVT resumed Melodifestivalen 2016 tonight with the third semifinal, in Norrköping. 100% televote decided 2 songs to go through to the final and 2 songs to the Andra Chansen second chance round. Check out now which acts made it through…

The show was hosted by Gina Dirawi and Henrik Schyffert. Tonight’s draw was as follows:

  1. SaRaha – Kizunguzungu
  2. Swingfly feat. Helena Gutarra – You Carved Your Name
  3. SmiloWeight Of The World
  4. After DarkKom ut som en stjärna
  5. Lisa Ajax – My Heart Wants Me Dead
  6. Boris René – Put Your Love On Me
  7. Oscar ZiaHuman

The night’s theme was “under pressure” and both hosts performed the interval acts. 100% televote decided 2 songs to go through to the final and 2 songs to second chance.

The two acts that went through to the final were:

  • Oscar ZiaHuman
  • Lisa Ajax – My Heart Wants Me Dead

The two songs through to the Andra Chansen were:

  • Boris René – Put Your Love On Me
  • SaRaha – Kizunguzungu

The acts that were eliminated:

  • 5th SmiloWeight Of The World
  • 6th Swingfly feat. Helena Gutarra – You Carved Your Name
  • 7th After DarkKom ut som en stjärna

46 comments on “Sweden: Third Semi-final Results

  1. I’m not sure a MF semi result has ever been that close to my own rankings: I had the same top 5, and only had Boris in the final, with Lisa semifinalist. Swingfly and After Dark had the two worst entries in the whole MF 2016 so far!

  2. Smilo did not get through, the weight of the world was not enough apparently. Boris should have won. The remianing 6 songs are forgettable stuff. Congrats to the finalists.

  3. Boris René (7/12)
    Swingfly feat. Helena Gutarra (7/12)
    SaRaha (6/12)
    Oscar Zia (5/12)
    Lisa Ajax (4/12)
    After Dark (3/12)
    SMILO (3/12)

  4. I actually really liked Lisa and Oscar, and think they deserved to go to the final. I hated Boris, After Dark, and Swingfly feat. Helena. Smilo should’ve went to andra chansen instead of Boris, but I don’t care much.

    • I’m surprised we disagree on Boris that much. But the rest we seem to agree. Oscar was genuinely good, no?

      • Oscar’s vocals could’ve been better but I thought his song was quite good. I never expected much from his voice anyways. As for Boris, this style of funk/R&B/soul has never been my favorite and I really never like songs like this. He managed to put on a good show though.

        • Yeah, during the live I said, “Boris performance and Oscar’s song”… “Human” is maybe the best song so far in MF 2016, and Oscar did deliver performance wise something that was good and in-your-face the MF way without over doing it in the camp. Yeah his vocals were meh, but not really the big notes, mostly the smaller lower ones, which are always harder to perform for poor vocalists. Shouting is always easier, especially with pre-recorded vocals. I do like Boris’ type of songs but I dont love them, but Boris was really hard not to love ;)

  5. After 3 semi-finals, I have Boris and Oscar in 1st place with 7-8/12.

    • The first two semis must have been way below average then.

    • Both Oscar and Lisa are easy choices from this round, but they both are just well executed vague copies of US Top 40 curentness. Almost there, but still quite not. Nothing surprising there. As Sweden is one of the main powers behind global mainstream pop, it’s easy to imagine that these songs have been resting in peace in dust bins A&R departments in LA before having miraculous ascension to Mello Heaven.
      Oscar only did not lack the muscles in his arms, but more importantly he also lacked the muscles in his voice to really make Human fly. There was litteraly lots of smoke and mirrors in classic Mello style to distract viewers from this fact. Or was it just his seriously bad hair day they were trying to hide?
      MF is not going too well this year.

  6. Usually the MF threads are loaded with comments. Very quiet so far.
    Everybody gave up once our bride didn’t advance.

  7. Average Avalanche!

    I can’t believe how middle of the road this year is. Can’t they just come up with something I really like? There were like 8 songs last year I liked more than any of these 21 so far. Have no idea which one I’m rooting for now. Maybe Ace Wilder.

  8. I did like Henrik Schyffert as a host. He was really funny and it was nice that he brought the show in another direction for once, away from the Tony Award style. A bit too many age jokes maybe, even if I liked the “to the young people who don’t know what a VHS tape is, one could say it’s a very big USB flash drive”. :p

  9. Great semi!!
    I’m so glad Lisa Ajax is in the final, she is my fave there..
    I’m so sad SMILO is out cause after the performance I loved it!
    SaraHa is FABULOUS, I wish she qualified for the final and not AC.. :(
    Boris is good but not AMAZING, I give him, 8/10
    I’m so angry Oscar Zia is in the final, before semi After Dark was my ultimate last, but after semi it’s Oscar Zia, I think its the weakest live performance in this year MF, and song is horrible, I hate that entry now, it annoys me as hell..

  10. A reasonable top 2 directly to Final and my most favourite entries in MF so far.
    Boris is a well deserved AC too. I don’t mind Haba Haba 2 but she was stiff live and lacked the African energy plus I preferred Swingfly ft Helena Gutarra over her.
    SMILO was utterly bland but I am surprised they failed especially when Albin & Mattias didn’t.The Drag show was totally irrelevent and dated. Well deserved last place.
    My ranking and scores
    1.Oscar Zia : Pre recorded vocals helped him a lot. Nice song and show though ! 7/10.
    2.Lisa Ajax : A fresh oriental pop that would fail for Sweden in esc but easily the best song in the preselection for my Greek ears. TERRIBLE stage approach though ! 7/10
    3.Boris René : Decent in every aspect but enough with Guy Sebastian’s trend… 6+/10
    4.Swingfly ft Helena Gutarra : 6/10
    5.SaRaha : 5/10
    6.SMILO : 4.5/10
    7,After Dark : Ugh 2.5/10

  11. SaRaHa:
    This is very okay. I don’t particularly like or dislike it. The colorful stage show was pleasant enough, but that repetitive chorus is too much. Also, I don’t like how much of this is pre-recorded backing vocals.

  12. Swingfly feat. Helena Gutarra:
    Oh dear. This is… terrible. Everything about this was just ill-conceived and shouldn’t have been allowed near a stage.

  13. SMILO:
    They are trying to be the next David Guetta, I guess? It’s a very bland song with a bland performance. It’s so MoR that there’s little else to say about it. They weren’t uncharismatic?

  14. After Dark:
    It’s the annual drag act that always gets last or 2nd last (if they are lucky) in their semi. I’m waiting for the year when they accidentally made it to the final.

    • Why do people hate drag so much? I mean I wouldn’t do it myself lol but I don’t get the deep rooted hate towards anything camp, even amongst a crowd that is disproportionately LGBT

      • I don’t hate drag at all? In fact, I love the art and expressionism of it, and there are some very skilled queens that are very talented at their craft. But, and this is a big but, the MF queens, with the exception of Babsen back in 2011, have all been fairly bad musically as well in the general aesthetics of the art, looking either like a man in a dress with little effort put into it or so generic that why bother?

        My point wasn’t against After Dark for being a drag act. It was a statement on the general quality of the drag acts that have performed at MF.

        • Oh I wasn’t attacking you or saying you hated it, I was just asking your thoughts on why you thought people seem to.

          • Oh, hmm… I honestly think it has to do with a lot of ingrained misogyny in gay culture and a fear that “those” gays make the rest of the gay community look bad. At least in large parts of the community here in the U.S., there is this culture that equates masculinity with good and femininity with bad. This can be found in the general culture, in so-called gay culture, and you can even find it in the beliefs and acts of many proclaimed feminists. Members of all these groups have tried to advance their cause by villainizing the feminine. See gay men that hate drag queens or feminists that think girls that love pink, lace, frills, etc. are hurting the advancement of women.

            In the more general culture, I think it has something to do with an association with masculinity with strength and femininity with weakness, but this is all just hypothesizing. In no way do I claim my beliefs to be definitive or objective.

            • I agree, I actually think what you said is spot on.

            • I am what people would call “straight acting” but I still love stuff like ESC and find drag entertaining, I wouldnt do it personally, but i dont have this deep rooted hate that some seem to. (Again not saying you do)

            • Yeah sorry if I came off as harsh. I did think you were saying I did, and I apologize for any hostility that may have been in my first response. I am not what people would call “straight acting” or “masculine,” so I have to deal with a lot of that stigma quite often. I can get a bit touchy about it.

              Anyway, let’s look at the more important part of this: Guys! Guys! Look! Max and I agreed on something! omg! Guys! And it wasn’t ESC-related. It was a more philosophical issue.

            • Sorry you have to go through all that, I imagine it’s even tougher in the USA, depending on which state.

              And lol don’t shout that bit about us agreeing too loudly, you might find yourself ex communicated from here ;)

            • It honestly hasn’t been that bad. Since I’ve always been more flamboyant and feminine, I’ve never really struggled with my sexuality, like some of the other guys I know. Because of that, I’ve never really had any internal drama/trauma about my sexuality.

              And lol. I’ll begin to worry when Morgan, Marc, and Ivan delete me from Skype/Facebook.

            • Well yesterday Donnie and I both had the same 2 songs in our top 3 (Ireland and Spain) and he’s not been heard from since.

              Now I’m not saying with certainty that they tied a concrete block to his feet and threw him in the Danube, but I don’t think we can rule it out yet either. ;) :p

            • Lol. I’ll be careful.
              I still haven’t bothered to rank the songs from this year yet, as I’m finding them all too mediocre to care which one is above the other ones.

            • Nah I’m good, you should have been on when we did Estonia with Niclas and Marc though

        • Babsen remembered that in “drag act” there’s “ACT” and not just “DRAG”! I didnt really like it, but it was HILARIOUS and totally on purpose!

    • After Dark was a finalist of MF already, it’s not a problem with drag act, but with the song, its dated schalegr which worked well earlier in MF, but nowdays not…

  15. LIsa Ajax:
    The stage show is fairly messy. Kinda surprising, coming from MF. The song is another one that just plods along, and I forget its playing and go off to do other things.

  16. Boris René:
    He’s camera-ready, and I enjoy watching him perform. On the other hand, SVT clearly don’t want to support him, as his stage budget must have been the least of any of the acts this semi. There’s nothing but him, lights, and some dancers. Mind you, the stage show worked, but jesus, try a little harder to hide your biases. Anyway, glad this made AC, though it should have gone direct to the final.

  17. Oscar Zia:
    This is a really good song, but it’s not for Oscar. He doesn’t have the presence or the vocals to make this song his song and not him singing a song. The backing lights and smoke fit the song, but what was that with his body movements?

  18. I am very happy with the finalists. Lisa is great bur Oscar can win the whole thing imo. Everything works with his performance, he is more mature and invested to what he sings. Loved it.

    I would prefer Smilo instead of Saraha in AC but I dont really care either way tbh.

    I am waiting for the full version of Molly’s song next week but for now Oscar FTW !!

  19. My result:

    Put your love on me: 7/10 (best artist of the night)
    Human: 7/10 (one of the best songs this mf, but Oscar Zias vocals doh… (chills in a bad way))
    After Dark: 6/10
    Kizunguzungu: 6/10 (made me happy :) )
    My heart wants me dead: 6/10 ( just a radio-friendly song really, but a good performance and staging)
    You Carved Your Name: 4/10
    Weight of the world: 3/10 (bad vocals and it looked so weird when the two other guys were behind the singer and just jumped up and down…

  20. Molly Sanden and Oscar Zia are neck and neck to win MF 2016 according to betting odds.

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