Hungary: Final Line Up Complete

ADal 2016Hungary – The Second semi final of A Dal has come to a close and the final four finalists have been decided. We now have the full A Dal final line up and our potential Hungary 2016 representitve. Who joins Petruska, Gergő Oláh, Kállay Saunders Band and Mushu? Read on

Eight acts competed in front of the four jurors and the public at home. Coming into the Semi Final Freddie was the favourite to win the semi. You can watch the performances by clicking the song links below. The points are given int he form of (J-J-J-J-P (Total))

Egy Másik Zenekar “Kéne közös kép” (4-8-7-9-5 (33))
Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth “Seven Seas” (5-8-8-6-6 (33))
André Vásáry “Why” (10-9-9-8-6 (42))
Passed “Driftin'” (7-7-7-6-6 (33))
Laci Gáspár “Love and Bass” (6-8-8-7-6 (35))
Nika “Emlékkép” (8-9-8-8-6 (39))
ByTheWay “Free to Fly” (6-7-7-6-5 (31))
Freddie “Pioneer” (10-10-10-8-9 (47))
Parno Graszt “Már nem szédülök” (9-9-8-10-6 (42))

Three finalists were selected by the joint votes between the public and jury and those were as follows…

André Vásáry
Parno Graszt

The public were then able to pick another finalist from the remaining acts. Their second chance went to Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth

The final line up is now Petruska, Gergő Oláh, Kállay Saunders Band, Mushu, André Vásáry, Freddie, Parno Graszt and Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth. Going into the final Freddie is the hot favourite as he has won the most points of the whole series with 47 points.

What do you think of the A Dal Final line up? A poll will be coming later in the week for who you would like to see in Stockholm

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27 comments on “Hungary: Final Line Up Complete

  1. Great line-up … except for André Vásáry.

  2. The backing vocals for both Greta and Elisabet are fantastic!

  3. Hungary has made good choices with two clear exceptions: ‘Why?’ and ‘Pioneer’. Gergő Oláh has my nº 1 song in this NF. Good luck, everyone.

  4. Freddie has it in the bag :D

    Don’t know how “Why” has made it this far though.

  5. Yeeeeees Parno Graszt!!! <3

    Not perfect live, but from heart, the honest soul of Hungarian Gipsises!! <3

    When she starts to cry in the peefromance, I feel such melancholy of Hungarian Gipsies in Puszta! Thank you Parno Grazst for this emotion you transmites to us!! :)

  6. I don’t get hype about Freddie’sentry. The song comes across as mediocre and Freddie isn’t the best singer.

  7. Freddie looks like the ONE to beat atm.He got the highest score ever from the televoters,the jury loves him…The song is nice but Hungary has done this before(2012).They need to be a bit more unpredictable and send Gergo an act that will give them a top-10 result in May,imo!Freddie isn’t very charismatic on stage eihter with his robotic moves and prancing around like saying look how hot i am.It’s a disgrace André Vásáry is getting such a boost from the juries.

  8. So I lost EMZ but Parno Graszt is in !!!
    Well Freddie will win it but I am ranking A Dal finalists as :
    1.Oláh Gergő : 8.5/10
    2.Freddie : 8/10
    3.Parno Graszt : 7/10
    4.Petruska : 7/10
    5.Kállay Saunders Band : 6/10
    6.Mushu : 5.5/10
    7.Berkes Olivér & Tóth Andi : 5/10
    8.Vásáry André : 2.5/10 HORROR ALERT!

  9. Hungary provides the best NF atm:

    I really like Olah and Parno. Parno should improve their vocals.


    Kalay Saunders Band: good song but poor vocals.
    Mushu: good song but the little choco has not idea of singing…
    Petruska: I like it but it is a bit repetitive.
    Freddie: mixed feelings here. Freddie’s vocals are weak…
    Berkes Olivér & Tóth Andi: mediocre.
    .Vásáry André: bad.

  10. I believe the top4 will be as follows:

    Freddie, Petruska and Gelo voted by the juries and then either Kalay or Mushu. Freddie unfortunately goes to Stockholm.

  11. Freddie and Mushu for me, though I prefer Mushu, in esc Freddie would be their best chances for another top 5 (but those damn whistles…)

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