Estonia: Second Semi-final Results!

logoEstonia – ERT, the Estonian broadcaster, resumed tonight Eesti Laul 2016, the national final for Eurovision 2016. There were 10 oentries participating tonight and only 5 made it to the fina. Check out the results!

The show was hosted by Henry Kõrvits and Maris Kõrvits. There are two different sets during the semifinals: a live portion of the show takes place in a  Tallinn studio with artists discussing with hosts and the performances are already recorded and presented for the first time throughout the evening.

Tonight’s line -up was as follows:

  1. Go Away Bird Sally
  2. Jüri Pootsmann Play
  3. Meisterjaan Parmupillihullus
  4. I Wear Experiment Patience
  5. Púr Múdd – Meet Halfway
  6. Grete PaiaStories Untold
  7. Põhja-Tallinn & Jaagup Kreem – Ei ole mul olla
  8. Anett Kulbin Strong
  9. Gertu Pabbo – Miljon korda
  10. La La Ladies – Unikaalne

If you missed tonight’s show, you can catch up with the performances here.

Then the jury announced its top 5: Go Away Bird, Jüri Pootsmann, I Wear Experiment. Púr Múdd and Anett Kulbin. However, once the televote was added on, we got these 5 qualifiers instead (two differences):


  • Go Away Bird Sally
  • Jüri Pootsmann Play
  • Meisterjaan Parmupillihullus
  • I Wear Experiment Patience
  • Grete PaiaStories Untold

These five finalists join these five from last week:


  • Mick Pedaja Seis
  • Laura PõldvereSupersonic
  • KéaLonely Boy
  • Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid – Immortality
  • Kati Laev & NoorkuuKaugel Sinust

Which one is your favorite for next week’s final?

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58 comments on “Estonia: Second Semi-final Results!

  1. Anett Kulbin:
    Her dress is really pretty. The song is fairly weak, forgive the unfortunate play on the song title. I don’t hate this, and I find her voice to be quite pleasant, but I can’t get past the fact that I simply don’t care for the lyrics or the melody.

  2. Gertu Pabbo:
    This one just comes across as dated. Also, after Anett’s really smooth and pretty voice, her kinda screechy voice comes off as irritating and distracting. Everything about this is worse than Anett, who came right before.

  3. La La Ladies:
    It’s kinda funny that in the context of EL, this is the song that adds variety to the program. I loved the performance, and I kinda wish they had made the final, just to add to the general diversity of the finalists, and since neither the song or performance is bad, it would not be wasted space. Pur Mudd were the non-qualifiers most wronged, but this deserves praise for what it did too.

  4. 1. Go Away Bird – “Sally”

    For me, this is a simply better version of last year’s entry. More interesting song (love the mid-80s indie vibes), less pretentious lyrics and a more genuine, charismatic singer. Even the black-and-white gimmick looked cooler. I’m not surprised it qualified.

    2. Jüri Pootsmann – “Play”

    I was just about to criticise the lighting before I saw the cool reveal of the backings at the first chorus. That being said, I didn’t think their vocal contributions particularly complemented the song, and I think having a band on stage instead would create a warmer, more fitting atmosphere. In “Goodbye To Yesterday” the lack of musicians with a 60’s retro-styled song created quite a cold atmosphere, and while that actually worked with that song, it doesn’t so well here. Jüri looked and sounded good though, but I think (or hope) he can be very good in the final.

    3. Meisterjaan – “Parmupillihullus”

    I’m probably the only one on here, but I’ve always been a fan of Meisterjaan in Eesti Laul, and while I prefer “Young Girl” to this, I’m still happy he made it through. The song is a bizarre mashup of Aphex Twin, mouth-harp and cheap 90’s techno and the performance was 3 minutes of pure eccentric madness. I wouldn’t want him to win (though he has no chance anyway) but I’m not unhappy by any means to see him in the final.

    4. I Wear Experiment – “Patience”

    This one still baffles me. It starts out promisingly with a pleasantly nostalgic 90s new-age sounding verse, but it very quickly loses its way. The chorus melody is uninteresting and brings out an unpleasantly shrill quality in the singer’s voice, and the 80’s rock beat that follows feels like a lazy and unfitting choice. Their rejected 2015 song was far better.

    5. Pur Mudd – “Meet Halfway”

    This is how I’d imagine the lovechild of Tenfold Rabbit and Hungary 2014 to turn out. And while I loved both those entries, I’m not sure quite why, but “Meet Halfway” just doesn’t really do it for me. The vocals were fine, the song is solid and there were some clever ideas in the staging (even if the imagery was rather pretentious), but as a whole the performance left me cold. Professional though, and surely deserved a qualifying spot over the next performance though…

    6. Grete Paia – “Stories Untold”

    I’ve never been a fan of Grete Paia, and have always found her 2013 song over-hyped because of the Estonian (and thus unintelligible lyrics). I actually think the song is a little better this year, but she still lacks the charisma and vocal ability to really perform it. Plus the dress and staging were truly awful – what is it with all the princesses this year? (first Zoë, then Alda Dis, now this?)

    7. Põhja-Tallinn feat. Jaagup Kreem – “Eiollemulla”

    I disliked this a little less than their 2013 song, but that’s really not saying a lot. A lot of second-hand embarrassment was had watching this performance. Try watching it only looking at the rappers bopping awkwardly in the background waiting for their parts. Classic. Not surprised this one didn’t qualify.

    8. Anett Kulbin – “Strong”

    She has a lovely voice, but that’s really all that was on offer here, as the song, while (again) lovely while it lasted, didn’t really leave a lasting impression. I knew she’d miss out on the public top five, but I expected the jury to push this enough to get her through to the final.

    9. Gertu Pabbo – “Miljon korda”

    This gave me the same “how did this get selected?” vibes that Sarah did a few years ago. A really flat, bland song performed badly by a boring, vocally deficient singer in an unflattering dress. Weirdly I don’t hate it, but it’s a probable last place.

    10. La La Ladies – “Unikaalne”

    I expected this one to “pop” more live, but it instead felt a little flat and mechanical. They needed to really let loose and have fun on stage in order for this to work. Not a surprising non-qualifier.

  5. So, my ranking of the final (based on the semi-final performances)

    1. Mick Pedaja – “Seis” (duh)
    2. Go Away Bird – “Sally”
    3. Jüri Pootsmann – “Play”
    4. Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid – “Immortality” (though I’m skeptical about the live)
    5. Meisterjaan “Parmupillihullus”
    6. Kati Laev & Noorkuu – “Kaugel sinust”
    7. Laura – “Supersonic”
    8. I Wear* Experiment – “Patience”
    9. Kéa – “Lonely Boy”
    10. Grete Paia – “Stories Untold”

    Any of my top three (and maybe even four) would be either 1st or 2nd on my list. Overall though, the final line-up is good but not amazing, and nowhere near as good as Ukraine’s was.

    • well that’s coz Estonia CAN (like Finland and Latvia, two of their three close neighbours) suck in televote a LOT; on the other hand, Eesti Laul has always benefited a LOT from its juries… so all in all, it’s your usual “two or three shouldnt have made it in the final instead” but if you take out some of these for Pur Mudd, Wurffel or La La Ladies, and you only get above average songs, which for a TEN-songs final (and not 6 like Ukraine), that’s already unbelievable. In Ukraine, I hated one out of 6, was ok with 1 and loved 4. But both Ukraine and Estonia had 20 songs and overall, Estonia had the better 20 imo.

  6. Running order for the final:

    1. “Supersonic” / Laura
    2. “Sally” / Go Away Bird
    3. “Seis” / Mick Pedaja
    4. “Stories Untold” / Grete Paia
    5. “Lonely Boy” / Kéa
    6. “Play” / Jüri Pootsmann
    7. “Kaugel Sinust” / Kati Laev ja Noorkuu
    8. “Immortality” / Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid
    9. “Parmupillihullus” / Meisterjaan
    10. “Patience” / I Wear* Experiment

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