Finland: Third Semi-final Results!

UMK 2015 smallFinland – Finnish broadcaster, YLE, resumed tonight Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2016, its national final for Eurovision. 6 songs took part tonight and 3 made it through with 100% televote decision. Check out the results here!

Tonight’s show was hosted by Roope Salminen and Krista Siegfrids.

This was tonight’s line-up:

  • Lieminen – Pehmeiden arvojen vaalijat
  • Tuuli OkkonenDon’t Wake Me Up
  • Gušani BrothersPoom Poom
  • Barbe-Q-BarbiesLet Me Out
  • Pietarin Spektaakkeli – Liian kuuma
  • SandhjaSing It Away

For those who missed it, all songs and lives can be found here. The money gathered with televote will be donated to charity Nenäpäivä-säätiö, which fund projects in developing countries.

The thee qualifiers were:

  • Barbe-Q-Barbies Let Me Out
  • Tuuli OkkonenDon’t Wake Me Up
  • SandhjaSing It Away

So the full line-up for the Final next week is: Saara Aalto, Stella Christine, Eini, Cristal Snow, Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom, Mikael Saari, Barbe-Q-Barbies, Tuuli Okkonen and Sandhja! Who’s your favorite?

20 comments on “Finland: Third Semi-final Results!

  1. I need to see the lives but glad for Barbe-Q-Barbies who had one of my fave songs in Finland. Or one of the least horrible ones :p Stella FTW now!

  2. No ‘Poom Poom’ :). ‘Let me out’ is the best of the 3 qualifiers.

    P.S. – I checked Saara Aalto’s live performance earlier today… she went for all the clichés. At least, her live vocals were impeccable.

  3. Sandhja– Sing It Away is through! Hurray!!! :)

  4. Good to learn that Barbe-Q-Barbies qualified. I don’t care for the other 2.

  5. Mikael to Stockholm please. Although I’m expecting Saara to win.

  6. Well it was the strongest heat out of the 3.
    My ranking :
    1.Sandhja : This one had nice energy and groove on stage. Not the best outfit though. Well this should not win. We already have ESP and BELG this year. 6++/10
    2.Barbe-Q-Barbies : Not a big fan of their song but GREAT attitude on stage. Reminded me of MIAU! 6/10
    3.Tuuli Okkonen : There is some charm but her dress was horrible. 6-/10
    Overall I agree 100% with qualifiers.
    My pre-show favourites Pietarin Spektaakkeli and Lieminen were underwhelming live, they looked like novelty acts. 5,5/10
    Gušani Brothers offered a nice club anthem but not any musical substance really. 5/10

  7. Just finished watching the show. It was a female sweep.

    The other thing I noticed was Krista’s outfits were getting smaller as the night wore on. They ran out of fabric in Finland.

    On to the final now. Let the greatest televoting nation in ESC sort it out next week. Their choice will obviously be the correct one as they never make mistakes.

  8. Lieminen:
    The live did come off a bit novelty, but I still had an overall positive impression of the act tonight. I mean, it’s a hell of a lot better than some of the semi 1 and semi 2 qualifiers, insanity and all.

  9. Tuuli Okkonen:
    It’s very okay. I like the imagery of water rising, as opposed to falling. Sure, it’s been done before, but it is very aesthetically pleasing. Her vocals were very inconsistent, but they were for the most part at least average, at least until the big notes. The spark shower was ugly though.

  10. Gušani Brothers:
    What the hell was that opening? Lol. That uncharismatic stage show. Lol. I’m trying to find an acceptable pun with “poom” to make a joke of this, but it’s just so bad. I can’t do anything but roll around and laugh.

  11. Barbe-Q-Barbies:
    I see up there that Donnie made a MIAU comparison. I can see the comparison, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it. Speaking of MIAU though, I feel that that edition of UMK should have spread out its acts between the years. Like, Hukka ja Mama and MIAU both performing in the last two years. I feel like Finland put all its good acts that edition. Anyway, Barbe-Q-Barbies performed.

  12. Pietarin Spektaakkeli:
    I loved this! And yeah, this is actually a fairly generic rockabilly song, but I feel like the stage show really enhanced this. And that’s because I feel like they really nailed that 50s-early 60s look that they were going for. From the outfits to the hair to the color pallet chosen for the background and stage show, the entire show felt like they nailed an act that would be performing at a local sock hop or speakeasy.

  13. Sandhja:
    A very good live performance of a very average song. I enjoy watching and listening to her sing than I enjoy the song. Of the three that qualified tonight, this is the only one that would be in my personal three qualifiers.

  14. I’m pretty sure Barbe-Q’s are heading to Stockholm. Radio Dj’s are backing them up, their solid and ever growing fan base doing viral etc.
    Wish they do some serious mixing before Stockholm to make it sound more like 80’s american hard rock. And I wish they looked more like Runaways than Girlschool. Well, you can always wish.
    Don’t get me wrong, very happy with their performace.

  15. So, after Iceland my favourite Pietarin Spektaakkeli – Liian kuuma, didn’t reach the final. OfficialLy there is nothing I like in UMK…

  16. Betting odds atm:
    1.Saara Aalto: “No Fear”
    2.Mikael Saari: “On It Goes”
    3.Annica & Kimmo: “Good Enough”
    4.Cristal Snow: “Love Is Blind”
    5.Barbe-Q-Barbies: “Let Me Out”
    6.Sandhja: “Sing It Away”
    7.Stella Christine: “Ain’t Got Time For Boys”
    8.Eini: “Draamaa”
    9.Tuuli Okkonen: “Don’t Wake Me Up”

    Saara Is the big favorite.

  17. After watching the lives it makes perfect sense why these 3 acts qualified.
    Sandhja had the best performance minus the horrible outfit.Barbe-Q-Barbies were very good live too although their song is so generic it hurts.Tuuli Okkonen delivered vocally but her ballad is so her very typical esc.
    As for the final,while Saara remains the big favorite the top-6 acts with the betting odds could all win the ticket to Stockholm.I hope it’s not Annica & Kimmo,Cristal Snow or Barbe-Q-Barbies though!

  18. I forgot to comment on Lieminen.I feel they tried to do a Daft Punk live performance but it just came out as awkward.

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